More Local Media B.S.

  I want to follow-up on my last post. The Warren Tribune Chronicle also has their newspaper online. At that site if you are a subscriber and register you can comment online to editorials and letters to the editor that were published in the Warren Tribune. Last Sunday (the only day the Warren Tribune publishes their Letter to the Editor section) a writer was celebrating over the fact that the Warren Tribune had eliminated their online comment section. I went online to look and found the writer was correct. I have sent the Warren Tribune quite a few letters to their Letters to the Editor section. Many contained facts opposing some of the editorials the editor had written as well as some of the letters readers had written. I can tell you that many of my letters (especially when criticizing right-wing views) didn’t get published. I can say at least when I commented online the comments ended up posted online. Why the “Trib” would shut down free speech as they have done online really is strange. I say that given the basic free speech concept of a newspaper. Just as sad is a letter writer to the newspaper celebrating the fact free speech in any form was lost.

  Let me get to free speech over at WKBN talk radio in Youngstown. Over the Christmas holiday Youngstown’s ex-mayor McKelvey filled in for a few of WKBN’s regular radio hosts. McKelvey always has the same boring show when filling in. The show consists of the mayor bragging about being politically incorrect. I don’t believe there is actually such a thing as “political correctness”. I think that in my day we called it using common sense, respect and manners before you spoke. In that day if you just blurted out angry, mean-spirited B.S. you were called an ignorant loud mouth lout. That being said I stand by McKelvey and anyone being able to spew their B.S. Don’t hide behind a meaningless phrase like “politically incorrect” and think you are some outlaw rebel fighting against word oppression. The truth is that you are ignorant loud mouth louts.

  While on WKBN Mayor McKelvey was rallying up support for the Youngstown private prison run by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). Youngstown’s CCA has to submit a competitive proposal by Aug. 15 if it wants to continue to house the federally convicted and sentenced undocumented immigrants they houses on Hubbard Road. McKelvey was warning about the lost jobs if CCA is closed in Youngstown. When McKelvey was mayor Youngstown’s CCA was suppose to house minimum security prisoners from the Washington DC area. CCA instead lied and housed 1,700 of the nation’s most dangerous maximum security criminals. Within one year, 20 prisoners were stabbed, two were murdered and six escaped. After that more stringent rules from the state made the Youngstown facility unprofitable for CCA so they left the Youngstown area.

  At the time of the prison break a report found a total of 47 violations in the prison. Youngstown mayor George McKelvey at that time told reporters, “I would never have allowed CCA to build a prison here.” He was shifting the blame to Pat Ungaro who had been mayor before him and initiated the deal to bring CCA to Youngstown. Now ex-Mayor McKelevy wants to keep CCA in our area. We need the jobs but is CCA a good corporation worth keeping? We have a moral obligation to put away those who’ve committed crimes and been sentenced. Is that moral obligation something we are willing to turn over to a company that puts their profit before morals and public safety? Do we want those in our community to get jobs at private prisons where they are poorly trained just to save costs? Those saved costs put prison guards lives in jeopardy. A study by George Washington University found private prisons have a 50 percent higher rate of inmate-on-staff assault and a 66 percent higher rate of inmate-on-inmate assault. The troubling numbers were attributed to lower standards at private prisons that are trying to keep costs low.

  The prison in Conneaut, Ohio was sold to CCA last year by Gov. John Kasich. It was part of a privatization push in Ohio’s 2012-13 budget. Quite a few people in Kasich’s administration have previous connections to CCA. I have yet to find a creditable study that shows it is cheaper for taxpayers to go with private prisons. A state audit found the Conneaut prison is only meeting 66.7 percent of the state’s standards under CCA. The report, found a total of 47 violations. These private prison jobs (much like fracking jobs and the dangers that industry may well pose to our area) makes me say there is more to consider that just saying, jobs, jobs jobs. While McKelvey thinks he knows best I still remember that as a Democratic mayor he made national news by supporting GW Bush for president in 2000.That was eight years of terrible times this nations is still trying to recover from.

“States Should Run Screaming From the CCA”

“8 Statistics Showing the Problems With Private Prisons”

  I was listening to WKBN’s radio talk show host Dan Rivers one day last week. He was resorting to the lowest pathetic form of President Obama hating one can do. That is actually complaining President Obama takes too many vacation days. A caller pointed out that Rivers had no complaints when President GW Bush took far more days that President Obama has at the same point. Rivers and his engineer (and right-wing lackey) Viking Jim yelled that is a lie. They then yelled over the caller that they could look it up. The caller responded, “Do that.” It’s obvious that Rivers and Jim did look it up and found they were wrong as they never brought it up again the rest of the show. Comparing first terms President Obama had 131 days off and President GW Bush had 543 days off. President Clinton who Rivers and the GOP hated with a passion had 76 days off. President Reagan who Rivers and the GOP worship as the true God of gods had 510 days off. Dan and Jim you are just pathetic liars.

  Speaking of pathetic liars, WSOMs radio show at 600 on your AM dial “Tracey and Friends” has moved from noon to 9:00 am weekdays. Tune in and call them every time they lie. That means you will be on the line solidly from 9:00 to noon every day.

“Let’s Active: “Every Word Means No”

Waters Part”

“All the papers that matter live off their advertisements, and the advertisers exercise an indirect censorship over news.” ~ George Orwell



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3 responses to “More Local Media B.S.

  1. Jim Jordan

    thanks Jim, for keeping us informed—Fox is just one big political machine, disguised as news! jj

  2. Anonymous

    I”m glad that someone I know with he same name is just as wise as me!

  3. Brock Featherstone

    A long time reader of The Tribune and frequent commenter, I was not surprised to read of Tribs editor celebrating the gaging of opinion. It was my belief the editor often commented under several usernames and not alarming with an extreme Right Loon stance! The paper is not respected as an objective media source. It was interesting to see many comments deleted that showed opposition to certain common Right Nut posters. Also hilarious when common sense and witty posters would jab at board bullies AFTER the later would attack and insult any opposer. Funny indeed but also sad. Hey Patriot wanna be..Freedom of Speech? Must have missed that class in journalism. Also funny how the same people had letters published over and over..many were crybaby right chicken wingers or wanna be investigative journalist trying to be local heroes. Lots of double agents in the comment sections…there WERE!

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