“American Swastika”

A Confederate Flag was raised 50 feet over I-95 in Virgina. The flag raisers said the flag represents principle, the Constitution and heritage. Here is a video of the flag raising. Shame on the black girl supporting the Confederate flag in the video.

The other day Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz joined veterans and Tea Party members in a protest about the government shutdown. They stole the National Park Service’s protective barriers,  and threw them at the White House gates. Front and center near the White House gates was a man holding a Confederate flag. When some black veterans objected to the flag they were pushed and shouted down. Members in the crowd suggested they were planted Kenyans “like President Obama.”

Let’s be honest and admit the Confederate flag is treasonous and represents the principle of racism. I’ve heard the Confederate Flag best described as the “American swastika.” If it doesn’t represent racism how would you explain these photos?


I wrote this poem about the Confederate flag a few years back.

A History Lesson

Jesse Helms and Strom Thurman

proved the good do indeed die young.

The Stars and Bars

fly over ole Dixie

to let the black man

know to keep his place.

The flag proves southern whites

haven’t learned from history…

only rewritten it.

There is indeed

a rightful place

for the Confederate flag,

in a fucking museum.

As you can see in this story we have Confederate flag waving Tea Party racists right here in Ohio.

Arthur Pope: “Lies of Our Fathers”

“Power of One”

“Since when has leadership been a criterion for sanity? Or vice versa. Hitler was a gifted leader, even Nixon. Exhibit leadership qualities as an adolescent, they pack you off to law school for an anus transplant. If it takes, you go into government.”

Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker



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19 responses to ““American Swastika”

  1. Shame on the black girl? Up yours! Shame on everybody, and *especially* the white people, who are abusing their power!

  2. Anonymous

    Rewrite history books and make it about racial hate, next read 1984 by George Orwell and think it’s fiction………..sheeple.

  3. Craig McDonald

    Shame on everybody who thinks it’s ok to wave that piece of filth anywhere! I know they have the right to display it, but that flag is NEVER in good taste.

  4. Anonymous

    wow, you took people and sheep and combined them to make the most over-used neologism by people who think they self-righteously are beholden to some “truth” or insight to something others apparently fail to see…And yeah, it is about racism

  5. To me the flag just means “I am stupid” , and I appreciate people’s right to let me know that they are ignorant so I don’t waste my time dealing with them

  6. Anonymous

    As a southerner, I resent anyone using this flag to represent anything except what it was, the Confederate Battle Flag. It represents nothing more than the losing side of a historical war!

  7. Steve Giovanis

    Today the Repulican party does NOT represent what Lincoln represented. People forget that the Republican party of Lincoln’s time was a progressive movement. Today’s Republican party is a movement alright. But it’s not progressive.

  8. Robert J.W.

    Well to be honest the Star and Stripes could be seen as a racist flag too. They committed genocide against the native Americans, had slavery for hundreds of years and are now committing mass murder in the middle east under that flag. The fact under the confederate flag they would have kept slavery a bit longer hardly makes it that much worse. I’d say they both represent mass oppression and racism.

  9. elecpencil

    We actually have two local black conservative talk radio hosts who are trying to spin history. They bring up the Dixiecrat Democrats but forget to tell you that Jesse Helms and Strom Thurman and the rest of those Dixiecrats became Republicans as they were opposed to Civil Rights for minorities.

  10. elecpencil

    Yes both flags have a history of genocide but at least the U.S. flag went to war to end Nazi Germany’s genocide against Jews. The Confederate flag symbolizes the same type of racism as the Nazi flag.

  11. elecpencil

    I thought shame on the white people waving these flags went without saying.

  12. elecpencil

    Howard Zinn’s “History of America” does deal America’s racist and genocidal past.

  13. elecpencil

    “some “truth” or insight to something others apparently fail to see…” I have no insight just common sense. I think any thinking person can obviously see the racism in the Confederate flag. I was pointing out that these flag wavers aren’t fooling you or I by saying the flag is about heritage.

  14. i see now the U.S. will never rid itself of its segregationists and racists. the reason i say that is because, even when this problem has become so blatantly obvious that no one can deny it, there are still scores of people who do just that- they still deny that there is a huge race problem in the U.S. there is no hope for this country- too much poverty and greed, and too little education.

  15. You have been categorized, divided and set against one another – and platitudes that contradict history are spouted to distract you, and you still think the Civil War was about slavery, and that Abraham Lincoln, the most prolific mass murderer in the history of the nation, who stated publically his contempt for the Negro, and the slaves, perhaps the most hated person in the north and the south of that day, had concern for the slaves, who had better food, shelter, health care and human social intercourse with their masters than the low-paid, benefit-less and unemployed “lower” and “working” (non-professional) classes of the crime-ridden violent bankrupt northern cities with their elite superior professional families searching for a society to demonize and destroy to support a few more years of the pyramid scheme of elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice, where the professional families got richer by causing poverty, suffering and early deaths – the same way they do today. You might try listening to one another and checking out the records of exactly what happened, who did what and to whom, so that you might understand better what is happening today. It’s all there with signatures and official stamps.

  16. elecpencil

    Jean you’re not telling me anything I don’t know. If you had read any of my more than 300 posts you’d know I am constantly preaching about how the working-class must stay vigilant and not be divided. I constantly preach about the fact that we can all be the leaders we have been waiting for to overcome this system that only benefits the wealthy elite.

  17. You know how I know the civil war was about slavery? Because Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy, said so, in his famous “Cornerstone” speech, and because multiple states, when they decided to secede, wrote up articles of secession–many of which mentioned slavery.

  18. Anonymous

    Look at all the Democrats dressed in their Sunday best!

  19. elecpencil

    Thanks Greg great point! Anonymous if these Klansmen are Democrats they are conservative Southern ones who vote Republican. We all have a few of those racist in-laws and as we all know they are conservative Republicans. The KKK were started by conservative Southern Democrats who opposed Lincoln’s liberal Republicans. The Civil Rights era pushed by Northern liberal Democrats made Southern conservative Dixiecrat Democrats become Republicans. Strom Thurman and Jesse Helms joined the Republican Party. Ask any Klansman today and he will tell you he is a conservative Republican.
    A history lesson for you anonymous.

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