Thanksgiving a Holiday Celebrating Terrorism

I sat in a classroom hearing the teacher give a lesson about the history of Thanksgiving. It was the typical B.S. story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. That annual phony story of Pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a dinner in harmony together. The only real part of the story was that the Pilgrims would have died, if the Native Americans wouldn’t have shown them how to farm. I wanted to shout, “The Pilgrims were actually a bunch of drunks that hung an Indian body and an Indian head on their fort. They did that to symbolize, “white power.” I didn’t want to frighten children but they should know the truth.

We will smell a kitchen full of the scents of a delectable feast but that is not the whiff of what Thanksgiving represents. The original smells would have been the putrid scent of barbecued Indian flesh.

Here is a historic description behind the massacre of Indians, which is the real reason the Pilgrims, gave thanks: This by William Bradford, an early settler, on Captain John Mason’s attack on a Pequot village.

“Those that escaped the fire were slain with the sword, some hewed to pieces, others run through with their rapiers, so as they were quickly dispatched and very few escaped. It was conceived that they thus destroyed about 400 at this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fire and the streams of blood quenching the same, and horrible was the stink and scent thereof; but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice, and they gave the praise thereof to God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to enclose their enemies in their hands and give them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an enemy.”

While we have genocide against turkeys for Thanksgiving our fore fathers had a genocide against Native Americans.

R.I.P. Chloe we will miss you.

Thanksgiving history: Facts

Robbie Robertson: “A Native American Thanksgiving Song”

William S. Burroughs: “A Thanksgiving Prayer”

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” ~ W.T. Purkiser


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving a Holiday Celebrating Terrorism

  1. Anonymous

    Jim, while there is “some” truth to what you write, it does not tell all the story. I am sure there are good pilgrims and bad pilgrims, just as there are good Indians and bad ones, same–there are good blacks & whites and their bad whites and blacks. Sometimes it’s hard to separate myth from truth.
    . We need to come together or together we will come apart. And, remember, the First Thanksgiving Holiday was proclaimed by Abe Lincoln to honoring the dead and the end of the Civil War. And by the way let us celebrate what we have and be thankful for that, even thought life isn’t perfect.

  2. elecpencil

    Anonymous, thank you for the comment.The history of many whites murdering Native Americans and of slavery is all true and no myth. My point is now that we are worrying about terrorist, we should reflect on our nation being founded on terrorism. People will sit down at Thanksgiving dinner with relatives with opposite views. I agree with you that we should find common ground with them and try and come together. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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