Weapons of Middle Class Destruction

The middle class is vanishing
much like a silent ghost
at the hands of those with the most
without nary a boo
or a boo hoo hoo.
The genocide of the middle class
has been an economic tsunami
ushered in by the wealthy’s
“God of Greed” Ronald Reagan.
The wealthy PREY on us
as they pray at the altar of Ayn Rand.
Aided by so called, “Reagan Democrats”
who voted against their own economic interest
making them their own worst enemy.
The wealthy used all manner of WMD’s
weapons of middle class destruction
to kill off the middle class.
Toxins like: voodoo trickle down economics
where the only thing that trickles down
has been the size of the middle class.
The cost of a war in two countries and the
no-bid supply contracts that went with it.
Add to that the housing market bubble bursting
and family houses losing value.
Bad trade agreements NAFTA, GATT,
CAFTA and the WTO and World Bank.
Elimination of the payroll tax break,
drops in medium incomes,
low pay wages,
cost of inflation,
cuts in working hours,
part time jobs,
big corporations moving jobs
to third world sweatshops,
workers paying more
and more of their healthcare,
401K’s instead of pensions,
stolen pensions,
no job security.
Unions being busted
and the idea of a group of people negotiating
a fair salary together in collective bargaining
is now being called socialism.
No minimum wage increase,
deregulation and weakening the FDA and EPA.
Corporate welfare exceeds social welfare.
Slashing assistance programs from
people that are already in dire straits.
High tuition for college and
huge college loans
hanging over graduate’s heads.
This while the GOP wants to keep pulling money
out of education and school loans.
Now we’ve had Wall Street,
Real Estate, and financial managers
all collapse and had to be bailed out
at the expense of the middle class.
Congress refuses to pass a single jobs bill.
The infrastructure has been dangerously neglected.
The job creators are busy exporting jobs
especially since offshore tax credits reward
corporations for outsourcing jobs overseas.
Nothing gets the attention of corporate CEO’s faster
than global opportunities to screw workers
anywhere in the world the most they can.
They will bring jobs back to the USA someday
when they have sufficiently Third Worlded it.
The corporations fail to see
that their customers are the workers
whose jobs they exported.
The 1% can bring us that corporate serfdom faster
if the middle class promises to never utter the word “revolution.”
They will also need you to continue to be divided by racism
and wrap yourselves in the flag, unchristian Christianity and guns.
Oh and yes keep voting for
their corporate owned politicians
or they’ll once again get the Supreme Court
to stop counting votes and pick a winner.
The Supreme Court has also ruled
that Corporations are now people.
These new corporate citizens want more freedoms.
Freedoms to steal your pension, bust your union,
offshore your job, and pollute your water, air and land
all without government oversight.
This ruling means more than ever that
our “representatives” are a commodity to be purchased
by the wealthiest Americans and special interest groups
as politicians can only get elected
with lots and lots of cash donations
that only wealthy corporations can provide.
That means our politicians in charge of reigning in
polluting and greedy corporations
will never bite the hand that feeds them
but they have taken a big bite out of the middle class.
With unlimited lobbies and backdoor payoffs
US corporations are rewarded with no taxation
and all of the representation.
The US Constitution is now replaced
by Corporate Bi-Laws.
The elite don’t really want a healthy economy
they just want personal wealth for themselves.
Many middle class lemmings believe
the poor have too much money
and the rich just don’t have enough.
There hasn’t been sufficient outcry over economic injustice
because Americans have been lulled into passive acceptance
by whatever the corporate owned media tells them.
The makers of America have always been
the working class and the middle class.
The takers have always been the Robber Barons
and the CEO’s who want 100% of everything.
The middle class and Mother Nature
have become collateral damage
in the war to enrichen the rich.
The middle class is becoming an endangered species.
Are you willing to realize we are at war and fight back
or are you going to just roll over and become extinct?

Jimmy Barnes: “Working Class Man”

“Driving Wheels”

I have to live for others and not for myself; that’s middle class morality” ~ George Bernard Shaw











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2 responses to “Weapons of Middle Class Destruction

  1. John Galt

    Oboy…much of what you wrote is absent of fact. If you would like…I could not only address each comment with fact based alternatives which, in part, would agree with some of what you wrote but mainly show you and I share the same frustration. We just got to get rid of the oft repeated slogans, get down to reality and unite. Otherwise the folks who manipulate us grow in power while we weaken from infighting.

  2. elecpencil

    Oboy….sounds like you are infighting with me. The things I wrote in my poem are are all things I have witnessed and suffered. That makes them FACTS in my book. One man’s boredom from oft repeated slogan is another man’s cries from his experience. You can’t really dismiss my scars with your alternatives.

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