Missouri Dangers

Missouri has lots of dangers like Water Moccasins, Copperhead snakes,
ticks, leeches, poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac,
and a deadly pestering poison called racism
that makes it a very deadly state for black citizens.
It’s the home of the 33rd President, Harry Truman.
His recently discovered 1947 diary states
“One man is as good as another as long
as he wasn’t a Jap, Chinaman, Kyke or Nigger.
In 1864 the black Leonardo da Vinci was born in Missouri.
His name was George Washington Carver.
Born into slavery he went on to be a scientist
and an inventor of over 100 products
that improved the quality of people’s lives.
On his grave was written, He could have added fortune to fame,
but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.
In 1857 former slave then free man, Dread Scott
was the subject of the Dread Scott v. Stanford case.
The Missouri State Supreme Court, ruled in the case
that Dread Scott was not a free man but a slave.
Then the case was next sent to the Federal Supreme Court.
By a 7 to 2 decision Scott was again ruled a slave.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney a slave owner
wrote and delivered the majority opinion saying
“A Black man has no rights which the white man
was bound to respect.” And can never be
considered a citizen of the United States.
Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Robbins Curtis,
one of the two dissenters in the Dread Scott Decision
resigned after the case as a matter of moral principal,
making him the only Supreme Court Judge to ever do so.
Meanwhile, Missouri named a county after Judge Taney.
In 2013 the office of Missouri’s attorney general concluded
in an annual report that Furgeson, Missouri police
were twice as likely to arrest African Americans
during traffic stops as they were whites.
One of those black men stopped for a traffic violation was
a 52-year-old welder named Henry Davis who was arrested
for an outstanding warrant that was for another man
of the same surname, but a different middle name.
At the jail Davis told officers they had the wrong man.
Four officers then broke his nose and kicked him in the head.
He was held in jail for several days and the police charged him
with destruction of property because he had the nerve to bleed
on their uniforms while they were brutally beating him.
The Furgeson police force has 53 members, with three being black.
In 2010, the department hired a police officer who had previously been fired
from the Saint Louis Police Department after credible evidence showed
he assaulted two minors, one a 12-year-old girl, with his service weapon.
In 2011 Jason Moore, who suffered a psychological disorder,
was walking around naked and posed no threat to police.
A Ferguson police officer used a taser device on Jason.
When Moore tried to get up from the ground,
the officer tasered him twice more and then Moore
went into cardiac arrest, quit breathing and died.
Missouri is called the “Show Me” state
but has become the “Shoot Me” state
if you happen to be a black male.
Shoplifting cigars and pushing around
a shop owner and cop should land you in jail.
But it is not a death sentence unless
you are black and the cop is white
and you’re in Furgeson, Missouri
(and many other U.S. cities).
There the police will execute you with six bullets.
The Ferguson cop will be innocent until proven guilty.
As opposed to, say, the unarmed guy he shot 6 times.
200 African Americans who came to protest
the shooting were met by a racist picnic laid out
for them on the sidewalk of fried chicken, watermelon,
40 oz. bottles of beer and Confederate flags waving.
Bullet holes were found in their bus windows.
Statistics show that 98.8% of the time
cops are not charged for assaults or shootings.
The prosecutor made sure a Furgeson Grand Jury
didn’t change that percentage one bit.
Up the road from Furgeson, Missouri
at Calvary Cemetery in St.Louis, Missouri
former slave, Dread Scott does not rest in peace.

Kelvin Jones: “Call You Home”

“We Are More”

“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” ~ Benjamin Franklin




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