Get Smart

It was second Tuesday and I was driving to the monthly open poetry reading at Pig Iron Press, in downtown Youngstown. I turned my car’s radio to YSU’s NPR station. They were doing a syndicated interview with kidnapped and raped victim, Elizabeth Smart. She was kidnapped at age 14 in 2002 and held by a drifter and his wife in the woods. Being abducted in the middle of the night she wasn’t even sure that the rest of her family hadn’t been killed. They weren’t killed and they were reunited with Elizabeth after she was rescued from her 9 month capture. She had not tried to escape because her virginity was taken by the kidnapper so she felt no one would ever want her. That shame came from her conservative Mormon faith that taught her to blame the victim of rape along with the rapist. Now after a decade of silence Elizabeth has come forward to tell victims who were raped or molested that they need to speak out. I marveled at what a courageous survivor she is. It is wonderful that despite her own pain she has come forward to help others so they don’t have to feel the shame she did. It was uplifting hearing such a wonderful message of love and hope. 

            Classical music which is not my thing came on next so I turned the radio knob. I then landed on “Living Bread Radio” 89.5 FM. This is the Catholic radio station that broadcasts across the country. Every time I turn it on they are interviewing a priest who was formerly of another faith. They then spend time bashing that other faith for not being the one true Christian faith, Catholic. Today they were bashing Methodists. Their mission is to broadcast the message of Jesus Christ and I believe the new Pope is doing a great job of that but this station’s message is part of the reason 30 million Catholics have left the church worldwide. The church can call us “Fallen Away Catholics” but I prefer the term “Thinking Catholics.” Down the dial at 100.1 FM on WNIR is local Akron host Jim Isabella on a tirade against President Obama.

            I turn on WKBN AM radio and get the syndicate Todd Schnitt Show from Tampa, Florida. Todd is on a hate filled rant against President Obama. Todd isn’t concerned that the country’s shutdown is costing taxpayers millions. He actually is angry 100% o the country isn’t shutdown. He is one of those right-wing media guys who can dish it out but can’t take it. He has sued others in the media that have made comments about him or his family. Having enough of Scnitt I spin the AM dial to WPIC 79 in Sharon, PA. Syndicated host Laura Ingraham who has the worst sounding voice in radio is spewing her daily venom against President Obama. I remember that her friend David Brock a former right-winger called her the dumbest right-winger that he knew. Brock said her house was devoid of books and he was sure she had never read one.

            At 1020 AM on KDKA in Pittsburgh a local host was trashing President Obama. In Cleveland at 1100 AM on the dial a local WTAM host was attacking President Obama.  On my way home from poetry I turn on 1440 AM in Warren, Ohio. Broadcasting from Cleveland was the “What’s Right, What’s Left Show” featuring Pastor Ernie Sanders. The homophobic, misogynistic, antiscience host called President Obama the antichrist.  Ernie is the kind of Hell fire and brimstone hate-filled loathsome minister that would make Jesus the Prince of Peace’s skin crawl.

            Earlier in the day at my lunch break I listened to the local “Tracey & Friends Show” at WSOM 600 AM. Jeff and Ben were the hosts for the day. Jeff was on a rant against anything progressive because he is a caveman. Ben was spewing hate for President Obama and businessman George Soros. Ben said Soros was a Nazi collaborator in his youth during WW II. The Toronto Sun newspaper tried to smear Soros with this lie in 2010 and apologize after researching it. Right-wingers have ignored the facts and the Sun’s apology and continually report this lie. I have heard Ben repeat this lie before. I had sent him the facts at the Tracey and Friends website. The facts didn’t matter to Ben and he repeats this lie over and over. Ben has also said that President Obama retaliated against the government shutdown by shutting down the amber alert which protects us all. Here are the facts disputing Ben’s lie. On Tuesday afternoon Ben said that the Tea Party needs to get armed and take this country back from Hitler antichrist Obama. If I hear Ben say one more time something about an armed revolt I will be calling Homeland Security. I will report him as a dangerous nutbag that bears close scrutiny.

            After hearing so much hate on the radio I have to admire Elizabeth Smart even more. She survived two kidnappers that harmed her and walked away deciding that she would not let her kidnappers destroy her heart and soul. Yet, every time a Democrat is elected president these right-wingers in the media eat hate three meals a day and spew it out to anyone who will listen. They blacken their own souls and hearts and work hard at making their hate a contagious terminal disease. They are on the wrong path to a better world and should make note of Elizabeth Smart who has taken the high road.

Tim Hardin: “Reason to Believe”

“Simple Song of Freedom”

“Street Crime is the only logical response to America’s drug policy just as terrorism is the only logical response to America’s foreign policy.” ~ Tom Robbins



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2 responses to “Get Smart

  1. both flags should be flown side by side..they both have a great quit belly aching..ok..

  2. elecpencil

    The Confederate flag represent traitors and racist. I don’t see that as a great thing. So no it is not OK.

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