Wacky Weed or Planet in Need

Our government just released a long hid video.

At 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the filming

a UFO zooms into the view of Navy jet pilots.

Is four minutes and twenty seconds. a coincidence?

I think it means Navy pilots are smoking weed.

This raises more questions than answers.

Why are such videos finally being shown to the public?

Are the alien watchers trying to keeping Earth in check?

Have aliens heard about Trump

and had to see him for themselves?

Can they rid us of our corrupt governments?

Can these aliens save us from ourselves?

Trump said that he doesn’t believe in aliens,

but he does believes that the British had airports in 1775

and he thinks Fredrick Douglas is still alive today.

Trump’s statement could have been a lot worse.

He could have said, “I’m not a fan of outer space aliens.

They are very bad people, murderers, rapers and gang members.”

If aliens are visiting our country and don’t look like us,

speak our language or aren’t God fearing Christians

will we separate their offspring and cage them?

Will Trump build a wall or dome in space to keep aliens out?

Will he say that the aliens will pay for the wall or dome?

His campaign is busy printing up hats and bumper stickers

saying, “The dome is gonna be huge – Trump 2020.”

Perhaps, he will he ask the space aliens to collude

and get dirt on his presidential opponents

and help him fix his next re-election?

Aliens can’t come for our natural resources

as we are busy destroying those resources.

We are trying to reach other planets to steal their resources.

That is why Trump is so intent on having a space force.

Some people say we need more women running our government.

I’m wondering if we shouldn’t let space aliens run it for awhile.

I’m betting they believe in universal healthcare.

I’m hoping I can soon meet a space alien.

I’d ask, “Can I catch a ride back with you for a little while?”

CCR: “It Came Out of the Sky” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuPtOtGF4TY&list=PLsUPHQSWJR7PikWJGPjplqIwFv2-IJq_w

“I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.” ~ Stephen Hawking




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2 responses to “Wacky Weed or Planet in Need

  1. Nancie Shillington

    LOVE it–and Hawkins has it SO right, huh–thanks for daring to quote him–is the “false” President of the USA from outer space?  His mind seems to have been a tad re-oriented–ever wonder why we don’t hear a word for anyone who knew him as a kid, a teen, or even a young married man/father– Hope you are posting this to the daily 22..and you are free to use my words if you do!

  2. elecpencil

    No I didn’t post to the 22 but feel free to post anything I send as long as you think it won’t offend anyone. I do suspect Trump is one of those lizard aliens wackos talk about on infowars.com. I had heard a professor who had Trump in college speak about him. He said Trump was the stupidest student he ever had.

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