Trying to Stop a Political Virus

I’ve seen this stranger who keeps showing up at GOP presidential debate. That stranger is my Ohio Governor John Kasich. I call him a stranger because I don’t recognize the guy he is trying to portray. He is trying to come off as a calm, kind and understanding moderate. That is not the angry, mean, gruff, nasty little man who is our conservative governor. Kasich has a chance to be elected president or better yet a shot as being picked as a vice-president by the winning GOP primary presidential candidate. Ohio is an important swing state so don’t rule out Gov. Kasich being someone’s running mate. I think it is the duty of every state’s citizens to let the national voters know about your state’s politicians once they run for national office. We need to hear the good and the bad to make informed decisions. With Gov. Kasich I can tell you I can’t find the good. I consider Kasich a bad virus I wouldn’t want the rest of the nation to catch. I have seen too many media folks raving over Kasich and I feel they are doing a disservice to voters. I’m going to post the problems I see with Kasich here in Ohio along with some links. I hope this can be circulated and I hope you will add your thoughts to it if you pass it on.

John Kasich grew up in working-class McKee’s Rock, Pa. His father was a mailman for the Post Office and president of his union. Gov. Kasich has told audiences he saw his father work on his feet six days a week, destroying his back and joints. Despite a working-class background and a union president father Kasich is an anti-union governor. He was the brains behind Senate Bill 5. The measure would have stripped Ohio’s public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Voters overwhelmingly repealed the measure.

When John Kasich was in charge of Ohio for Lehman Brothers, he lost hundreds of millions of dollars from the state pension fund to Wall St. profiteers. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and Ohio citizens were left holding devalued pensions. Then Ohioan’s forgot about that and made him governor. Now, Ohio is 45th of 50 states… in financial wellbeing of its citizens. Kasich was warned of Toledo’s critical water situation by the Ohio EPA. He ignored the warning and Toledo residents went 3 days without water. There have been several hundred fracking earthquakes in Ohio, according to ODNR. These were accompanied by poisoning of the watershed. Kasich has five times reduced further the money the state gives municipal libraries. Under Kasich, Ohioans, pay the 4th highest insurance premiums in the country. Kasich opposed Ohioans For Humane Farms legislation. Gov. Kasich has a very low number of female cabinet appointments. He justifies that by claiming he makes all the big decisions in his family and his “wife makes all the minor decisions.” It was revealed that he paid his male staff 56% more than female staff.

John Kasich signed into law a bill which would remove state funding from any counselor who lets a victim of rape know that abortion is an option. Kasich refused to debate his opponent when he ran for re-election. He did do a sit down interview at the Cleveland Plain dealer. He slumped in his chair and ignored that his opponent was in the room. All this and the Plain Dealer endorsed him for a second time.

Kasich appointed Ohio Right Life Chief Mike Gonidakis to the state medical board. It didn’t matter to the governor that Gonidakis had no medical experience. Debe Terhar a Tea Party member was named as chair of the Department of Education board. She was forced to apologize after posting a website photo of Hitler as President Obama’s equivalent.  Appointee Bryan Williams resigned from the same board after it was learned that he had a conflict of interest as a lobbyist for a group that ran a private charter school.

State Superintendent Richard A. Ross, Kasich’s former education adviser has been under fire over the illegal manipulation of charter-school evaluations to make them look better. Kasich has increased the proportion of school funds sent to private pockets, spending over $1 billion a year on charter schools and increasing the amount of money in the state’s voucher program by 113 percent. Charter school funding has increased by 27 percent, and they receive more state money per pupil than traditional public schools. Traditional public schools, which educate 90 percent of Ohio’s kids, receive $515 million less state funding under Gov. Kasich. He filled the state board of education with charter school advocates. Then he appointed a former charter school executive Robert Sommers to head the governor’s new Office of 21st Century Education.

Ohio charter schools have become a national embarrassment. The Cleveland Plain Dealer (that endorsed Kasich twice for governor) ran a story with the headline, “Ohio’s charter schools ridiculed at national conference, even by national charter supporters.”  Reporter Doug Livingston writes, “State auditors have uncovered $27.3 million improperly spent by charter schools, many run by for-profit companies, enrolling thousands of children and producing academic results that rival the worst in the nation.”

Two charter school owners have reportedly funneled over $4 million to Ohio Republicans since 2001.

John Kasich is Running for President Here’s what you need to know about him.

Even His Friends hate Him : Conservative Calls Kasich a nasty little man.

FBI investigates Gov. Kasich for bribery.

Ohio newspaper tries to ignore corruption of Kasich staffers.

Ohio’s War on the middle class.

Ohio got a D on support for public education on the Network for Public Education report card.

John Kasich Gets “F” on schools from the Washington Post.

The education mess in Ohio under Gov. John Kasich.

Under John Kasich Ohio’s Charter Schools became a “National Joke.”

John Kasich’s plan to balance the budget does not actually exist.

John Kasich Wants to Slash Everything but the Pentagon.

Why John Kasich’s job claim numbers don’t add up.

Why are George Soros-linked financiers giving big bucks to support John Kasich?

Kasich’s spiritual adviser thinks gay rights activists are Fascist “Thought Nazis.”

John Kasich’s war on poor people before he was for them.

How John Kasich rewrote Welfare Laws and is Keeping Food Off Family Dinner Tables.

Kasich calls a police officer an idiot for giving him a ticket for reckless operation.

Some of Kasich’s illegal appointments.

Kasich is not a moderate he is one of the most anti-choice governors in the nation.

Kasich budgets help the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

Kasich rubber stamps voter suppression bills.

Todd Snider: “In the Beginning”

“Looking for a Job”

“Till people find themselves greatly abused and oppressed by their governors, they are not apt to complain; and whenever they do,
in fact, find themselves thus abused and oppressed, they must be stupid not to complain.” – Jonathan Mayhew



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4 responses to “Trying to Stop a Political Virus

  1. Anthony Fasline

    Surprised you didn’t mention Kasich appointed one of his cronies to head the effort to privatize Ohio’s prison system. Profiteering on the incarceration of many poor blacks. Kasich’s modern style of the “auction block.”

  2. Nancie Shillington

    at I got this and the one about the movie plot (apparently I had already responded to that since it was dated Feb. 2nd–hope my resonses aren’t sent to all your many readers–fingers crossed on that one! there seems no end of VALID information (Trump is only wrong 40% of the time, I would have thot more than that!) which I wil send to the neghboring state, so to speak!

  3. elecpencil

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  4. Eric O'Neil

    Great job Jim. Hope this gets some legs, Seems that the more mean spirited the Republican candidate, the more popular.

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