Let it Shine

Every-single human being is hardwired
for fear, selfishness and greed.
The wealthy revel in and worship these things
and they want to protect and expand all three.
The wealthy Koch brothers
became scared that Americans
were talking about inequities and fairness

and might actually seek economic justice.
To cure those kinds of ideas
the brothers invented the Tea Party
and chartered buses
and rented rednecks
to run interference
for their selfish plot
to exterminate the middle class.
The brothers want you to know that
when you’re living in America,
you’re completely on your own.
There will be no entitlements,
no welfare, unemployment money
or any manner of social safety nets.
That money is reserved so the wealthy
can get entitlements in the form of
corporate welfare, tax breaks, zero interest loans,
bank bailouts, hedge fund manager tax breaks
and subsides for corporate jets and second homes.
Corporate lobbyist write the laws

and pay politicians to pass them.

These laws cut social welfare
and expand corporate welfare.
It’s about taking care of the greedy instead of the needy
because America’s not a country.
It is a business and as GM goes so goes the nation.
Hey wait, wasn’t GM bailed out so they didn’t go bankrupt?
The taxpayers saved Lehman Brothers
from the greed of their collapsed Ponzi schemes.
Bernie Maddoff was the only Wall Streeter jailed.
That’s because he stole from the 1%
not America’s taxpaying 99%.
All these bailouts and corporate welfare
shows capitalism is a failed system.

Why does anyone believe that unregulated capitalism
can provide unlimited goods for unlimited people

 on a planet with finite resources?
The wealthy appear to be able to buy anything.
That is anything but a heart and soul.
The wealthy want recipients of social welfare

 to be tested and prove they aren’t using drugs.
Money is a controlled substance
and the taxpayers should no longer
give it to corporations and the wealthy
until they can prove they’ll use it responsibly.
Bailing out banks only to see
their CEO’s take huge bonuses

and use the taxpayer’s money
to go on luxury vacations
is not being responsible.
The 1% wants to keep what they own
and accumulate everything else.
They will destroy anything they can’t own.
The 1% have cultivated a loyal little teabag army
of unthinking foot soldiers motivated by greed.
Many years ago John Steinbeck said,
“Socialism never took root in America
because the poor see themselves

 not as an exploited proletariat
but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
That is exactly what the Teabbagers think of themselves.
They are also “Slam the Door Behind Me” Americans.
Their ancestors arrived here and now
they’ve got their share of the American dream.
They believe they deserved to be born here
but want to slam the door on those moving here now.
They say there is no more room for anyone else
after all who could possibly be as special as they are?
When they see many of those coming are not white
they not only want to slam the door they want
to padlock it and get out the barbed wire and cement.
While people are working hard to get more people to vote
the 1%ers and their lemming teabaggers
are working to make sure those votes don’t count.
The 1% robber barons are the ones destroying
this country and using the Tea Party to do it.
Yet, they want to blame the poor and what’s left of the middle class.
It’s like a mass murderer bemoaning how violent society has become

I’m just one person and so are you.

But if we each commit to doing our part
to shine a spot light on these people who are the real problem
they will scurry away like a cockroach when a light comes on.
This little light on mine, I’m going to let it shine,
let it shine let it shine, shine shine.

  Traitor and hypocrite of the week is Sarah Palin. “Look, the perception of Obama, of him and his potency across the world is one of such weakness,” Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.” I guess Palin can see shirtless Russian President  Putin from her porch in Alaska wrestling bears. Chikenhawk war loving conservatives like Palin love dictators because they hate democracy.  I’d suggest to Ms. Palin since she hates this democracy and the USA she should move to Russia. Palin feels President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are all so week they’d never stand up against Putin. Palin would have you believe that if she had been elected vice-president she would have the guts to go toe to toe with Putin. I guess Sara Palin has forgotten her own history. After she became mayor of Wasilla, Alaska she soon fired the police chief, a museum director and a librarian because she told folks these people intimidated her.  Palin’s father Chuck Heath said in his book “Our Sarah left college in Hawaii because she was intimidated by the natives.” Palin is pathetic and needs to go away (again I suggest Russia).

Dick Gaughan: “The Worker’s Song” 

“Tom Paine’s Bones”

“Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.” ~ Thomas Paine


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One response to “Let it Shine

  1. Brock Featherstone

    The problem that feeds itself by greed is by 1 percenters appetite for more and more, structure will collapse. Manufacturing jobs that are shipped overseas taking advantage of slave pay labor without environment regulations are supporting just that. Goods with foreign made stamps are majority of the time inferior and just short of junk. Do the corporate suckies realize sooner or later We Americans will breathe air and drink water that has been tainted by overseas industry? Cheap labor abroad has already left this country a gashing wound. Take a look at the valley, young people are leaving, drug abuse and crime have increased, tax base has shrunk. Chalk it up to lost of jobs.

    Palin is a back of the crowd shouter. You know the type..big mouth tough talker. To accuse Kerry of not being tough enough is ludicrous, wonder how Palin would have faired facing The Viet Cong? Little more frightening than a libarian. Obama is practicing a technique that Tea Baggin big mouths dont understand..Diplomacy. why would The President lay out counter response to Putin? Russia thinks different, a threat up front could be the biggest mistake. Yea. ID DO THIS AND I’D DO THAT…typical of the insecure sore loosers.

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