“Time To Build a New World”


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“Time To Build a New World” a CD by Mike Stout

                                  Reviewed by the Elecpencil


  “Time To Build a New World’ is the title of Mike Stout’s new 12 song CD. Recently, I heard a young activist ask Mike what kind of music he sang. Mike said, “Mostly songs about needs. Songs about needing a new system, needing revolution and needing equality.” Having all of Mike’s CD’s I think he was right on in that description. The definition of need is something that is required, necessary or essential. It goes without saying that we need the things in nature like air and water, to maintain life. On this CD (like all of Mike’s CD’s) he presents us with a vision of the better world we could be living in. In the paradise Mike presents, ideas like freedom, peace, justice and equality are just as essential to life as air and water.


  Mike covers lots of needs in “Time to Build a New World. The song “Where is the Soul of America?” tells us we need to get back to the things that made America great. Mike asks, “Where’s the hunger that yearns for justice and peace, eternal flame that burns for true equality?” In the title track Mike talks about the need for “A whole new mode of thinking, where the have-nots take command. Heal ourselves, heal the earth and take the future in our hands.” “Alienation” warns us of the need to socialize and not be isolated to the point where we lose touch with our community (common unity). “Complacency City” deals with the need to get our heads out of the sand and be aware of the problems of the world. “Big Brother’s Watching” tell us we need to be vigilant against the government spying on us no matter which party is in the White House.


  There’s a song that tells us we need to expand solar and wind power and be done with archaic fossil fuels and dangerous practices like fracking. “I was Killed by a Drone” informs us we need to know that our government is killing innocent people around the world in our name. One song is of our need to not be distracted and divided so we can rise up to find “Sweet Paradise.” We will of course need unions, organizing and solidarity to do that and Mike has those topics covered in songs on this CD. Mike as on all of his CD’s plays historian for the unsung heroes. This CD features songs about two such heroes I admire. They are people who have spent their whole existence learning so that they might teach others. We need more heroes like them if we are to build that better world.

  As I said the definition of need is something that is required, necessary or essential. Having said that, I will now say, you NEED to get a copy of Mike Stout’s new CD “Time To Build a New World.” While listening to it you will rock out with some of the best musicians in Pittsburgh and find the need to join Mike in the effort to build a new world.

Purchasing info here: http://mikestoutmusic.com/cds

Mike Stout: “Alienation”

Mike Stout & the Human Union: “Do It With Love”

“Those who willingly accept being conned are as corrupt as those who con them.”
Tom Robbins, Villa Incognito


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