Mother Nature VS. Human Nature

It looks like Satan had surely won this battle,

is what Joe thought while snapping a photo.

The subject was an abandoned church.

Decades ago, the side walls fell inward.

The roof now filled the red mahogany pews.

Mold was the main worshipper at the altar.

Moss and vines replaced the church’s

framing and stained-glass windows.

Falling down buildings and junk cars

with trees growing right through them,

were Joe’s favorite photography targets.

He saw it as man verses nature

and in the long-term nature wins.

Mother Nature considered Joe’s images

battle damage in an ongoing war zone.

Joe did not realize he was a war photographer.

Man’s news had recently been warning

of killer bees and man was killing off all bees.

The bees are an essential ally to Mother Nature.

Of all the animals on Earth.

sustained by Mother Nature,

man was the only guest.

trying to destroy his host.

Man was now busy dropping explosives

and deadly chemicals into Earth’s inner core.

Fracking is what the oil companies called it.

Rape and torture are how nature saw it.

Nature providing fresh air and clean water

was just not enough for man’s desires.

One of nature’s greatest gifts,

the Amazon Rain Forest was just

considered a lumberyard to humankind.

Mother Nature was using her arsenal against man,

fires, tornados, droughts, hurricanes, and floods.

These are kamikaze suicide weapons of mass destruction,

that also do huge damage to Mother Nature herself.

Perhaps, Joe’s prize-winning photos

would make man finally realize

that Mother Nature will always win in the end.

The boys on Wall Street were betting

on the greed of man to always win.

Joe’s latest subject was the litter that dots

the areas along our highway and byways.

Litter from man, the most disrespectful

 animal on the entire planet.

 Joe’s litter photo collection might get humans

to see how they are destroying the planet.

Mother Nature figured Joe would make a difference

because he would at least pick up

the litter after snapping a photo.

Joe did not clean up any litter at all.

Being an artist, he figured he would leave it there

as a waiting subject for the next photographer.

There is always propaganda of who’s side

in a brutal war, is God really supporting.

God made man as stewards of Earth.

Man replaced stewardship with greed.

Humankind should have an attitude of gratitude,

for all that Mother Nature daily provides.

Instead, nature is just one more thing to exploit.

Mother Nature’s spouse, Father Time

will take care of mankind, one by one.

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” ~ Genesis 2:15

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