Traits: Constantly ticked off because I’m constantly aware of so much to be ticked off about. Snarls at pretense and bites at hypocrisy and conformity out of a healthy sense of outrage.

Skills: I like to write though I have been told what I do is not writing but typing.

Accomplishments: Completed an as yet unpublished book of poetry entitled, “Working-class Poetry Written at Work to be Read at Work.” One publisher said it was both good and original; but the part that was good was not original and the part that was original was not good. Another said this book of poetry should not be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.

Obstacles in Life: The biggest obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race.

Politics: I’m an Anarchist who knows that conservatives do for bullshit what Stonehenge did for rocks.

Dealing with stress: The last straw would not have broken the camel’s back had not the other straws been there!

Work ethic: Half a loaf is better than no loaf.

Fears: None, I’m like the curious cat, before curiosity kills it, the cat learns more of the world than a hundred uninquisitive dogs.

Philosophy: Always changing and opened to new ideas. I hate the English school of thought that has explanations for every event. How would they explain Barbara Streisand in Yentil?

Ideal job desired: Visionary of the Avant Garde, Minister of Subculture or Poet Laureate.

References: “Jim is a vital natural resource.” -Gale Norton Interior Secretary

“Jim has a brilliant grasp of reality.” -Dr. Timothy Leary

“Jim is one enlightened spirit.” -Gandhi

“Jim opposes guns and doesn’t need to carry a pistol because he is a pistol.” -Charlton Hesston President of the NRA

“Talking to Jim is a cosmic vertical roller coaster mind-altering orgasm for your brain.” -Einstein

6 responses to “About

  1. John Polanski

    Jim, I (like others, I believe) have thought often about sending a note in appreciation of your postings & have not gotten around to it until this rainy Sunday morning. The most recent of your missives that caught my eye was the statement of values in response to CPAC, Limbaugh et al. I have been a mediator in several local court systems for about 20 yrs & am on a constant search for ways to dialogue with those who hold opposing viewpoints. It’s so disheartening when all one seems to hear is variations on “I know what is really going on & you are full of shit.” Surely there are so-called conservatives who would find much to agree with in your statement. Please keep up the great work of compelling us to think about what we think. John

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Jim. I didn’t think those people really said those nice things about you–so I went and asked them. And they concurred, you one bad whammer Jammer!! If I can figure out how to post this on FB, do I have your permission?
    And they think Clairvoyants are charlatans! Ha!

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  5. Eric DeAlmeida

    Great to meet you at the Van Morrison concert!

  6. elecpencil

    I thought Van was damn good. Great to meet you both! Like my two kids, you’re a young couple that gives me hope for the future. You help put the common unity in the word “community.” Keep on rocking in the semi-free world.- In Solidarity Melanie and Jim Jordan

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