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“Will Baby Will”


It’s being said fracking in the Mahoning Valley

will be an economic boom

and bring in much-needed jobs.

In depressed areas like ours

lots of people respond, “Drill Baby Drill.”


When entering a region, fracking companies

grossly overestimate the number of jobs

that will be locally created.

Actually, most of the fracking jobs

are short-lived (lasts about a year),

and the high-paying jobs go to transient,

out-of-state workers with specialized skills.

The parking lot of the Carizzo Oil & Gas Company

that recently located at the end of my street

is full of cars with license plates

from: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana

Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

I’m thinking, lies about impending jobs

don’t “Fulfill Baby Fulfill.”


Workers in the oil & natural gas industries

are seven times as likely to die on the job

as the workers in other industries.

47% of all oil and natural gas workers

breathe air that exceeds the safe

breathing limits for silica dust.

Between 2003-2008 the number of fatalities

in the industries grew by more than 41%.

Many oil & gas industry trucks

crash due to poor maintenance.

The Pennsylvania State Police, inspected

2,200 oil and gas industry trucks

between 2009 and February 2012

and 40% had to be removed from the road

because they were too unsafe to drive.

People are  “Ill Baby Ill.”


In fracking areas around the USA

there are reports of poisoned drinking water,

polluted air, mysterious animal deaths,

industrial disasters and explosions.

We’ve had 12 earthquakes in Youngstown

since the D&L Energy disposal well

began operations in December 2010.

Despite all these “Fraccidents.”

areas welcome lying dangerous

oil & gas companies.

“Bitter Pill Baby Bitter Pill.”


While natural gas is said to be a needed resource

it should be noted it wastes something that is more needed.

I’m talking about the precious resource known as water.

Up to seven million gallons of water

are needed to frack a single well.

This is insane considering parts of our country

are experiencing a very serious drought.

One would think drinking water

was more important than fracking water

but the public’s thirst is overshadowed

by the oil & gas companies thirst for profits.

“Shekels Baby Shekels.”


Truckloads of chemicals

make up the toxic cocktail

that is poured by tons into wells.

Of 632 chemicals used

in natural gas operations

25 percent can cause cancer;

37 percent can disrupt the endocrine system;

more than 40 percent can affect the brain

and more than 75 percent can impair the eyes,

intestines, and respiratory system.

Many of the chemicals used

have not even been tested

for their health and environmental risks.

The local newspaper editors and radio talk show hosts

call anyone opposed to cancer causing chemicals

a tree hugging environmentalist wacko.

That’s because the media talking heads

are corporate “Shills Baby Shills.”


Does anyone believe our government

is more interested in protecting our safety

then of collecting campaign contributions?

Deep drilling has very deep pockets

as the fracking industry has invested $20.5 million

in campaign donations to members of Congress

and spent almost three-quarters of a billion dollars

on national lobbying during the past decade.

They have poured many millions more

into front groups and PR campaigns.

The politicians pass oil & gas industry subsidies

as well as favorable and industry friendly regulations.

This all happens because our “representatives”

respond best to more and more

“Dollar Bills Baby Dollar Bills.”


Despite the increase in U.S. fracking sites,

the number of inspections has decreased.

The number of drilling rigs rose

by more than 22 percent in 2011

from the previous year,

but the number of inspections

at work sites fell by 12 percent.

This is because of the laws

written by oil & gas lobbyists

that the corporate owned politicians passed

that weaken local/national government agencies

whose job it is to protect and regulate

for the common good of the people.

These agencies workers are hogtied

and given a rubber stamp

so the oil & gas industry

can continue to trash our country.

“Lobbyist Bills Baby Lobbyist Bills.”


As for fracking turning

around the US economy

The fracking industry might soon

pack up shop and head to China

land of cheap labor and a dirty environment.

China anticipates overtaking the US

in shale gas production as soon as 2015.

Our own government helped China

by signing the US-China Initiative in 2009.

It aids China’s technical expertise in fracking.

Chinese concerns for the planet are

“Abysmal Baby Abysmal.”


Fracking, like nuclear energy is a really bad idea

as it’s shortsighted and driven by big corporate money.

The fracking of America is about

health, environmental, economic,

and natural-resource issues.

It is also about something even bigger.

It is about who is in charge of our society.

Is it we the people or the profit driven corporations?

