All Kinds of Crutches

  I haven’t been getting out much as it’s hard getting around on crutches. The few times I have ventured out I noticed something that hadn’t occurred to me before. I couldn’t believe how many people went out of their way to hold doors open for me. I even had a man twenty years my senior ask me if he could carry a package I had to my car. I’ve always tried to help those I’ve seen on crutches or in a wheelchair. I guess that means I shouldn’t have been amazed at how kind and thoughtful people can be. I think a small idea to make a better world would be to treat everyone like they could use some little bit of extra help. It couldn’t hurt so think about giving it a try.

  I want you men to listen to this song that you’ve probably heard before. Really listen to the lyrics and think about that woman in your life that has made all the difference. The woman who changed your life for the better could be your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister. After hearing the song see if you don’t want to thank this wonderful woman for all she has done for you.

  I’ve been thinking for sometime now how I should join the Green Party. I’m more and more convinced our two-party system just doesn’t represent working class people. The Democratic Party is the party that is supposed to represent us workers and the little guy. Can we Democrats make the Democratic Party represent us or is it truly time to join a third party? I’m tired of conservatives believing liberals want big government. I’m tired of that boring rhetoric and only want government to be efficient, effective, representative and protective what ever size that makes the government.

  The government should also be investing in our education system and crumbling infrastructure. Those are things that are going to advance the future growth of our nation. Conservatives love having businessmen as politicians. I would think that was a good idea if today’s businessmen were smart enough to think long-term and invest now for tomorrow’s future. Sadly, today’s businessman only thinks about today’s bottom dollar and pleasing stockholders short-term. Conservatism after all means being complacent and opposing change. It seems funny to me that conservatives hold the Founding Fathers in such esteem. The Founding Fathers weren’t complacent men afraid of change. This country was built on risk and setting challenges and meeting them. Complacency and being afraid of change is a crutch that will stop us all from walking into a brighter future.

The Unthanks: “Last”

Free Will and Testament”

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” – Bill Cosby



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2 responses to “All Kinds of Crutches

  1. Brock Featherstone

    Its an interesting dimension we live in James, I believe in doing nice and nice will return and hopefully for every person that is helped he or she will help another and so on. So imagine if people made a point to do several generous acts a day.
    Green party huh? As an independent that has always been ideal to me. Real ideas that follow through and support the bruised backbone of this country…The Blue Collar Middle Class. Yes conservatives parrot phrases are annoying..liberal this and that big government, free stuff, anti free market and blah blah blah. Truth is a working class person who believes in education and investment into our workplace has no choice but to lean towards the Democrats. I too question what if there was a third party truly for the real Doers of this country. You would think buisness men and women would want inprovements to our infrastructure and to constantly improve our workforce with education and training. Conservative thinking is keep your workers Dumb, scared and struggling. In this day education and infrastructure does nothing for the greedy sell outs that ship jobs overseas to exploit slave labor.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Brock! I agree with everything you said. When I first voted I signed up as an independent. I was one for many decades. I finally registered as a Democrat in the primaries. I wanted to vote against candidates like Traficant who voted along with Republicans 60% of the time. In Canada they have a national healthcare system. It lets businesses off the hook for workers care. You’d think businesses in the US would like that. Instead, you are right that it is about ideology. Corporations just think that’s socialism. They of course don’t consider tax breaks, corporate welfare or bailouts socialism. If corporations are people they are definitely traitors when they export jobs. Time we put them on trial for treason.

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