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A 15,000 Year Old Relationship

The last week in September was National Dog Week. I’m late on honoring dogs but here is a poem I wrote last week.

There are 400 different breeds
of dogs around the world.
The relationship between man
and dog is over 15,000 years old.
Man has been able to train dogs
to sniff out bedbugs, to find drugs,
to be tracking dogs, pointing dogs,
hunting dogs, sled dogs, racing dogs,
truffle hunting dogs, guard dogs,
search dogs, rescue dogs,
seeing eye dogs, ears for the deaf,
all manner of assistance dogs,
cancer smelling dogs,
drafting dogs that haul loads and
therapeutic dogs that help spread calm
among the elderly in nursing homes.
Australian research has shown dog owners
have a lower risk of heart disease,
lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.
British research demonstrates that dog owners
have fewer minor health complaints such as
headaches, stomach-aches, colds, sore throats,
flu and also less back pain.
The benefits of owning a dog cannot be overestimated,
and it is easy to see why the dog has achieved
a place of honor in the human community
as man’s best friend and companion.
I have a cat.

Dedicated to the memories of Sheba and Alfie.

Brendan Bioandi: “Song My Dog Wrote”

“The Love of Dogs”

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are gods.” ~ Christopher Hitchens


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Weekly Genocide

“I’ll tell you who shouldn’t have guns, let alone CONTROL over our gun rights and that is the government. Nearly every single shooting SINCE Columbine has been staged by the government. Call me a conspiracy kook all you like, but no parent forgives the fucking murderer of their child THAT soon after losing their child, nor do they set up a donation page that same day. Every fucking parent of Sandy Hook acted this way, it was a complete and utter joke and INSULT to any real parent whose suffered such a loss. If you think this behavior is normal you are either a player in the game or out of your fucking mind. And don’t get me started with the Boston smoke bombing hoax.  I would also like to know why the “victims” haven’t yet sued the government and the medical workers for their incompetence? Because had this been real, they clearly would have and would have been successful at doing so! This goes for the fake Sandy Hook parents as well, because had this shooting been in fact real, the faculty, law enforcement and the medical workers would have a lot of explaining to do. Gun control wouldn’t be the priority, but CLEARLY, that is the AGENDA and the reason behind the staging of all these hoaxes.”

Those are the comments of a twenty something woman (I’ll just call her A H) on Facebook. She posted them opposing a post someone made calling for gun control after the latest mass shooting. Not surprising to see on A H’s Facebook page that she is a 9/11 denier, a Holocaust denier, anti-Semitic and a conspiracy freak. She states that most conspiracy theories aren’t conspiracy theories at all but rather, conspiracy truths. She believes the New World Order and the Illuminati have been killing doctors who have found cures for autism and cancer. She mentions a crash caused by a drunk driver. He survived but killed a grandfather and 3 children. People were giving money for the funeral expenses of the children. She had no outrage for the drunk driver that had 12 DUI’s. She did have angry outrage for those raising money to help bury the children. She doesn’t like pleas from concerned people for monetary support after such a horrible event. D H says this shows that the horrible event is a hoax and thus a conspiracy. Her Facebook page also promotes violent video scenes from movies.

My very first thought about her is that she is the type of person that needs mental help, not easy access to guns. On the plus side, she lives in Ontario, Canada so we can all breathe a little easier. Sad to say, there were hundreds of crazy comments supporting gun ownership on the Facebook page that questioned easy access to guns. These mass shootings are not moving any of our cowardly politicians to take on the gun manufacture owned NRA. I don’t see anything being done about mental health or access to guns. I guess I am at the point I tend to almost think of each shooting as part of American culture. I have taken notice in each how fast people want to know about the shooter. I heard this wanting to know, on local talk radio this week immediately after a man shot nine people to death in Oregon. White, right-wing talk radio callers were pissed that Oregon officials were not releasing the shooters name right away. They suspected that was because the shooter was of the Islamic faith. They were so praying that he had an Islamic sounding name. I hear the same comments suggesting Islamic terrorists after each mass shooting. FOX News pundits like Sean Hannity were suggesting right away that the killer was a jihadist. Hannity was hoping it was true so he could claim President Obama was protecting domestic Islamic terrorists.  Of course when the latest shooter turns out to be one in a long line of white, right-wing gun nuts Hannity will no longer be interested in the story. Hannity was in love with anti-government rancher Clive Bundy. When Clive made racist comments against blacks, Hannity left the ranch faster than an Ohio retired snowbird heads to Florida at the first sight of a snowflake.

It seems the latest shooter is a right-wing white guy by some of the things posted on his social media. The right-wing whites who call talk radio are trying to put a spin on that. I’ve already heard a couple claiming this shooter had Islamic leanings. They claim he was picked up by the Russians for trying to distribute guns to the Taliban. I’ve heard two callers say this is true because they heard it on the internet. I am wondering if the sick individuals that initially make this crap up have guns.

What are we to tell students and our children when they ask why their safety is of less importance than the “rights” of gun owners? Melissa Duclos a teacher at a community college in Oregon in an open letter to lawmakers states what she will tell children, “I could tell them that your thoughts and prayers are with us. I could tell them we have your deepest sympathies. But I am teaching a class on argument, instructing my students on the importance of facts. So instead I will tell them the truth: They have to be prepared to hide out of the line of fire, and I to fight for our survival, because you, our lawmakers, haven’t done your jobs. I will tell them that their rights, my rights, the rights of my 5-year-old, to attend school without fear of facing senseless slaughter by machine-gun fire, are not important to you, that we must be prepared to fight tooth and nail, stapler and whiteboard marker, because you refuse to fight the gun lobby in this country.”

We have had shootings of elected politicians. We have had mass shootings at schools, theaters, military bases, churches and even elected politicians. How high will the bodies have to be stacked before politicians do something? Will it take a mass shooting in the congress or senate? Add up all the gun deaths and we have a genocide on our hands that is being ignored.

71 mass shootings in the last 3 decades and most of the killers got their guns legally.

Jim Carrey: “Cold Dead Hand”

Lynyrd Skynyrd: “Saturday Night Special”

“Semi-automatics have only two purposes. One is so owners can take them to the shooting range once in a while, yell yeehaw, and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapor spurting from the end of the barrel. Their other use – their only other use – is to kill people” ~ Steven King

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