The Shot Not Heard in Our Own Backyard

None of you came to see me do poetry at Pig Iron Press the second Tuesday in June. Therefore, I am going to punish you by posting my most recent poem. It is on the same subject as my last post but more serious.

The Shot Not Heard in Our Own Backyard

There’s a democrat in the White House.
Even worse to some he’s a black man.
That is a great thing for the NRA to gain new members
and gun manufacturers and gun shops to sell more guns,
by spreading the fear that the government is going
to confiscate all the public’s firearms.
Today’s paranoia is tomorrow’s profit!
These lies every election about democrats
have created a new arms race
to get to a gun shop and buy
some homegrown “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
Rapid-fire guns with humongous ammo magazines
were designed to hunt humans in war
not a deer or turkey in the woods.

What isn’t a lie is that a seven-year old shot
multiple times with .223 rounds
from a 30 round clip Bushmaster assault rifle
at a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut
didn’t even resemble a little girl anymore.
Those who retrieved her body
picked it up in pieces and she was just one of
6 adults and 20 elementary school children
who were killed on killed December 14, 2012
by a 20 year-old insane gunman.

In four minutes, he shot 154 bullets,
making most of the victims shot multiple times
which meant that many parents weren’t able
to “identify” the remains of their little ones.
Ironically, the corporation that manufactures
the Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle
is named, the Freedom Group.

The reaction across the country to the Newtown shooting was
that assault rifles and .223 rounds used in AR-15 were sold out
and manufacturers hired to keep up with demand.
There was an outcry for gun control
but congressional Republicans blocked attempts
to enact new federal gun restrictions.
Candidates that ran on a platform of gun control
mostly lost as the NRA supplied the life blood
of huge money transfusions to gun friendly candidates.
Our soldiers are coming home from combat
in Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD’s
and in classrooms in this country
students are suffering from PTSD’s from
all the school shootings.

In the 1950’s as a school kid
I was taught to “Duck and Cover”
under my school desk to protect myself
in case of a Russian nuclear attack.
Today’s kids “Duck and Cover”
is called being in “lock down” mode.
It’s what schools do in case of an attack by lunatics
armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons.
NRA member Joe the plumber
echoed many NRA member’s beliefs
when he said, “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”
Does every U.S. family have to lose a child
before we become outraged enough
to speak out against the NRA?

The gun manufacturers owned NRA’s answer to violence
has been saying we need more guns
and to arm teachers and school administrators.
The latest ideas from a money-grubbing corporate bastard
trying to exploit fear to make a buck are from
Massachusetts-based company Bullet Blocker.
They are offering children’s bulletproof backpacks,
bulletproof blankets, and bulletproof iPad cases,
notebooks, and school bag survival kits.
What is next Kevlar school uniforms?

It seems greed is more American
than the right to life and freedom from fear.
Since our so-called, political representatives
get big contributions from the NRA
they represent them and not the public.
This will not change anytime in the near future.
Since the NRA is owned by corporations
that manufacture weapons
they will ever develop a conscience.
If humans are really the dominant species
their only hope of survival
is to evolve and develop bulletproof skin.

There have been incidences of 74 schools shootings since Newtown.

Tell Gov. Chris Christie to limit the size of gun magazines.

Local musician: Dennis Drummond

“Semi-automatics have only two purposes. One is so owners can take them to the shooting range once in awhile, yell yeehaw, and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapor spurting from the end of the barrel. Their other use – their only other use – is to kill people” ~ Steven King




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3 responses to “The Shot Not Heard in Our Own Backyard

  1. Brock Featherstone

    If gun carrying became legal everywhere and lets assume even people who aren’t suppose to own /possess a gun, there is No Doubt the Big Mouth wanna be Cowboy Heroes would become recluse. Maybe even do a 180 on this hard line stance they parrot on right to bear arms, EVERYWHERE. They are cowards with or without a gun. When the playing field is level as in the circumstance imagined above, they, the puppets of fear and paranoid brainwash would retreat. No weapon could make this type feel ” safe”. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you bulletproof.

  2. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Brock. I think when these shootings happen and people rush to buy high-capacity guns and ammo it says something. It says even these gun nuts think such murderous weapons should be banned and they rush to buy one before they are. There is no need for the rush to get one as they won’t be banned as the politicians are owned by the NRA.

  3. Brock Featherstone

    Yes James, so running out and buying controversial weapons does several things.
    1. The buyers deep down know and fear automatic weapons sale to common public is wrong thus ” well if dat der bad fella got one, I recon I’s gotta fetch me one too”.
    2. Makes the cowards feel safe..well at least for a little while.
    3. These Imbasols are feeding the Corporate Greed monster. The panic and fear tool works!
    4. Owning an AR-15 gives big mouths bragging rights..Yea let Obama and the Government go ahead and try takin my gun! (Reality as you pointed out is never going to happen BUT, Don’t think any automatic rifle will stand well against say a Tank, Helicopter, drone, trained and skilled military and police units.
    The more armed people in a public place, the more likely an accidental discharge may occur. Mix alcohol, paranoia and hate and you have a recipe for chaos at everyone’s expense.
    I own guns. Used to hunt, shoot on occasion. I know many sportsman and would say 99 percent are FOR gun control.

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