Keep Ohio and Youngstown Safe

In the past week I saw stories about the gas industry in Ohio, in the Warren Tribune Chronicle. On Tuesday, a gas well near Mingo Junction, Ohio allowed natural and methane gas to leak into the atmosphere. It was a called a very dangerous situation because millions and millions of cubic feet of gas were released. Over 400 homes in a two-mile radius were evacuated. The cause is under investigation. On Tuesday, a pipeline in southeast Ohio carrying a toxic substance produced during natural gas and oil processing caught fire. It is under investigation. Right below nearby Columbiana County is Carroll County. There are 282 active fracking wells in Carroll County. A team from the University of Cincinnati and Oregon State University placed 25 monitors near gas wells in Carroll County. They also placed wrist monitors on some residents living near wells for three weeks. The monitors detected 32 types of hydrocarbon-based compounds, some of which are found in vehicle exhaust, tobacco smoke. The researchers would not further discuss their findings as they want to do further research, determine if fracking harms people’s health. Carroll County resident Kathryn King said the pungent odors from the drilling burn her nostrils. King is paid around $1,000 a month – for the gas being extracted beneath her land, but wishes that fracking had never come to Carroll County “This used to be such an awesome county, so pristine, so clean,” she said. She added, “There’s a whole myriad of things going on that are not good.” Soybean farmer Al Butz said he also rues the day that drilling rigs arrived. “It was a pristine place,” Butz said. “Then all hell breaks loose.”

FrackFree Mahoning Valley has their third attempt of getting a community bills of rights passed on the Nov. 4 ballot in Youngstown. The bill would prevent hydraulic fracking from taking place in Youngstown. Local ads against the bill are saying FrackFree Mahoning Valley members have a radical agenda. That agenda is stopping anymore earthquakes caused by injection wells. They also want to protect our beautiful Mill Creek Park and keep our drinking water at Meander Reservoir safe. Ask Kathryn King and Al Butz if that’s a radical agenda. Ask residents of the 400 homes evacuated in Mingo Junction if that is a radical agenda. Ask the residents of Carrollton County who are serving as guinea pigs if that is a radical agenda. What is a radical agenda is the pipefitters union (along with the anti-union regional chamber) who are willing to put their family and yours in danger for some temporary jobs. Here in Vienna there is a property that has turned into a waste dump for water from injection wells. The family that owns the property is one of the richest families in my community. Meanwhile, my family is in danger from this site and my neighbors and I had no say so in the matter. People of Youngstown you have a choice to keep your families safe by voting for the charter to keep Youngstown frack free. FrackFree Mahoning Valley has spent many hours of time and effort to help you stay safe. Put in the time and effort to get to the polls and save your community. I envy you actually having the chance to keep your families safe. Go vote.

Let’s talk about other dumb union members. I’m talking about guys like Morris Raye who is a UAW member at GM’s Lordstown plant. Morris also works part-time as a radio talk show host on WKBN. Morris said on the air he voted early and voted for Kasich for governor. Morris brushed off the fact Kasich went after public sector unions by trying to pass SB5. Which would have prevented unions from charging fair share dues to employees who opt out of joining the union. Fair share cover the costs of collective bargaining that generally leads to a contract for better wages and benefits for the employees. Then again, the UAW Morris is a member of voted in its contract to let newer brothers and sister union members work for half the wages that their fellow senior union members were earning. A union’s blood is solidarity and creating a second tier of wages destroys that. The GOP is also out to destroy unions, that is why they come up with legislation like SB5. Luckily, the good people of Ohio voted against SB5. Morris doesn’t seem to understand that Kasich will get even more vicious with unions if he is re-elected and a lame duck that can’t run again.

Ron Verb another radio talk show host at WKBN who is also a democrat like Morris says he is voting for Kasich. He says he couldn’t vote for Ed Fitzgerald the Democrat in the race for Ohio governor. Ron bought the dirt thrown at Fitzgerald by the GOP. Ed was seen in the car with a woman who wasn’t his wife and drove without renewing his driver’s license for ten years. Another issue was that Fitzgerald picked State Senator Eric Kearney an African-American from Cincinnati. It was soon discovered that Kearney, his wife and their publishing company have received multiple tax liens totaling nearly $1 million in the last 15 years. A gubernatorial candidate’s first choice trying to be governor is picking a running mate and Fitzgerald picked a guy with tax problems. Sadly, he buckled under the pressure from the black Democrat caucus and choose to trust their pick and not investigate Kearney further. They picked someone with loads of financial problems. These are the reason Morris, Verb and other Democrats are choosing to vote for Kasich.

The baggage Fitzgerald has seems really small when compared with the baggage Kasich has. John Kasich has attacked state workers with SB5, attacked women on the issue of choice, pushed tax cuts that benefited the rich, cut funding of local governments forcing them to increase their taxes, to help make up for lost revenues. Gov. Kasich is destroying our public schools so his for-profit charter school large campaign contributors could get richer.  His charter school campaign contributor White Hat is presently evading open records about transforming public money into private assets in a case before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Add in the following from Fact Check:

Fact: As a congressman and as a governor, Kasich fought against increases in veteran’s benefits, made it harder for veterans to get a job in state government, and proposed cutting funding to veterans organizations.

Fact: When Kasich was elected Governor, Ohio’s job creation rate was nearly twice that of the national rate. Now, Ohio is ranked 45th in job creation.

Fact: Nearly all new jobs Under Kasich pay $7-13 an hour.

Fact: Cost of Ohio’s public colleges & universities was already higher than most other states. Then Kasich dedicated the lowest budget to higher education in 40 years & tuition at 11 of Ohio’s 13 public colleges & universities increased this year: “

With a record like that it’s no wonder Gov. Kasich has been the first standing governor to refuse to debate in thirty years.

If you don’t like Fitzgerald’s baggage then vote for Green Party candidate Anita Rios for governor. A vote for Kasich is a vote against Ohio’s future.

10 things to expect if Republicans win the Senate.

Jayhawks: “Blue”

“Save it for a Rainy Day”

“A man without a vote is a man without protection.” ~ Lyndon B. Johnson



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2 responses to “Keep Ohio and Youngstown Safe

  1. Brock Featherstone

    I’d like to know how many drilling jobs actually went to native Ohioians. Seems to be more and more out of state license plates taking temporary residence, Oklahoma, Texas and even Alaska. Temporary one way or another, either when the gas dries up or people of Ohio stop this risky procedure. Kasich is smoke and mirrors.

  2. elecpencil

    I had a temporary oil & gas company use a store front
    near my street for several months. The plates I saw in the parking spots were Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama.

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