Investing in Hate


When the Soviet Union was fighting Muslims,

in a long terrible war in Afghanistan,

the USA was backing the Muslims.

So, I was told to hate the Soviet Communists

and support the Afghanistan Muslims.

Then it sucked when the Soviet Union

went and broke up into separate countries.

Because then I was expected to quit hating communists

and switch my hate over to hating Muslims.

Should I be against peace in the Middle East?

If peace breaks out, it will exhausting

to start from scratch hating

some other nation’s people.

This tennis match of back and forth

hatred for other inhabitants of Earth,

wouldn’t go on as much if peace paid

as well as hatred and war.

With nations leaders lacking self-esteem,

their bully boy tactics aren’t going to change.

As I approach retirement I know I’ll be set,

if I find a 401K plan invested in flags and drones.


Tommy Smothers: “Who Do I Have to Hate to be Your Friend?”

Smothers Brothers and George Segal: “The Draft Dodger Rag”

“Hate is a lack of imagination.” ~ Graham Greene

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Dysfunction Junction

GOP Speaker Ryan wants to remove the provision

of the president’s signature health care legislation

that prevents insurance companies from denying care

to those people with pre-existing conditions.

Polling shows these protections are among the law’s

most popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Paul Ryan wants to increase the profit margins

of health insurance companies, big contributors to him.

He wants to serve their interests not the public’s interest.

House Republicans are working on a plan to cut funds to a program

which provides students at low-income schools with free lunches.

It would eliminate 18,600 schools and 8 million children from the program.

234 House Republicans voted yes and 183 Democrats voted no

on a resolution that would let financial advisers

represent  their own interests instead of their clients.

Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder should be held criminally responsible

for the lead contamination in Flint, Michigan’s water supply.

Documents show that people all around the governor

were sounding the alarms, but he continued to ignored them.

The only infrastructure that interests conservatives are

building new stadiums and constructing new prisons.

The Maine Legislature voted overwhelmingly to override

Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul LePage veto of  a bill

to increase the availability of a drug overdose antidote.

Le Page felt saving the life of drug addicts was not worth

the five dollars that the life saving drug, Narcan costs.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee has signed

an anti-LGBT bill that will allow counselors and therapists

in the state to turn away clients who are gay or transgender.

Former Republican Senator from South Carolina Jim DeMint

who is now president of the conservative Heritage Foundation

admitted in an interview that the reason for Voter ID is simply

to elect more Republicans and suppress Democrats’ votes.

A unanimous decision by Oklahoma’s conservative criminal appeals court,

has ruled that if a rape victim is incapacitated by alcohol

and has oral sex forced on her, it’s not a criminal act.

Ohio’s Republican Governor Kasich has been quoted as saying,

girls who don’t want raped shouldn’t drink.

Former House Speaker Republican Dennis Hastert

was sentenced to 15 months in prison in his hush-money case.

He paid hush money to former high school wrestlers

he had molested when he was a high school wrestling coach.

Republican Rep. Tom DeLay, the former House majority whip

wrote a letter to the Chicago federal court that tried Hassert saying,

Dennis Hassert is a man of “strong faith” and “great integrity.”

Rep. Tom DeLay was the first congressional leader ever to be indicted.

He was charged with money laundering, conspiracy and illegal campaign financing.

He now runs a conservative political campaign consulting firm

with the very ironic name, First Principles LLC.

Republican politicians love the private sector and hate government.

They claim the government is messing up the whole country.

I would certainly agree with them that government is making a mess of things.

Especially since, the fact is Republicans are actually

the goddamn government for most of the nation.

Republicans control both houses of Congress,

have total control over the legislatures

and governorships of 23 of our states.

A Pew survey found that the public’s dislike of the Republican Party

has spiked to levels not seen in nearly a quarter of a century.

Only 33% of the American public has a favorable view of them.

The GOP calls thinks they are the Family values party.

Only if it is a badly dysfunctional family

with an alcoholic, abusive, angry self-righteous,

racist, misogynist, homophobic, bullying husband.

The Democrats are the battered but completely

submissive apathetic spouse who just acquiesces.

Democrat politicians are too busy hanging onto what little we have

to bother coming up with much-needed  fixes for our nation.

That makes us the mistreated, powerless and ignored kids.

R.I.P. Prince

Prince:“Colonized Mind”

“Act of God”


“Must be nice to be a Republican senator sometimes, because you get the fun of breaking sh*t and the joy of complaining the sh*t you just broke doesn’t work.” ~Jon Stewart




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Just an Average Joe?


2016 is a presidential election year and the battle is on.

The GOP presidential primary is now involved in a very heated

dick-size war about who is the best purveyor of conservatism.

