Greed Stampede

Greed Stampede

We give thanks on Thanksgiving Day

for all we have but it is not enough

as by that night we  need to go out

and buy, buy, buy more, more and more.

Retailers kicked off the Black Friday sales

many hours earlier this year,

with many stores staying

 open on Thanksgiving Day.

Kmart has outdone them all announcing

it will be open 41 hours straight,

starting at 6am Thanksgiving Day.

Walmart will open their stores at 6pm Thanksgiving Day.

Their chief marketing director, said employees are

“really excited to work that day.”

Yeah I’ll just bet they are.

For you Thanksgiving shoppers

how would you like it if you could not be a shopper

but had to be a store worker on Thanksgiving?

Across the country, shoppers attacked

 each other with knives and guns,

 fighting for merchandise both

 inside and outside the stores.

In Las Vegas a shopper was shot

as he carried the big television

he had just purchased home.

There was a fight over parking

at a Walmart in California.

Three people got into a fight in the parking lot

 of a Walmart in Rialto, California

 because shoppers were cutting in line.

At a Kohls in Chicago a police officer shot the driver

 of a car that was dragging another officer

responding to a call of alleged shoplifting.

At a Walmart in West Virginia

a man “was slashed to the bone with a knife

after threatening another man with a gun

in an argument over a Walmart parking spot.”

There was fighting over televisions

at a Walmart in North Carolina

as a couple dozen people crowded around TVs

and began pushing each other around.

 One man threw another man to the ground.

All this to supposedly buy for others (nod wink)

to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Prince of Peace.


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