If we decide profit trumps everything

we will continue to let corporations rape the Earth

and send our sons and daughter off to wars

that profit only their corporate interests.

We’ve got to change this horror story

into an up lifting happy ending story.

Where there is a will

there is a way.

It’s way past time we get

the “Will Baby Will.”


Fracking Damage Cases and Industry Secrecy

Capitol Steps: This Land’s Not Your land

Battle Hymn of the Tea Public

It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. ~ Ansel Adams

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Meth (Methamphetamine) is an addictive stimulant drug that strongly activates certain systems in the brain. Its effects include respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat, and psychosis resembling schizophrenia. Its long-term  use can result in cardiovascular collapse and death. Once made in illegal labs meth can now be made by the do it your self types in as little space as a car’s interior. Using the one-pot method means that meth cooks can make meth in one sealed container (like an empty two-liter pop bottle) which is then flipped upside-down causing the reaction needed to turn several toxic ingredients into meth.

A Missouri woman caught shoplifting at a St. Louis Walmart took the opportunity to cook up some meth. The detained woman started cooking meth in a 20-ounce soda bottle while she was in the store’s holding area. Meth is flammable, so the store was evacuated and temporarily closed as a safety precaution.

In April the cleaning crew at a Boaz, Alabama Walmart found a make-shift meth lab in the one of the women’s  public restroom stalls. Police call these a ‘shake and bake’ meth lab. What was turned over to police was 5 empty packets of one of the main ingredients used to make meth pseudoephedrine, a cold or allergy medicine, and a water bottle that contained meth residue. The cold medicine used to make the meth was actually a Walgreen’s brand and not one sold in Walmart.

In December a woman was arrested at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart for walking around the store for several hours collecting chemicals and other ingredients to make meth in a bottle kept in her back-pack.

I personally hate Walmart/Sam’s Club because they’re an evil corporation that is on the wrong side of every social justice issue. Given that I think people who shop at Walmart/Sam’s Club are brain-dead. I find it fitting that meth home brewers would pick this corporation to make their toxic brain killing substance. I like writing social commentary poetry and this peach is ripe for picking.


I really feel sorry for the USA’s biker gangs.
They are losing millions of annual revenue.
That’s because of a new meth dealer
in the country that is way too big to fail.
At this rate bikers may actually have to quit crime
and take on normal boring everyday jobs.
You see make-shift meth labs
are popping up across the country.
They’ve been called, ‘shake and bake’ meth labs
and use basically cold medicine, and a water bottle.
Meth is highly flammable
and quite dangerous to make.
Last December a woman was arrested
at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Walmart
for walking around the store
for several hours collecting chemicals
to make meth in a bottle kept in her back-pack.
In April a cleaning crew working
at a Boaz, Alabama Walmart
discovered a make-shift meth lab
in the store’s women’s public restroom
The cold medicine used to make the meth
was actually a Walgreen’s brand
and not one sold in any Walmart.
That really pissed off Walmart
as they want to be your one stop shopping
for all your portable meth lab needs.
The woman was probably a disgruntled Walmart greeter.
She now hangs out in the bathroom
and every time someone comes in
she says “Welcome to WalMeth!”
Followed by “Can I take your order”: wink wink.

Now a woman was detained for shoplifting
at a St. Louis Missouri Walmart store.
She was placed in a small holding room
unsupervised until police could arrive.
She started cooking meth in a 20-ounce soda bottle
while she was waiting to be arrested by authorities.
She sounds like the kind of girl you hold onto.
The multi-tasking industrious type
with a work ethic you have to admire.
The very next headline you read about her will say,
“prisoner caught building a nuclear reactor while awaiting trial”
I imagine Police arriving walking past cars in the parking lot
with rebel flags and angry bumper stickers with declarations like
“If I had known we’d have this much trouble,
I would have picked my own cotton.”
Cops have now arrested a patron of Walmart
who knows more about chemistry
than the guy in the paint department.
And that is part of what is
wrong with America!

While Walmart security follows elderly black women
around the store you can see the meth heads
putting meth chemicals in with the baby in their buggy.
Walmart’s have always appealed to hillbillies and now
they appeal to high-tech hillbillies who make meth.
Why is it that the same winners that can cook meth at Walmart
and make their own hillbilly fireworks and moonshine
are the ones that cannot pass a high school science class?
What really angered Walmart was the woman violated their
very strict policy against American-made products.
If Walmart had known there was a demand for table top meth labs
they would have already had a Ronco Home  Meth Lab Kit
imported  from China tainted with lead on their shelves.
Walmart will match anyone else’s advertised price on meth.

