Election Day is Our Scariest Holiday


Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31.

Traditional activities include trick-or-treating,

costume parties, visiting “haunted houses.

The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries

between the worlds of the living and the dead overlapped and the deceased

would come back to life and cause havoc such as sickness.

Trick-or-treating, is an activity for children on Halloween

in which they proceed from house to house in costumes,

asking for treats such as candy to fill up their Trick-or-treat bags.

Sadly, many adults turn off their porch lights

because they don’t want to participate in the event.

Let me tell you about a day in November

that is much scarier than Halloween.

What makes this day frightening is that

too many people don’t participate in it

which ends up costing us all more tricks than treats.

I’m talking about the Tuesday after the first Monday in November

in the U.S. it is known as Election Day.

The bags that scare on Election Day

are bags now known as Teabaggers.

Here are some of the treats they enjoy

that they hope you’ll support even though

they are toxic to any sane person.

The first poisonous morsel for your consideration

is Republican State Representative Jon Hubbard of Arkansas

who believes that slavery was a blessing to black Americans.

Arkansas state Republican Representative Loy Mauch,

said that Abraham Lincoln was a Marxist war criminal

and that the Confederate flag is a symbol of Christian liberty.

Fellow Arkansas Republican state legislator Charlie Fuqua is a big believer

in the Biblical practice of dangling the threat of death

over children’s heads in order to get them to respect their parents.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) said the real problem

facing America today is the war on whites.

Rep. Renee Elders (R-N. Carolina) said the GOP

needs to dumb down their language so women understand it.

Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) claims Jesus fought

for the death penalty up until the day he died.

Rep. Stockman (R-Texas) has links to militia groups
and appears on radio shows that deny the Holocaust.
U.S. congressional candidate Minister Eddie Zamora (R-Texas)
held a gun to his ex-wife’s head and kidnapped her
and served 5 years in a North Carolina prison for it.
New Jersey Republican Senate candidate Jeff Bell, said single mothers
are just lazy moochers who rely on help from the government.
Duncun Hunter (R-California) lied and said 10 ISIS fighter
have been caught coming across the Mexican border into Texas.
Maine Rep. Gov. Paul Le Page said, it was time
to get rid of child labor laws and put 12-year-olds to work
and pay them less than minimum wage.
Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) says school kids
should be janitors at the schools to get their free lunches.
Kingston, who is currently running for Senate
had taxpayers pay $4,182 worth of lunches
for his office over the past three years,
the equivalent of about 2,000 free lunches.
Chris Collins, New York GOP State Rep. said
“People now don’t die from prostate cancer, breast cancer and some of the other things.”
If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down.”  -Todd Akin (R- Missouri)
“Some girls, they rape so easy”  – Roger Rivard, Wisconsin GOP State Rep.
Elected Tea party politicians in North Carolina
have tried to establish a state religion (Christian of course),
and tried to make it illegal to predict rising-sea  levels.
Rep.Dick Black (R-Virgina) believes in spousal rape.
Susanne Atanus is a Illinois Republican congressional candidate
who actually believes god
is punishing us with Autism  and bad weather
because of equal rights for gays.
Baptist pastor and right-wing radio show host Jody B. Hice
is the 2014 Georgia GOP candidate for congress and likely to win.
He doesn’t believe American Muslims should have First Amendment Rights.
He has also said women should not run for office unless they have their husband’s permission.
Kentucky state Sen. Brandon Smith (R) who owns a mining company claimed
that man-made climate change is scientifically implausible because
Mars and Earth share “exactly” the same temperature.
Remind me not to vacation in Kentucky as NASA says
the average temperature on Earth is 57 degrees Fahrenheit
and the average on Mars is -81 degrees.
State Rep. Stan Lee (R) claimed that climate-warming trends caused by human activities
— a phenomenon backed by 97 percent of climate scientists —
are nothing more than calculated scare tactics.
I am left wondering if these dumb redneck candidates
will be driven to political events by the Dukes of Hazard
in the General Lee Dodge Charger.
Why do Republicans continue to elect representatives in their primaries
who lack understanding, common sense and who hate science?
I suspect it could be because Republicans and
the Tea Party in general are  inferior to apes.
These candidates are morons and corporate stooges.
They won’t serve the Earth or humanity.
They won’t represent or serve you as  they don’t even serve
any higher purpose for the lives and futures of their own children.
They only offer more division, fear and hatred.
Don’t you expect more than that for people
who are supposed to be YOUR representatives?
Choose to participate and consider voting
as the treat that protects your rights
and get informed and don’t fall for tricks.
Get your ass out and vote.
It’s a Beautiful Day: “White Bird”
“The oppressors most powerful weapon is the mind of the oppressed.” – Stephen Biko






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