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I like the feeling when someone tells you that you were right about something. I had that happen very recently. When the Youngstown Vindicator closed, I had a guy tell me it was no loss, as it was a corporate biased right-wing rag. I stated that he had no idea what a corporate biased right-wing rag was. At that time the Vindicator was being bought by the Warren Tribune. I said that he would now have a clear idea what a corporate biased right-wing rag looked like. A week after the new Vindy/Tribune debuted this same guy let me know that he now understood what I meant.

On January 3, 2020 the Vindy/Trib published a racist political cartoon on its editorial page. It featured Minnesota Rep. Ilham Omar in a drawing. It insinuated that she had no problems with Muslim radical terrorists. It should have come as no surprise considering some of their racist syndicated columnists. Racist columnists like; Pat Buchanan, Michelle Malkin, Walter Williams, Cal Thomas etc.

I also think the Vindy/Trib should fact check some of their Letter’s to the Editor. They should call the writer and explain that they might want to research their “facts.”  I’m not for censorship but I don’t want to see the Letter’s to the Editor section turned into the same kind of nut bag lies and conspiracies you hear on talk radio.

I’m talking about things like a letter published on Jan. 5, 2020. An angry Trump supporter stated that George Soros funds Antifa. Had she spent a minute of research she would have found that Soros, Hillary Clinton nor anyone else funds Antifa. It has no official members and is just a grass roots group of activists. Their mission is fighting Fascism. Is the letter writer pro-Fascist? The writer finds the Democrats have no ethics, morals or standards. She says we expect our children to have these standards. I am baffled that this writer thinks Trump is a role model for children. Surely, this woman is crying out for mental help (that is why I did not include her name). If the Vindy/Trib had any morals they would have reached out to this letter writer. They would have got her some mental help, instead of publishing her letter.

I’m sure the Warren Tribune will soon get tired of putting out the Youngstown Vindicator. It is after all just the Warren Tribune anyway. They only went to the expense of buying the Vindy to get its subscribers. At this point it doesn’t matter which version of the newspaper you get. They both make good bird cage liners.

Jackson Browne: “Lives in the Balance”

Jackson Browne: “For America”

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
― Mark Twain




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  1. Anonymous

    Jim just read this, and you are so right.

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