Against their own self-interests
people are addicted to Walmart.
So, it should make perfect sense to anyone
that addicts are making drugs in Walmart.
In the end our society
gets the type of criminals
she truly deserves.

Maybe hating Walmart/Sam’s Club is the wrong approach. I am going to take a conservative perspective instead. I will say I want to help Walmart/Sam’s Club not be so co-dependent on taxpayers.

People of Walmart song.

Don’t Shop at Walmart video

“Our goal isn’t to close Wal-Mart down. It is to make it a better, more humane company toward its employees and the communities it is in.” – Robert Greenwald, political activist


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Pimping Out Mill Creek Park

Mrs. E. had suggested I might have been a little rough on my assessment of Catholic talk radio station the Living Bread Radio at WILB, 89.5 FM. Then the other day after she listened to the station and heard a Catholic spokeswoman bashing Obamacare she decided I had been right on. What Mrs. E. most objected to was the spokeswoman using figures from the Heritage Foundation to attack Obamcare. The Heritage Foundation was begun in 1973 by Joseph Coors of Coors beer fame. Coors is a longtime opponent of unions, gays, civil rights, gun control laws and safety in the workplace. One would think those are things the Catholic Church would support. I should say except for unions that is. Over the years popes have written encyclicals about how union workers should be respected. This while Catholic hospitals and schools fight to keep unions out. Anyway, Mrs. E and I found it hilarious that any organization would use figure from the conservative Heritage Foundation to attack Obamacare. That is because Obamacare is based on Romneycare which was developed by the Heritage Foundation. We live in strange times indeed.

Since I’m discussing talk radio and misinformation that brings me to WKBN talk radio’s Dan River’s show. Dan made a statement the other day which just shows what a corporate tool he is. The issue he was talking about was whether there should be drilling for oil or gas in Mill Creek Park.  Dan felt that the park had been on the dole long enough so there should be drilling in the park. This way the park could give something back to the taxpayers. I personally love the park and think the park has given more beauty and recreation back to the taxpayers than can ever be measured in dollars and cents. Conservatives like Dan feel Mother Nature is just something to be stripped, molested and raped while they shout, “Drill baby drill.” If there had been a crowd of conservative spectators in the Garden of Eden like Dan they would have advised Eve on her contemplation about eating the apple. They would have cheered loudly, “Eat baby eat.” Don’t expect Dan to ever demand major welfare queen Walmart/Sam’s Club give back any of its $1 billion per year in taxpayer funded corporate welfare.

I know you’ve seen kids wearing T-shirts that say something like, ‘My mom and dad went on a cruise and all I got was this lousy T-shit. “Well I can now apply that idea to my life.  Awhile back I talked about retired minister Richard Faber and his wife Ida and also ninety-five year-old Frank Domjancic. They all live a half dozen miles from me in nearby Fowler, Ohio. Richard and Ida Faber received a bonus check for $701,580 for leasing the mineral rights to 240 acres for deep well drilling. “The real money comes when we get products out of the wells,” Faber said. As if $700,000 is not real money. Ninety-five year-old Frank Domjancic, received a check for more than $70,000, for his 24 acres. “This is something good for the Valley,” he said. Well, Richard, Ida and Frank got big fat checks and like the T-shirt saying all I got was this lousy dangerous 5 mile long waste water brine spill that occurred last Saturday on Warner Road and state Route 305 in Fowler Township. Brine is a salty, chemical byproduct of natural-gas and oil drilling. Thanks to a nurse who was a speaker I heard the other day at a talk on fracking I have a report that shows the dangers of brine were know as early as 1971. Yet, we still have “officials” saying spilled brine is not a problem in 2012. I hope Richard, Ida and Frank enjoy their money as it might have cost all of us who are their neighbors our health.

