IMBY (In My Back Yard)

Citizens United gave the 1% free rein to buy our politicians. They hire lobbyist to write legislation favoring the 1%. They turn race against race, the middle class against the poor and private sector workers against public sector workers. As the middle class has become poorer their only way to hang on to some of their money is to vote against levies that help them locally. This voting against our own self interest is destroying communities across America. This is my personal observation on just that.

IMBY (In My Back Yard)
Less than a mile down the road from my house
and the Vienna, Ohio high school building
a few fracking wells were pumping away,
until a leak polluting a nearby pond
temporarily closed them down.
Local citizens cried out at a township meeting after the leak,
why were citizens not consulted and asked if they approved
of such a dangerous business being located in their community?
Had I been a township official I would have said,
“We didn’t think you cared about your safety.
After all it took many years to close the 100 year old
Jr. high school that was full of lead paint, asbestos and rot.
Those kids were then jammed into the 100 year-old high school,
which also features lead paint and asbestos.
It is now overcrowded and having
bathroom and septic problems.
You local Taxpayers nixed the idea of a new school building
by voting against any school levy that would have built one.
To further endanger students
a tall cell phone tower was set up
in the high school’s backyard.
It matches another one less than a quarter mile away.
No local citizens squawked about the danger
of such structures to our students and citizens.
Our local police force is made up of mostly
part time employees with no benefits.
They are paid $10 and hr. and have to buy
their own guns and bullet proof vests.
The Warren Tribune’s editor Frank Robinson
wrote an editorial telling Vienna citizens
to vote against a levy that would have paid
our local Vienna police better wages.
The Vienna voters bought his conservative
anti-union and public sector worker hating BS
and voted against the police levy.
That message says Vienna citizens
think that paying police $10 an hr.
to put their lives on the line for us
is all the lives of these police are worth.”
If I was a township trustee I would have summed it up
by saying, “Perhaps as I look at this list what the citizens
of Vienna are really saying is all our local children and citizens
lives aren’t really worth a nickel.”

Paul Thorn: “Mediocrity is King”

“What the Hell is Goin On?”

Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves. ~ Abraham Lincoln



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