Torture Research

A Pew Research Center study revealed
the more often people attend church,
the more likely they are to support torture.
I don’t know how you can support torture
while claiming to be a Christian.
I don’t fit the study as
I’m opposed to torture
even though I sat through the torture
of the Catholic Mass for decades.
It was a small glimpse into the Spanish Inquisition.
A University of Maryland study found
people who regularly watch Fox News
are more likely to agree with torture.
That’s because they are masochists
who like being mentally abused by Fox News.

David Bromberg: “Someone Else’s Blues:

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One response to “Torture Research

  1. Nancie Shillington

    WOW–yeah! Makes me sick to know this is true! And makes me want to walk away from Christian Church–and then I think of groups like EC, SALT, and just my daily reading folks–and I know that we are ALL people of FAITH and make our choices as best we can in the WAY we believe Jesus taught–and NEVER trust FOX news! SO–I’m one of the nay sayers politically while still a yeah in faith issues–tho not in the majority, I guess–surprise, surprise!

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