Wishing the Dinosaurs Were Extinct

I dropped my subscription to the Warren Tribune a few months back. I did that because the editor refused to print a column by one of their community columnists, Arya-francesca Jenkins. It was a column about Frackfree Mahoning Valley activists and problems people were experiencing because of fracking in our valley. I really can’t say that I am surprised that Warren Tribune Chronicle, Editor Frank Robinson wouldn’t print the column. I say that because Robinson is a corporate lackey and an enemy of the people. Frank hates unions and any talk of a clean environment because he hates anything that puts people before corporations. He hates liberals and loves to throw the word around to protect his precious corporations.

I no longer get the Warren Tribune but every once in a while a few people send me info from it. On March 4th I received a column Robinson wrote. It was in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline and how it was going to be a wonderful thing for the U.S. Editor Robinson stated, “President Barack Obama can provide no scientifically based specific reason for vetoing a bill to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline – but he has killed the measure anyway.” Robinson went on about how no one except uninformed liberal environmentalist could oppose the pipeline. He heralded it as being safe and a job provider, economic booster and much-needed fuel provider.

As Editor Robinson will only believe information from conservative sources let me begin there. I looked for info from conservative Forbes magazine about Keystone XL. This from a Forbe’s story about the pipeline,  “Pipeline defects have been identified along a 60-mile stretch of the southern segment of the Keystone XL pipeline, north of the Sabine River in Texas. 
Sections of pipe have dents, faulty welds, and pin-holes in some sections enough to see daylight through. The installers have been digging up parts of the new southern segment of the Keystone pipeline that only recently have been installed. 
It seems that the existing leg of the Keystone has spilled more oil in its first year than any other first-year pipeline in U.S. history. I can just imagine the mid-level manager’s thought processes on this. Hmmm…I’m making a decision on a pipeline that is involved in an extremely political battle, that may have a huge impact on the American economy, that could make tens of billions of dollars a year for my company but that could, if done badly, destroy the drinking water and irrigation supply for the bread-basket of America, and that even has international diplomatic ramifications.” Also, “You’d think that a $45 billion-a-year prize for the U.S. would warrant spending a few thousand dollars more for a decent length of pipe. Just the political capital alone that would come from demonstrating you care at all about the environment might go a long way to getting the President to approve such a Golden Goose. Instead, this pipeline is becoming a Presidential Sophie’s Choice.  It pits the environment against the economy.  Greed against caring.  The United States against Canada.  Conservative against liberal.  Labor against Progressives. There really is no good choice here. But the economic and energy security arguments used in favor of the pipeline aren’t really that strong.  The surge in domestic natural gas production, the rising global cost of oil, and the economic bust of 2008 have changed the energy equation dramatically. America has been steadily reducing its oil addiction. Oil consumption has dropped by 2.5 million barrels a day over the last eight years. That’s equivalent to closing a Keystone XL every three years. The pipeline is not a make-or-break deal for the American economy or even our energy security.”

In the same article, “The Keystone XL is designed to promote exports of Canadian tar sands oil and its refined products to non-U.S. markets, especially China and Latin America. China is now the largest foreign investor in Canada’s tar sands, representing 52 percent of all foreign investment since 2003. Ironically, the XL pipeline may increase gasoline prices for Americans and reduce national energy security – not bolster it, as promoters claim. The U.S. would carry the greatest share of the risk while getting the smallest share of the benefits. And then there’s the properties of this oil itself that enter into the risk portion of the analysis. Compared with conventional crude, heavy oil extracted from tar sands has to be at higher temperatures and pressures in order to flow. And still the tar sands have to be boiled to separate the heavy oils, and then diluted with light hydrocarbons and methane to flow. Since this mixture is the most viscous, sulfurous and acidic form of oil produced today, it may just be a bit hard on the pipelines. Again, riskier to the United States. Which may be no problem at all if the pipelines are installed as designed, with epoxy coatings and other corrosion-reducing technologies. But we keep installing crappy pipe and cutting corners. All in all, the cost/benefit is not in America’s favor.”

The oil and gas companies made record profits in the last several years. Despite that they have laid off more than 11,000 U.S. workers. So much for the jobs being promoted by extending Keystone XL. Editor Robinson, like the GOP leaders pushing Keystone XL are dinosaurs. The future job growth is going to be in renewable energy. In 2011 jobs in solar energy doubled and have been growing since. For our children’s future we need to focus on clean renewable energy. It will make us a more secure nation and foster American ingenuity. We’ve also got to realize our corporate owned politicians and editors that want to keep us on fossil fuels, are ancient fossils who dwell in the past.

Keystone XL is against the best interest of our country.

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“It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” ~ Ansel adams


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  1. Jim Jordan

    Just one hell of a article by you Jim. You certainly missed your calling. I couldn’t agree more!

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