Satan Goes Shopping

I spend a lot of time seeing problems in life. I sometimes need to celebrate the good things in my life.

Satan Goes Shopping

At a Las Vegas shopping outlet
a six-foot tall angry looking woman
and her 5 foot 7 inch tall husband
paused by the door of a Nike store.
She says pointing to a bench “I’ll be awhile so sit
your ass down and keep your mouth shut.”
He sits next to me in the noisy concourse.
I look at him and ask, “Where you from?”
He looks into the Nike store to see if his wife is looking.
He then stares at me and replies, “Hell, the darkest region.”
“I’m very sorry to hear that I reply.”
“I don’t deserve this treatment at all,”
he says while putting his head in his hands.
I started to ask him how things got this bad
but I stop as I look up to see his wife coming
and didn’t want to see him get an ass whipping.
“Wake up ahole and carry my bags,” she barked.
I say a prayer for him and look away from them both.
I then hear him say, “Bitch I’ve had enough we’re leaving.”
She meekly replies, “Yes dear whatever you say.”
As they turn and walk past me I smile widely at him.
He glances at me and winks and I notice
she is struggling carrying all the bags.
My wife then exits the Nike store
and shakes me as I have dozed off.
Had I been dreaming that whole scenario?
I soon realized it had only been the last part
as I walk a little further and see the tall woman
still chastising her husband in a loud voice.
My wife says, “Thanks for waiting on me
I’m all done so where do you want to go?”
As we left my car radio was playing
Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s “Lucky Man.”
I smiled and had to agree I was indeed a lucky man.

John Smith: “Great Lakes”

“Salty and Sweet”

“Change your character and your character will change you” ~ ABC


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One response to “Satan Goes Shopping

  1. Nancie Shillington

    Ah yes-happy wife is happy life!

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