Or is it which conservative candidate is the biggest pervert?

Either way if any of these conservatives end up being elected

it is the American public who will be getting the screwing.

Some of the electorate will end up voting for them because

they want a warmongering, hairy, big-dick, chest-beating caveman

because they are Neanderthals in search of a leader for their tribe.

One of these Neanderthals is interviewed every election cycle.

He resents being called a Neanderthal because he is Troglodyte.

I’m talking about a dinosaur who like Cavewoman, Sarah Palin

doesn’t know that their 15 minutes of fame has come and gone.

I’m talking about Senator John McCain’s friend,

Joe the Plumber, who you might remember from 2008.

He confronted Presidential candidate Barack Obama in Ohio.

He told candidate Obama, “I’m getting ready to buy a plumbing company

that now earns from $250 to $280 thousand dollars a year.

Your new tax plan’s going to tax me more, isn’t it?”

Obama replied that it would increase from the current 36% to 39%,

which is what the rate had previously been under President Bill Clinton.

While candidate Obama told the truth, Joe the plumber did not.

Joe was not going to buy a plumbing business at all,

as his boss had no intention of selling it to anyone.

Truth is Joe was not even a licensed plumber.

Hell, Joe’s name isn’t even Joe it is Samuel.

It mattered not that Joe was a liar as GOP candidate John McCain,

used Joe’s confrontation with Obama as part of his campaign.

To McCain and the GOP Joe represented

the quintessential working-class everyman.

It was hard for McCain to pretend he was a regular guy,

when the fact was he owned close to a dozen homes.

The only group that thinks Joe represented the everyman,

is an organization that deals with lying politicians

on a daily basis… that would be the media.

The press came this election cycle once again

to interview Joe the non-licensed plumber.

They still think he represents the quintessential everyman.

The press would be right if the quintessential everyman was just like Joe

and hated government and mocked, social safety nets

as entitlements for deadbeat Americans who won’t work.

Yet, was on welfare a couple of times as were his parents.

Joe would be the quintessential everyman if the everyman,

demanded that billionaires pay the tiniest tax amount possible

while the quintessential everyman himself was delinquent on his taxes.

Who does Mr. Everyman Joe think should pay his and the wealth’s taxes?

I guess everyman and everywoman you and me.

Joe is the quintessential teabagger who wants to overturn Obama care.

That despite that Average Joe the plumber owes a lot of money for medical bills.

All those years ago, Joe basically asked candidate Obama,

in Joe’s front yard, “How can you make my life better?”

Well, President Obama did that by saving Chrysler Motor Corporation.

Which is where Joe ended up getting a good paying union job,

despite, hating unions and opposing Obama’s auto bailouts.

He was hired as a line worker in the paint shop at the plant.

Given Joe’s history of sexist, homophobic and racist comments,

he’d probably want to paint every vehicle white.

It isn’t President Obama’s fault that quintessential Joe Six pack didn’t

work hard enough to keep the job passed the 90 day trial period.

Joe lied and said he didn’t want to stay, it was just an experiment.

My guess is the experiment was seeing if he could do an honest day’s work.

It didn’t work out which is not surprising as work isn’t one of Joe’s strong suits.

Entrepreneurial Joe would have you believe he was going to buy out Chrysler

but decided not to as he’d be in President Obama’s higher tax bracket

Word is that quality control has gone up at Chrysler since Joe was fired.

To conservatives Joe represents the “family values” quintessential everyman.

Never mind, the fact that he was dragged into court multiple times

for not paying child support for the son from his first marriage.

I guess that makes you a quintessential conservative dad.

Courts are just an ugly part of the government that Joe hates so much.

Joe hates government so much he ran for Congressman of Ohio’s 9th district.

Joe the quintessential GOP everyman candidate

lost and ended up getting less than 30% of the vote.

Joe is the quintessential everyman if the everyman

liked playing with guns more than he valued children’s lives.

You see, Joe wrote a letter to the parents of victims

in the student murder spree in Santa Barbara, California.

In the letter he stated, “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

Joe would represent the average American Joe if

the average Joe possessed no heart, soul or conscience.

Joe the “family values” quintessential everyman

is a family man who is a partner in a gun store.

He leaves loaded guns laying about the house

with two kids under 3 in the”family values” household.

So now we have the media on the doorstep of the average Joe.

They want to know who everyman Joe is voting for

in the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

Much of the country thinks that Donald Trump

is a hate-filled racist who is all fluff, and no stuff.

Joe thinks Trump is the man to make the country better.

He talked to the media as they sat at his kitchen table

where a loaded pistol sat on the table between them.

He said he was supporting Trump for president because,

“He’s a billionaire who has dated beautiful women.

