Iran, Coming to a State Near You

The Missouri lead GOP legislature finally recognized

the danger of unregulated arms in their state.

They, therefore, decided to pass new legislation,

saying that female legislators can’t expose their arms.

Yes, Republican men are taking away the right to bare arms.

In Missouri you can openly carry a firearm,

designed to kill or maim, without a license. 

But if a female lawmaker exposes a bare arm

she just might see the business end of a firearm.

This follows a Montana GOP lead legislature

which also forbid bare shoulders on female legislators.

These conservative legislatures lost their minds

over the suggestion that they should wear masks

during a pandemic to respect the safety of others.

are now focusing on what women must wear.

Remember the uproar over Michelle Obama’s arms?

Which was odd after conservatives said that Obama

was a Muslim who would impose Sharia Law,

that would make American women wear burkas.

The Missouri ‘Murrikan Talibangelicals have now made

The Show Me State the, Don’t Show Me Your Bare Arms State.

The conservative legislature fears bare arms

might just lead to evils such as dancing.

If you think this is all about controlling women, 

you certainly have hit the male on the head.

This is patriarchy attempting to reestablish itself.

These conservative men want woman barefoot

and pregnant and back in the kitchen.

These men won’t control themselves,

so, they try to control everyone else.

Bare arms is just too much sexy for them.

Them wimmens also need to cover their hair and ankles,

lest some Republican man becomes aroused.

These Red States supported a man for president

who bragged about groping women’s private parts.

Now, they claim to find bare arms objectionable.

GOP lawmakers in Missouri and Montana have time to worry

about women lawmakers attire instead of passing actual laws.

That happens when your party has no platform or future vision.

These Freedom Caucus politicians talk about ‘woke’ and ‘cancel culture’

but the irony is lost on them as they are the ones

 banning books, woman’s rights, unions, and healthcare.

Missouri should spend time creating some gun control laws

 as just last year, fifteen mass shootings happened in the state.

If you didn’t see shit like this coming after Roe

was struck down, you’re just not paying attention.

Republicans have decided to use Orwell’s 1984 as a manual.

These conservative legislators aren’t going to stop at dress codes.

They’ll go full MAGATaliban if they get their way.

Don’t be a complacent American who looks back and says

“First they came for the bare arms. I did nothing, for I wear long sleeves.”

Women need to organize Lady Godiva protests throughout Missouri.

It is after all “The Show Me State.”

“Conservatism discards Prescription, shrinks from Principal, disavows Progress; having rejected all respect for antiquity, it offers no redress for the present, and makes no preparations for the future.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli


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3 responses to “Iran, Coming to a State Near You

  1. elecpencil

    OMG, is the first thing I thought about this dress code.

  2. jj

    This is where much of the country is going and if we get a republican president, it will he hell time.

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