Lather, Rinse and Repeat Politics

Grover Norquist the anti-tax lobbyist

is called the “billionaire’s best friend.”

He keeps the GOP in line and makes sure

they protect tax breaks for the wealthy

and give billions in federal subsidies

to America’s wealthiest corporations.

He stated, “My goal is to cut government

 and get it down to the size where

we can drown it in the bathtub.”

The GOP uses tax cuts for the rich

 to increase the national deficit.

When the GOP gets us in debt

and tanks the economy, they say

we need to cut social programs.

They want to drown policies like;

Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

and policies that aid the general welfare

of the needy and the average American.

Norquist and Republicans do not want to drown

government policies benefitting the greedy rich

or their corporate donors.

When the Democrats get in power

they cut the deficit significantly.

The voters then go back and put the GOP

in power and it becomes lather, rinse, and repeat,

all over and the GOP suffers no consequences.

With no consequences we get no change.

The “prosperity gospel” flipped Christ’s teachings.

Now we have the message that greed is good

and that we should blame the poor for their plight.

Many Americans have taken single issue bait

and vote for the party of the wealthy.

A large percent of our citizens don’t bother

to vote in any of our elections.

The GOP looked at that and has decided

we do not care at all about Democracy.

They have decided to make voting

as hard a process as they can.

Will you finally decide to vote,

or let democracy commit suicide?

“The vote is the most nonviolent tool we have.” ~ John Lewis

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