A Rush to Judge.

  Rush Limbaugh has been blasting Hillary Clinton, on his radio show. That is because she is considered among the front-runners, to be the Democrat contender, for president in 2016. He was also blasting Hillary, because he has a contract that pays $400 million for him to spread hate during his 15 hour work week. Rush has been on a campaign, to say the Clintons are wealthy and thus out of touch with U.S. voters. Rush actually said this, while, he broadcasts his show from his $26 million ocean front home in West Palm Beach, which has 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and an elevator. It is a 24,000-square-foot mansion he designed himself, it features architectural influences from Louis XIV’s palace at Versailles to the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. His Florida property also features four other homes. He also owns a Gulf Stream jet that cost $54 million, and six $450,000 Maybach limos. He’s doing very well for a guy who mothers said, “he flunked everything” and left college after two semesters. Spreading hate, and pretending Reaganomics worked, pays well if you happen to be thinking of a career change. Though, Rush makes a fortune talking politics, he never voted for Reagan, or anyone else until he turned 35.

  Rush came from a pretty well off family that included lawyers, federal judges and a state congressman. Rush is now said to worth somewhere around $1 billion. The median individual income in the US (according to the 2012 census) is $29,000, meaning half of us make less and half make more. If you made $29,000 a year, and saved every single penny of it, in 34,482 years you would be worth a billion dollars. What do you think the odds are, of you winning half a million dollars at Powerball? The odds, are 1 in 800,000, that is the same odds as your chance of being a billionaire in the United States. If you placed $500 on every single seat, in every professional football stadium, in the U.S. it would equal $1 billion.

  Do you really think a billionaire understands your life, and has your best interest at heart? Well, Rush’s 14 million (down from 22 million) listeners do. People, that listen to 10 hours or more of talk radio a week vote republican 3 to 1. In the U.S. 243 million people (over age 12) listen to AM/FM radio a week. If Rush has 14 million listeners (according to Talkers magazine) that means he has 5% of radio listeners. The good news is 95% of radio listeners tune him out. Rush had the number one talk show in Los Angeles, but has fallen to 37th place in the ratings. In New York, Limbaugh’s rating dropped from fifth to 22nd. Rush’s average listeners, are 66 years old white men. Younger people aren’t turning on their radios to listen to political hate shows. With an audience that is dying off, and advertisers leaving, in droves because of boycotts against Rush’s racist, sexist and homophobic comments, hate talk radios days may be numbered.

  I only heard Rush’s hate speech for a minute while I was spinning my radio dial. I can’t imagine what hearing his hateful rants, on a regular basis could do to people’s minds. Hell, it is probably the real factor that turned Rush to using drugs. It must be hard for Rush, to find peace, when he is paid lavish sums to fester hate. He may be laughing all the way to the bank, but on the way he is swinging by a pharmacy to score some Oxycontin. Rush has repeatedly said drug users should all be jailed. When caught using drugs (and forging prescriptions) Rush begged for mercy. He was able to afford an expensive attorney so, he served no jail time. His case and OJ’s case leads me to ask, something that a friend of mine was asked by someone in prison. That is “would you rather be rich and guilty or poor and innocent?” Being wealthy not only changes the ballgame it puts you in a whole different league that has no umpires. Since, Rush attacked the Clinton for being millionaires while ignoring he is a billionaire I’d call that “a Rush to judge.”

One billionaire who is not out of touch tells his fellow billionaires to wake up and see the writing is on the wall.

“Rush Limbaugh” a folk song.

“We’ve arrived at a point where the President of the United States is going to lead a war on traditional marriage.” –Rush Limbaugh, on President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage. Limbaugh’s first, second, third, and fourth wives could not be reached for comment. (May 9, 2012)




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2 responses to “A Rush to Judge.

  1. Anonymous

    You can understand Rush more completely if you realize he’s doing the best he can.

  2. elecpencil

    He is doing his best to serve his corporate masters so he can get his 30 silver shekels.

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