The Horrors in the Quaran?

I previously wrote a blog about Christians not knowing the religious writings of their own faith. Yet, these Christians will pass judgement on other faiths they have never studied. This recent video does a very good job of pointing out the lack of knowledge Christians have about their own faith: The Holy Quran Experiment

Here is my blog post on the same point from 10/22/08

Of Holy Books

Many Christians are portraying Muslims who follow their holy book, the Quran as intolerant murderers, criminals and terrorists. Some Christians are saying atrocities such as the attack on 9/11 can easily be attributed to the prophet Mohammed and the god, Allah. They point out Quran verses that preach hate like the following: “Don’t associate with those of other faiths.” “Don’t receive them into your home or even exchange greetings with them.” “Others who don’t share your beliefs have an “evil heart.”

It gets even more intolerant when you read; “God destroys those who don’t believe in him.” When the god in this supposed “Holy Book” isn’t killing someone, which he seems to do on many pages, he is ordering his followers to kill any friends or family that worships a god different than him. He says to kill them in their very own church. He orders, “Kill all inhabitants of any city where people worship different than you.” There are holy verses that call for the elimination of entire ethnic groups including women, children, animals and even trees. He tells his followers to, hide along the road wait for women and then kidnap, rape and marry them. This god tells his followers you are “of God” and everyone else is wicked.

You best believe there’s a lot to fear from this faith when you read, “Everyone will have to worship the prophet—whether they want to or not.” They place themselves above all laws by the verse, “A follower cannot be accused of any wrongdoing.” I’ve only scratched the surface of the hate and evil deeds in this so called, “Holy Book.” Knowing that their faith could crumble if it were to undergo any free and critical thinking, this prophet tells his followers to avoid philosophy. That just proves that ignorance is bliss.

Surely this hate-filled book should never be in a library. It should also never be allowed in a school. Banning it is just not enough. All copies of it need to be immediately burned. If I were a politician who espoused “family values,” I’d strike the first match. Clerics of every religion should be calling for a funeral pyre of this unholy book. It’s little wonder that its followers’ fight constant wars and justify them.

I did extensive research that buried my desk in a pyramid of paper to write this post. Gathering so much info can get confusing. That’s my excuse because I have just realized, oops, my bad, the aforementioned verses are really from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, instead of the Quran. All holy books tend to have some type of the hate filled quotes like those above in them. Such statements taint much of the good that can be found in these books. We need to know what’s in our own back yard before we ask our neighbors to clean their back yard. Building fences between our neighbors is surely no way to build a better neighborhood.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band; “Questions”

“The Road to Babylon”

Scriptures, the sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based.” ~ Ambrose Bierce

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  1. Are there any holy books that teach there was a time when there was nothing, and someone changed it into everything – that do not tell Moses to kill humans?

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