Picture This


  In 2007, Youngstown, Ohio’s Turner Technologies, was named America’s fastest growing private technology company by Inc. Magazine.

   Recently, in his State of the Union Address, President Obama mentioned Youngstown’s potential future as the epicenter of the coming 3D-printing revolution.

  In 2009,  Entrepreneur magazine named Youngstown as one of the Top 10 cities in the U.S. to start a business.

  In April of 2012 Forbes magazine did an article  called, “The Best Cities for Raising a Family.” The magazine ranked America’s 100 largest metro areas by median income, overall cost of living, commuting delays, crime statistics, school quality, and housing affordability. Youngstown ranked #4 best city to live in.

  All of those things were ignored by BuzzFeed on September 17 of 2013. That is when BuzzFeed came out with an article called, “12 Bleakest Places on Earth.” Youngstown, Ohio is number 9 on their list. Take a look at the two photos they have of Youngstown in the article here.

  It seems very strange to me that the author chose those two photos while he was photoshopping on the internet. That would mean that he ignored all of these photos which would have left Youngstown off that list. I’m left wondering what was the authors bias.

Some  Youngstown music:

Sarah Turner with Phil Keaggy “Youngstown”

Glass Harp: “Changes”

“Don’t trust anybody who’d rather be grammatically correct than have a good time.” ~ Tom Robbins “Skinny Legs and All”


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