An Auschwitz for Mother Goose and Air Time For Racists

    In Youngstown’s Mill Creek Park we saw a wild goose chase that ended deadly for 238 geese and goslings. They were herded into a gas chamber and euthanized in an effort to control the population of the nuisance animals. Their excrement is being called the nuisance. Park officials are blaming people who come to the park and feed the geese bread. Not having to travel to find food has messed up the bird’s migratory nature. With all the extra food from park visitors the geese are defecating more and messing up their water and surrounds. This could lead to more diseases for the geese. People who feed the geese bread are doing the birds a real disservice. That is because a diet composed of white bread can cause a bone disorder known as “angel wing” in young birds. This causes their wrist joints to fail to develop, and the affected wings will not lie flat against a bird’s body. Once this happens geese will lose the ability to fly.

  I think the park’s police should have written tickets enforcing the law against feeding the park’s animals. That would have been better than euthanizing, controlling, managing, roundup, gathering or whatever bullshit name you want to call murdering geese. June is said to be a good time to round-up geese. That is because the adults can’t fly because they are molting (shedding), and the goslings haven’t learned to fly yet. In other words they are most defenseless and can’t flee. An article in the Youngstown Vindicator stated, “because of possible heavy metals and other contamination, park officials decided not to donate the meat from the euthanized wild geese.” What are these heavy metals and are they also in the water and air that could harm humans? Are they chemicals from the park’s use of weed killers or contaminates from fracking in the area? We have lots of people who have no problem with opening up our nation’s parks to be fracked. To them killing geese would be a golden egg to make room for fracking wells. Let me mention one such guy.

  That is WKBN radio talk show host Dan Rivers. Dan stated on air that he loved the goose holocaust so much he was now willing to pay twice as much for taxes to fund Mill Creek Park. Dan is a teabagger that has gone with other teabaggers to D.C. to protest illegal immigrants. The gassing of Canadian geese (they are illegal aliens to him) is the kind of welcome Dan would probably like to give to all human illegals. I heard Dan mention an author he was going to feature on his show. The author had written a book about slavery in America. The author’s point was that blacks should have been happy to be slaves in this country because it was better than living in Africa. I was happy to hear a black caller phone Dan, and tell him that is the kind of crap white racists want to believe. I didn’t listen later when the author was on, because I didn’t want my head to explode with rage. Most folks in the media would never give such an author one second of air time. Our local boy Dan I’m sure read the book cover to cover a couple of times, and couldn’t wait to get the author on.

  Could we locally please stop murdering geese and stop the racism and move into the 21st century? The 21st century is also known as the Anno Domini era or the Common Era. Can we all agree that killing helpless animals, promoting racism and spreading hatred towards people who want to become citizens of our country is not something that should be accepted or common in the 21st century?

Next time I wish Mill Creek Park officials would use the “Goosinator” that many other parks are using to chase away geese.

New Castle, PA band: Vito’s Lot

“The law doth punish man or woman that steals the goose from the common, but lets the greater felon loose, that steals the common from the goose.” ~ Unknown Quote

Park police did a better job of enforcing the “no feed” regulations. Issue a few citations – See more at:–geese-euthanized-at-mill-cree/#sthash.cbAq9yXI.dpuf
“because of possible heavy metals and other contamination, park officials decided not to donate the meat from the euthanized wild geese”. – See more at:–geese-euthanized-at-mill-cree/#sthash.cbAq9yXI.dpuf
“because of possible heavy metals and other contamination, park officials decided not to donate the meat from the euthanized wild geese”. – See more at:–geese-euthanized-at-mill-cree/#sthash.cbAq9yXI.dpuf
“because of possible heavy metals and other contamination, park officials decided not to donate the meat from the euthanized wild geese”. – See more at:–geese-euthanized-at-mill-cree/#sthash.cbAq9yXI.dpufI would ask Mill Creek park police next time to use the humane Goosinator to drive geese off.



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7 responses to “An Auschwitz for Mother Goose and Air Time For Racists

  1. Jim Jordan

    Jim, Dan Rivers is duped in his logic to please his right wing superiors! I hardly listen to him because I get so upset.We need to picket WKBN and . WPIC.

  2. elecpencil

    Dan is never going to be fired as he is a sheep for Clear Channel. I did enjoy Mike Romei (not sure of spelling) as he was a breath of fresh air on WKBN. I haven’t heard why he is now gone. WPIC also has a terrible group of far righties like Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller. Miller was never funny as a comedian and he has gotten meaner over the years. WPIC’s local guy Eric is a real spreader of misinformation. Sad that Democratic areas like the Mahoning Valley and Shenango Valley have no radio voice to represent them. I had several people tell me they liked my letter to the Trib. I told them it was you and that I liked it also. I haven’t send one there in sometime and wonder if I’m still banned.

  3. Brock Featherstone

    Ive tried to listen to Rivers but every time dozzzzed off. He doesn’t even have the ability to enrage me.
    Agree Rome wasn’t bad.
    Good point on idea of ticketing folks for feeding geese rather than slaughtering the unaware so called nuisance. Goodness. They are harmless animals that learn were there is food without danger, keep going back! It would be a source of income as are speed traps in many valley small towns. Well, not officially.

  4. Brock Featherstone

    Oh and will check out your letter to the trib bone. I don’t read it these days but to pick one up on occasion for my aunts dog to pee and poop on when my aunt is out of house for extended period of time. I always make sure to open paper to editorial section. I give Jangles an extra treat if she poops on or near Robinsons drab blubbering articles.

  5. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comments Brock. Rivers doesn’t even listen to callers that disagree with him. He cuts them off and trashes them. Callers facts don’t trump the assumptions Dan believes. My burgh of Vienna is trying to be known as the biggest speed trap in Trumbull County. The letter to the Trib was not by me. It was by a friend who just happens to have the same name as me. It pointed out the right-wing bias of the Trib. I agreed with his letter 100%. Today Editor Frank attacked unions and the EPA. He loves dirty air and loves workplaces where the workers are slaves with no voices. Working for him must be the worst job in the world.

  6. Please bring Mike Romei back. Viking Jim’s voice is too harsh in the morning before coffee. Suggestion: Get rid of boring Limbaugh in the afternoon and put Viking Jim in his place.

  7. elecpencil

    Thanks for the comment Montana! I heard a good comment to WKBN’s Ron verb the other day. A woman caller said she now turns off WKBN for both Beck and Rush’s show because that is just too many hours of propaganda in a row.

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