Ignoring History

The First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment
was one of the most heroic brigades during the Civil War.
On the second day of the battle of Gettysburg,
their brigade of 262 Union soldiers fixed bayonets and charged
an Alabaman brigade made up of 1500 Confederate soldiers.
When it was over, only 47 of the Minnesota brigade survived.
That was a catastrophic 82% loss of the brigade.
They suffered one of the highest casualty rates
of any army unit throughout American history.
But the Confederate surge was stopped,
and other Union troops rallied into defensive positions,
and the line held and the tide was turned
and the Union went on to win the battle and the war.
After the war, both General Hancock and U.S. President Calvin Coolidge,
praised the First Minnesota Volunteer Brigade placing their heroism
and unsurpassed gallantry as the highest in the know annals of war.
President Coolidge stated that “Colonel Colvill and those eight companies
of the First Minnesota are entitled to rank as the saviors of their country.”
During that battle of Gettysburg, despite being knocked out
by a bullet to the head and later shot in the hand Corporal Henry O’Brien
repeatedly picked up the fallen colors of the 1st Minnesota
and carried a wounded comrade back to the Union lines.
He was also awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism.
During the deadly chaotic fighting, Private Marshall Sherman
of the First Minnesota captured the colors of the Confederate
28th Virginia and received the Medal of Honor for his exploit.
That Confederate flag was taken back to Minnesota as a prize of war
and is kept but not publicly displayed at the Minnesota Historical Society.
The history of those Minnesotans who died to bring down that treasonous Confederate flag
was lost on volunteer firefighter Brian Nielson, 43, two days and 152 years
after the Battle of Gettysburg during a parade celebrating
the 4th of July, 2015 in Albert Lea, Minnesota.
You see, Brian Nielson, flew both the Confederate and American flags
on the back of the Heartland Fire Department truck in the Parade.
Nielson said he’s not for slavery, but did it because he was fed up with political correctness.
I am also fed up with ignorance and of ignorant people like Brian Nelson
who don’t know history and the meanings of racist symbols like the Confederate flag.
Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to display the flag
of a traitorous movement on the eve of the nation’s Independence Day?
Flying that rag is a mockery to freedom and honor in the same home state
as those brave Union soldiers from Minnesota’s First is a disgrace.
Brian has been suspended from the volunteer fire department.
He claims he didn’t know flying the Confederate flag would be a big deal.
I think Brian thought he could be a hero to the hate filled talk radio circuit
by displaying a made in America symbol of racist hate
and claiming he was fighting a war against “political correctness.”
To accept views of racism and hate because they aren’t
“Politically Correct” is ignorant and abhorrent.
Political correctness is what blowhard bully louts
call the truth now a day.
My parents taught me to use common courtesy,
consideration, empathy and manners in dealing with others.
Today boors are calling my parents ideas “Political Correctness.”
It’s time to call out these uncouth attention seeking assholes
so they will crawl back in their dark holes once they know
that their ignorant opinions are no longer widely held.
Silence implies consent.
It’s time to speak up.

Mike Stout: “Healthcare is a Human Right”

“If the first words out of your mouth are to cry ‘political correctness!’, … chances are very, very high that you are in fact part of the problem.” ~ Angela Highland


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One response to “Ignoring History

  1. Nancie Shillington

    And I am SO glad for your voice! Indeed—I associate that phrase with women’s “issues” (translate equality of opportunity)…and I am going to Gettysburg with several grandkids so will send this to them also! They live in SC and witnessed history last week!…long time coming as it was—they SAW IT and thanks to their parents (who taught them that their great, great Grandfather was shot the day before in Chambersburg and that their very own grandmother as a child held the Bible which had the bullet hole in it ! History lives on and we tell that to our kids also which makes the manners lessons have more meat (I think)!

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