Fract vs. Fiction

Seth Glier: “The Next Right Thing”

“Walk Katie Home”

There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi


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Independence Day and Modern Day Tories

I hope everyone had a nice Independence Day! Independence Day had me thinking about my freedoms and those who are out to stop my freedoms. We might have the freedom of speech but the editors of our local newspapers don’t have to print the letters we send them and can actually cut or shorten the ones they do accept. The Warren Tribune does hire four Trumbull County residents every year to serve as community columnists. It could be a good way for someone with opinions less conservative than their editor Frank Robinson to lend some balance to the Trib. The fact is unless you’re a conservative you aren’t getting hired.

The current crop recently hired has the background that gets picked every year. One woman is a small businesswoman who went to conservative Liberty University that the late Jerry Falwell started. One man has a business degree and also attended a military institute. Dan Moadus a small businessman and former city councilman was also picked. You might remember Dan as the teabagger who ran as a Democrat in the 2010 primary against Tim Ryan. A couple of Dan’s ideas were: “1. I would vote to suspend all climate change initiatives for 25 years to give American industry a break, and to allow science and technology to catch up with new developments. 2. I would support legislation to cut income, capital gains, and business taxes to allow for greater capital formation.” So you see Dan wanted dirty air and water for our children for the next 25 years. He also wanted to further reward the two-thirds of corporations who already don’t pay taxes and get all manner of corporate welfare. Dan also said voters were tired of Ryan because he didn’t reflect Tea Party values.  The voters in the Democrat primary weren’t interested in Teabagger values as Dan got only 12% of the vote in the primary against Ryan.

If you want to use your freedom of speech to call local talk radio it might be a waste of time. That is if you call WKBN’s Dan Rivers or WSOM’s Tracey Winbush. Dan will cut you off if you aren’t agreeing with his right-wing corporate views. Tracey and her “friends” will just all scream over anything you say that doesn’t agree with their far right views. You could try calling syndicated Rush Limbaugh but his calls are carefully screened so as not to get anything but ditto heads. Rush has to work a long 15 hour workweek for a mere $ 37 million a year so he doesn’t make enough to have to defend his corporate uber alles views with anyone.

If you are an Ohio public sector worker you saw your rights to belong to a union and right to bargain for benefits under attack by Gov. Kasich with Issue 2. That effort was backed by a lot of out-of-state conservative organizations with generous funds. Public and private sector workers also have many right-wing organizations out to take their freedoms away. Organizations like: Building a Better Ohio, North Central Ohio Conservatives, Ohio Liberty Coalition, Ohio Roundtable, Ohio Coalition for Constitutional Values, Ohio Christian Alliance, Ohio Restoration Projest and the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Then we also had the local Regional Chamber backing Issue 2. Two of the five corporations who spent big bucks backing the passage of Issue 2 are corporate welfare queens.

I am not much of a conspiracy person nor am I paranoid. I do know that there are right-wing organizations that work hard and spend lots to buy our “representatives.” A lot of what conservative politicians are doing is right out in the open for all to see if you are really looking. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal is an example. The plan calls for eliminating safety net programs and proposes increasing the tax burden on middle and lower class families while giving tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans. The Tax Policy Center found that the top 1% of Americans will get an eye-popping “117 percent of the plan’s total tax cuts” while it would raise “taxes for 95 percent of the population.”

 When I think about Independence Day our Founding Fathers come to mind. I think it is high time we realize they were men who wanted change and a new direction. I think that is what we need to consider so that we can leave our children a better world. Our Founding Fathers were not afraid of change and we shouldn’t be either. We do have our modern-day Tories who are afraid of change even though it is apparent that the middle-class is disappearing. The Founders took on a king and we need to take on corporations who have become our modern-day king. These present day kings have a lot of think tanks, organizations, media, propaganda, PACS and misguided religious organizations to keep them in power.  The following right-wing organizations are servants of the corporate king. I didn’t even list them all but this list will give you an idea what progressives in this country are up against: 

Not the top 1% but the top 0.01% that make a killing on killing.