His wife is a model. That’s nothing to sniff at.” He also added,

A lot of people believe he can bring that kind of success to the White House.”

Joe doesn’t get it that ugly trolls like Trump get beautiful women

because when they were born they hit the wealthy womb lottery.

I’d have to do some history googling but I don’t remember,

the Founding Fathers saying that dating or marrying hot women

was a qualification for being elected to the presidency.

Joe also said, “America needs a white republican president.”

Joe told McCain he voted for him in the primaries.

It was a lie because Joe wasn’t even a registered voter.

Average Joe’s 15 minutes of fame shelf life

can be blamed on Senator John McCain.

Joe the Plumber has been riding a grift train thanks to McCain.

Joe was offered a record deal for a Country album,

which doesn’t seem to have ever seen the light of day.

Joe got a job being a motivation speaker, is paid for personal appearances,

does commercials, has corporate sponsors, and with a co-author wrote a book.

It is about his life called, “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.

Joe also had a brief career as a war correspondent for PJ media.

Even though he was a war correspondent he told the media,

that they have no business reporting on war

and should all be abolished from doing it.

Joe I note, did cash his check for reporting on the war.

Joe was able to make a lot more money over the last eight years,

and got to travel the country and world all thanks to Senator McCain.

Do you know how Joe the quintessential everyman thanked McCain?

In an interview Joe was asked about owing his fame to McCain.

He got very angry and replied, “I don’t owe him shit.

He really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.

McCain used me as I happened to be the face

of middle-class American. It was a ploy.”

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for a teabagging

gubernatorial candidate that lost by a huge margin,

Joe said, “”John McCain is no public servant.”

Joe is no longer friends with that other 15 minute of famer

who won’t go away that McCain created also….Sarah Palin.

That is because Palin backed McCain’s re-election bid for senate.

I guess that means Sarah Palin won’t be inviting Joe the Plumber

to watch the Winter Olympics from her front porch this year.

Most of us would have been very grateful

for all the doors McCain opened for Joe.

But Joe the plumber is a lazy bastard that thinks he is entitled.

He is why, when people think of a plumber,

what they automatic think of is ass crack.

As for now, Joe the plumber is unemployed and circling the drain.

He is hoping Trump will get elected president and hire him,

to maintain all those shitters in the Trump White House.


Tom Robinson: “Merciful God”


“Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.” ~ Kant








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Breakfast After Election Day

It was busy breakfast time at Yankee Kitchen in Vienna, Ohio. It is always busy this time of day, but there were more cars in the parking lot than usual. Yankee Kitchen serves up a hearty breakfast and is locally famous for their omelets and hamburgers. It is the kind of place you can bring your screaming baby and not bother anyone. That is because the place has no sound deadener and will have sixty people all talking at once. The place is a favorite for seniors as it is cheaply priced and you leave with take home leftovers. With so many seniors retired from local steel plants and other industries there is a lot of deaf or “deef” (as my grandfather use to say) people talking very loudly scattered around the restaurant.

It was Wednesday, the day after primary elections in Ohio. That made for even louder more heated conversations than usual. Donald Trump had just visited the area the day before elections. He had been at Youngstown Airport, located one mile down the road from Yankee Kitchen. He landed and had his sad sack lap dog, Chris Christy introduce him. Trump told Christy to heel and then kept saying how much he loved Ohio. Trump never mentioned Vienna or Youngstown at all. He flew in and out so fast I’m sure he had no idea where he was in Ohio. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had also made appearances in the nearby Youngstown area.

One of the regular senior citizens, Ralph was sitting at the counter bashing the current president. He said, “Obama is bringing in millions of “Mooooslims” to build an army of Islamic terrorists to take over our country. Then they will set him up as Ayatollah and stop the election.” Bob, another regular eating his cheese omelet almost choked on a bite. He noted, “Ralph you are crazier today than usual. It must be because of elections yesterday. I suppose you voted for Trump?” Ralph shot back, “Damn right I did and the smart people of Ohio made him the winner. He’s the only one who can stop those terrorists from coming to cut off our heads.” At this point Karen the waitress who was always driven up the wall by Ralph’s misogynist comments had to speak up. She was not afraid to confront him as he had never left her more than a two-cent tip. She knew that tip was a comment about not giving two cents about what she had to say. She loudly said, “Ralph, you won’t have anything to worry about when those terrorists come for your head.’” Ralph interrupted, “Damn right that is because I have a house full of guns and a concealed carry.” Then Karen said, “No Ralph they can’t cut your head off, as they couldn’t find it, because your head has been up your ass for years.” That was followed by laughter from almost everyone in earshot.

