Dragons, Trolls and Zombies Oh My!

  I suppose in 2014 I could try to be more understanding of those with political views that are opposite of mine. Then again one can’t make nice with dragons who want to burn down your house and eat your children. Soulless zombies don’t care what you believe in as they are virgin to cerebellum loaf so they don’t want to debate you. They want to destroy you and yours and move on to their next victim. If you want to play peacenik they will mock you as a singer of “Kumbaya” as they devour you. My message for 2014 is awaken knighted dragon slayers and killers of the living dead. In 2014 it’s time for those of you that value family above all to fight back. It’s time to fight back by warning others about the evil dragons, trolls and zombies in your community.

  Let me start with the local lowly trolls in the media who wish to make brainless zombies of us all. Warren Tribune Chronicle editor Frank Robinson is a good place to start. The “Trib” is a corporate owned newspaper and Frank’s job is to serve his corporate dragon masters. He does that by trashing the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the EPA (Environmental Protest Agency) and any agency that wants to protect the public from contaminated food, filthy air or putrid water. Franks claims that these protections are not needed and just cost consumers money. Why would Frank want those things that could injure and kill our children? It is because Frank’s master dragons need rotten food, polluted air and swampy putrid water to thrive. Frank will continue to write editorials to defend the wants and needs of his corporate dragon masters. He will also fill his editorial pages with syndicated columnists who spread vile and toxic hatred. Black columnists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell both write columns attacking their own race. They will do this because they have sold their souls for money to right-wing think tank dragons. Columnist Michele Malkin’s columns contain so much venom against President Obama and democrats that her column should come with an antidote. The corporate dragons want to spread their hate-filled agenda to every media outlet in America no matter how small the circulation or audience.

  That brings me to local talk radio programs. Every area of the country is saturated by syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh. As a general rule if I want information or need something answered I don’t ask a drug addled lunatic. I certainly wouldn’t waste my time getting info from a drugged out crackhead gas-bag like Rush. Perhaps Rush decided to take his name literally. I imagine that years of being a lying toadie propagandist for corporate dragon masters could lead one to using a piñata of drugs. We also have local talk radio right-wing trolls like WKBN’s teabagging host Dan Rivers. When Dan isn’t on the air bashing President Obama he can be found at Tea Party events bashing immigrants. If only we could get in the way back machine and stop River’s ancestors from coming to the U.S.A. what a better local community we could have.

  Over at WSOM we have local brainless zombies “Tracey and Friends.” Tracey is a local conservative African-American woman who was rewarded with a position by the GOP on the elections board. She earned that by trashing President Obama and calling her race a bunch of lazy, ignorant fools who vote for democrats. Tracey, Jeff (also a conservative African-American) and other “Friends” like Sticks (a white dude who sounds like a lady) love to lie, spread half-truths and rewrite history. All of the “Friends” will point out that Lincoln was a republican and that “Dixiecrats” were democrats. They will not move from the “R” and “D'” talk and discuss facts. One fact is that these conservative “Friends” won’t mention is that it was liberals white and black who fought for civil rights against conservative southern whites.

  Just the other day Sticks said, “President Obama only taught one subject on constitutional law the whole time he taught at college.” Actually at the University of Chicago President Obama taught three courses, the due process and equal protection areas of constitutional law, a voting rights class tracing the evolution of election law and also a class on racism and law. That was just the first of the many lies and misinformation that are broadcast daily on “Tracey and Friends.” Sticks and Jeff claimed our next president needs to be a republican who was a governor. They then commented that Wisconsin’s Gov. Walker would be a great president as he’s done great things in his state. Did they think their listeners were dumb enough to believe that? When Walker ran for governor in 2010, he vowed to create 250,000 jobs in his first term. He instead has lost 79,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Since he took office, his state has gone from 11th to 44th in job creation. They are projected to soon reach 49th in job creation. Wages in Wisconsin also declined at twice the national level. If the “Friends” think a loser like Gov. Walker is a success story I guess they really are brainless zombies.

  Another black republican I want to mention is Brenda Mack former president of the Ohio Black Republicans Association. Like WSOM’s Jeff she is from Canfield. Which makes me wonder if minorities feel they have to register as republicans if they live in Canfield. Ms. Mack has been picked to be the running mate to Ted Stevenot who is a Tea Party activist running in the GOP primary against Gov. Kasich. Stevenot was co-founder of an insurance company in the Cincinnati area. Mack was a Youngstown area businesswoman and owned a janitorial company named, “We Clean It” Krystal Klean. She filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2002 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in 2008. In the 2008 filling she listed $104,000 in debts to 62 creditors and assets of $1,200. She owed $5,975 in unpaid wages to seven employees in the company’s last year of operation. She has also been found guilty of passing bad checks and fined. I know the Tea Party hates taxes but I think it’s crazy they want a candidate for lieutenant governor like Mack who has nearly $60,000 in unpaid state and federal taxes.

  Last month, Democratic state Sen. Eric H. Kearney (who is black) quit gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald’s ticket after revelations that Sen. Kearney had $1 million in unpaid state and federal taxes and penalties tied to him and his Cincinnati publishing company. I understand that political parties want minorities on their tickets. I am sure there are plenty of minority candidates that would make great public servants. Minority candidates don’t bear any extra vetting than do white candidates. I do believe that anyone (regardless of race) who owns a business does need extra scrutiny. With lobbyists, corporate welfare and bankruptcy laws now being at the heart of “business in America” we need to think twice when voting for candidates with a business background. On the other hand, republicans think unscrupulousness, union busting, profits before people businessmen are the perfect politicians to elect.

  Sharpen your swords good knights there will be no shortage of dragons, trolls and zombies to slay in 2014!

R.I.P. Phil Everly

The Everly Brothers: “Take a Message to Mary”

“Bowling Green”

“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, “The Hobbit”


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