Comparing Exports

What a bunch of spiritually pretentious,

self-righteous, intolerant, troublemakers.

They favored monotony, dullness, and pettiness.

In other words, God damn killjoys.

These Puritans believed they were chosen

by God to go forth and redeem the world.

They wore out their welcome

in seventeen century, England.

Their pious asses were

exported to the new world.

Once they hit our shores,

they became land-stealing,

Native American massacring,

witch-burning religious zealots.

These genocidal thieves went on to

imprison Baptists and execute Quakers.

There was nothing “Godly.”

about any of those things.

They loved America because here,

there was no justice for their crimes.

The god they eventually came to worship

was greed, money, and guns.

Not a very good foundation for a “New World.”

About a hundred years later England,

exported many of their convicts,

to penal colonies in Australia.

The prisoners-built roads, bridges,

hospitals, courthouses, and public buildings.

They were also smart enough to construct

a wall to separate church and state.

In Australia in 1996 a shooter killed

35 people at a café and tourist spot.

Australians who value life

more than firearms

unlike Americans, were outraged.

Their Legislature enacted strict gun laws,

which made their country much safer.

Those convicts surely passed down better morals,

then the phony Christians that America got.

As far as I can see Australia got the better

of England’s export.

‘The Puritans left England for America not because they couldn’t be Puritans in their mother country, but because they were not allowed to force others to become Puritans; in the New World of course they could and did.”  ~ Gore Vidal

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  1. Nancie Shillington

    Oh wow–indeed–and it fits SO WELL with a book my son-in-law loaned me about Cuba in  “Amrican” history!

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