Shawn Mullins: Give God the Blues

Beautiful Wreck

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”~John Kenneth Galbraith

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A Bus For Public Transformation

I turned on the Catholic talk radio station Living Bread Radio at WILB, 89.5 FM while driving in the car the other day. A Catholic spokeswoman was saying that many Catholics were praying that Obamacare was going to be struck down by the Supreme Court. The next day on the station two Catholic men were screaming like Chicken Little that the world was going to end because Obamacare was accepted by the Supreme Court. They went on a tirade against birth control and President Obama. A recent Gallop poll showed that 82 percent of U.S. Catholics say contraception is “morally acceptable,” and not a threat to their religious belief.  This just goes to show you how out of touch the Catholic Church is with their own members. If not using birth control is a big part of Catholic teachings then the churches need to hang signs in their entrances that those Catholics using birth control are not welcome. The church – from its bishops to the Pope – has been for years calling on Congress, the courts and state legislatures to end the death penalty. A 2004 Zogby poll says that 48% of Catholics support the death penalty. Will the church post a sign saying this 48% is not welcome in the church? The Catholic hierarchy’s lobbying against contraception and abortion has had disastrous effects on women’s lives around the world and especially on the lives of poor women. Now we have the Catholic Church rooting for the Supreme Court to deny the poor healthcare.

Churches, unions and a lot of other organizations have the potential to do so much good. Unfortunately the bureaucracy and hierarchy often becomes the problem and not the solution. Luckily, church and unions are made up of rank and file members. These foot soldiers are the people who need to be heard the most because they are the ones who get the job done on a daily basis. And so it was last Wednesday when the “Nuns on the Bus” tour stopped at the Youngstown Dorothy Day House on Belmont Ave. The tour is an effort led by Sister Simone Campbell to raise public awareness of the deep federal budget cuts proposed by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R. Wis. Sister Simone is not just protesting Ryan’s budget but promoting a more socially responsible budget. It is a 55-page document called the “Faithful Budget.” Its message boils down to five words, she said — “reasonable revenue for responsible programs.” The tour to raise public awareness began June 17 in Des Moines and concludes July 2 in Washington, D.C. At Wednesdays event about 150-200 local folks showed up to greet the “Nuns on the Bus.”

Sadly, yours truly was at work and missed this great event. I was filled in on all the happenings on Thursday when I attended the Dorothy Day House roundtable discussion. The discussion was on a what people thought should be in a just budget and what could be done to promote it. First off we can easily take care of the poor if we quit wasting money on war especially war for raw materials. We can lift the poor out of poverty by creating a world of dignity and humanity by establishing a democracy where people share power equally. Society needs to be based on solidarity not exploitation. A budget should include ways of saving, investing and carrying for our natural resources based on saving the life of the planet not destroying it. We need fair trade laws to help create a boil up economy. It should have been obvious to everyone decades ago that a trickle down economy does not work. In 1980 the U.S. was the #1 financial lender in the world but after 30 years of Reaganomics trickle down we are the #1 borrower of money in the world. You’ve all heard the expression that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over. So…..STOP THE INSANITY.

Like minded people who want to have a better world need to end their complacency. Haven’t we learned that the two-party system is bought and paid for by the wealthy and there isn’t any of it left for sale to us? We oppressed get to vote every few years to decide which “purchased” representatives of the oppressing class is going to further oppress us. How’s that working for you?  We were designed by our creator with two legs to get us somewhere, two arms to lift others up, two eyes for looking at another way of seeing the world and a voice to shout out for justice. We need to get on that bus with the nuns! While the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is lost and broke down on the highway the “Nuns on the Bus” have taken the high road and are on the right path. It’s fitting the nuns are on a bus that is not public transportation it is public transformation!

From the Youngstown Dorothy Day House  website: “Our hospitality consists of a hot meal, coffee, a safe place to relax, access to clothing, a shower, a washer and dryer, and most of all a warm welcome with the offer of friendship and the promise of respect for everyone who walks through our doors. Dinner is served Monday-Thursday from 5:00 to 6:30 PM, and free showers are offered on Tuesday evenings from 3:00 to 4:45 PM.  Roundtable discussions of social justice topics are held on the fourth Thursday evening of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.  Volunteers are welcome to assist with chefing, serving meals, showers, gardening, and miscellaneous tasks around the house.”

Stop in and lend a hand to these good folks doing good work.

In my last post I talked about how Uncle Sam is using drones to spy on American citizens. I talked about how we are becoming an Orwellian society. One of my favorite readers understood exactly what I was talking about and sent me this article about how police departments have been buying up military gear. Thanks for reading and thanks for your contribution!

The Who: Magic Bus

Roger Daltrey: Wheels on the Bus

I firmly believe that our salvation depends on the poor. ~ Dorothy Day

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