Doctors on Parade

President Trump is doing daily TV briefings

on the Coronavirus that he escalated by ignoring

it for many months until its deadly arrival.

These daily conferences feature immunologist Dr. Fauci,

the Director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Fauci gives his expert advice about fighting the virus

Then President Fuckup disputes the facts, the doctor has just given.

It further turns into a train wreck when Trump argues with reporters.

Trump considers the Coronavirus pandemic

a pesky inconvenient interruption of his golf outings.

But he does love the rating these conferences are getting.

Rumor is that the president is going to replace his co-star Dr. Fauci.

FOX New has suggested TV’s great and powerful, Dr. Oz.

Never mind, that Oz was dragged in front of congress

for fraudulently shilling miracle cure vitamins on his TV show,

that were found to have more fillers than vitamins in them.

Trump looks very favorably on such fellow grifters.

If Oz turns down the job, Trump will change channels on his TV

and shoot for Dr. Who, Dr. Doogie Howser MD or Dr. Pimple-popper.

Maybe he could get a doctor that graduated from Trump University.

Dr. Phil won’t be considered because Trump

doesn’t want a shrink to be anywhere near him.

Any real doctor would quickly diagnose that Trump

has a malignant puss filled lump between his shoulders.

Trump did a recent daily virus update reading a long list

of scapegoats in an attempt to distract from his administration’s

missteps in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Attacking Democratic governors, the media, the Federal inspector general,

the Obama administration, China and the World Health Organization.

Trump recently had the My Pillow Guy with him at the podium.

As if, he was some expert that our citizens needed info from.

I do think the My Pillow Guy could help save our country,

if he would just firmly hold a pillow over the Presidents face

while telling him it was a safety virus mask.

Roy Harper: “One of Those Days in England”

I Hate the White Man”

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American Proverb




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3 responses to “Doctors on Parade

  1. jim jordan

    This vulgar demigod must be defeated in November.

  2. Nancie Shillington

    Now there’s an idea!

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you Nancie and Jim.

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