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Exposing the Lipstick on Pigs

Several years back my small community of Vienna, Ohio was invaded. We were invaded by capitalist pigs. This swine brought us fracking injection wells. The wells were injected with waste chemicals brought in from nearby Pennsylvania. These chemicals were stored in large containers by locally owned, KDA not two miles from my house. In April 2015 a neighbor of these tanks had dead fish floating in his pond. One of the storage tanks had been leaking for six months. Estimates of how many chemicals leaked were thought to be at least 2,000 gallons. The Youngstown Vindicator reported this, “In raw numbers, the five Vienna wells injected about 19 million gallons underground during those six months.” This was based on the 454,000 barrels of waste the EPA said KDA wells received. Shortly after this, Vienna received another pig in a poke. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources gave the OK for an injection well, using oil field waste to be built next to two of the biggest employers in Vienna. That is the Youngstown Airport and Youngstown Air Reserve. I note all of this went on after a 4.0 –magnitude earthquake in nearby Youngstown and tremors from an injection well in Weathersfield Township. Both locations are only several miles from Vienna. Local residents and our trustees had questioned and protested against the wells being located here.

Our voices were drowned out by the squeals from the gas & oil lobby corporate pigs. These corporate pigs are able to use their cash to fill the troughs of state and federal politicians. In a 2013 study by watchdog group Common Cure it was documented that Ohio legislators received $2 million in “donations” from the natural gas industry between 2011 and 2013. This kind of cash keeps politicians living high on the hog and enjoying hog heaven and the public’s safety takes a back-burner.

We have a section in Vienna that is an enterprise zone for bigger businesses. We have seen greedy corporate hogs locate in these buildings and suck up all the corporate welfare they can. One shower curtain company located here for five years. After that time they were asked to pay a small percent in taxes so they closed up shop and headed down south. Meanwhile, Vienna struggles with raising enough taxes to keep our schools open. Vienna students go to a high school built in 1916. It is the second oldest high school in Ohio.

In 2015 the citizens of Vienna were asked to buy the latest pig in a poke. A former golf course was being turned into a hunting reserve where people could hunt fenced in animals. The 275 acres offered a place where you could shoot one of several hundred wild boars for $500 or even a whitetail deer for $14,500. Local Vienna residents worried about stray bullets and animal activists fought against it being allowed to operate. Our local trustees tried to also stop it from opening. Once again like the injection wells, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources approved its opening.  After a couple of years the canned hunting ranch closed and most of the fences around it have been removed. Local residents wondered what had become of the animals at the game reserve. Our “friends” at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, said if the animals were moved or slaughtered, a special permit would be needed from the agency. The communications manager for ODNR stated in an email that the agency is “not aware of any ODNR assistance in moving animals.”

What has become of the wild animals from the game reserve? Neighbors of the reserve found some answers just this week. One of the neighbors of the property shot a 200 lb. wild boar and also spotted a 350 lb. one. Township Trustee Phil Pegg stated that what is happening now with these animals is what area citizens feared when the hunting ranch opened. Pegg said, “This is why the county asked for the Candywood Hunting reserve not to open, but we were overrode by the state. We were told we did not have a standing.”

That’s all for now from Vienna, Ohio where our citizens are again cleaning up the pig shit left behind from big business, the politicians they own and phony safety net government agencies that protect the hogs not our countries citizens.

Prophets of Rage: “Unfuck the World” 

“Enforcement isn’t about big government or small government. It’s about whether government works and who it works for.” – Elizabeth Warren





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