A young couple with two kids quickly gathered them up without finishing their meal. They asked Karen for their bill and put down a tip. Karen felt bad and said, “I’m sorry for the language today folks.” The man whispered to her, “It isn’t you at all, it is the fact that a nut job like that guy has a gun on his belt.” “I tend to agree” said Karen. She continued, “Old Ralph should have been fitted for a straight jacket, not a gun belt. I’d say he is harmless except I’ve seen him get into a lot of fights down at the Ale House when he has had a couple too many.”

Ralph’s buddy Frank just arrived reeking of cheap cigars. Ralph had saved a seat at the counter for him and Lucy, Frank’s second wife. Ralph and Frank were all giggles like a couple of school boys. That is because their man Trump had won in Ohio. They were both convinced that Trump would be good for the economy and jobs as he knew how to conduct a successful business. Last week Karen had heard them going on about Trump’s business skills. She had pointed out that he had filed bankruptcy four times. On another occasion Trump’s dad had to buy five million dollars of chips to save Donald’s casino. As for jobs Karen pointed out that “the Donald” has his clothing line made in China. She mentioned how Trump said he can have the clothes made here as soon as U.S. workers decide to accept competing Chinese wages. Ralph and Frank blew her off as they didn’t respect the views of women let alone a waitress.

Tom a science teacher who stopped for breakfast was at the counter next to Ralph, Frank and Lucy. He had been staring straight ahead at the giant mound of hash browns turning a lovely brown. He still hadn’t gotten his eggs and hash browns yet. That was because the cook on the grill was arguing politics with the regulars at the counter. Tom needed to eat fast and get to work. He didn’t have all day to talk politics like these retired regulars did. Tom had gotten into political discussions with the regulars at the counter before. He would even get on the internet on his phone to show them facts or figures to prove his point. These old timers weren’t interested as they had formed their opinions and by damn they were sticking to them. Tom had gotten tired of their constant talk, bashing poor people and bitching about entitlements. These guys love the candidates who promise to help fellow Americans the least. They vote against social programs, that might help their children and grandchildren, as long as someone they think doesn’t deserve it gets no help. And yet, Tom had never met a grandparent who wouldn’t give their life, if necessary, for their kids and grand kids. These old timers of course want their Social Security, Medicare, Veterans care etc. They just don’t want to pay for those programs for the next generation. Tom calls them me, not we voters. He would rather not have to put up with them but he still comes in a few mornings a week as they have the best omelets around.

The last empty seat at the counter is now filled by Steven a pharmacists. Steven is very well off and always votes Republican. That is because the GOP doesn’t believe in taxing the wealthy and they are tough on crime. He also believes the rich are fundamentally better people than someone poor. Last year he personally proved that the rich are not morally superior to the poor. In an attempt to become even wealthier he got involved with a drug dealer he met at the country club. Steven started supplying him hundreds of prescriptions for Oxycontin. Steven and the drug dealer were caught and faced 25 years in jail. Steven had the money to hire the best lawyer in the valley. At the trial Steven threw himself on the mercy of the judge. He stated he had a special needs child and a senile mother he was caring for. Steven is lucky that the prosecutor did not put Steven’s wife or his brother on the stand. The brother under oath would have testified that he, not Steven takes care of all of their mother’s nursing home and medical bills. He could have also stated that Steven hasn’t visited their mother in over two years.  Steven’s wife would have said that he plays golf every second he can and never lifts a finger to help their special needs daughter, Alice. As it turns out Steven got a liberal judge with a heart that looked at Alice and gave Steven probation. None of that has registered with Steven who still hasn’t visited his mother or helped with his daughter. Steven voted for Cruz because he seems like a tough on crime kind of guy.

In the booth nearest the counter sat senior citizens, Ernie and his wife, Beth. Ernie was wearing a portable oxygen tank and breathing from it very deeply. He pulled the tube from his mouth and yelled something so loud that everyone in the noisy restaurant heard him. He screamed, “Barack Hussein Obama thinks he is the messiah but he is the antichrist. He is taking all of our freedoms away.”  Their young waitress, Linda winked at Karen and said “Let me handle this one.” She then stared at Ernie and demanded, “Name one freedom you have lost under President Obama.” Ernie was stumped and couldn’t say a word. Beth then said, “Forgive Ernie he has dementia and just spews out hateful lies he has heard on talk radio or FOX NEWS. He believes any lie that Rush or Michael Savage spews.” Linda responded with, “Rush is a drug addict and who would believe anything a man named, Savage said?” Beth replied, “Savage’s real name is, Weiner and who’d believe anything someone named, Weiner said?” Linda felt bad picked up their check and whispered, “Today’s breakfast is on me.”

When they left, Beth helped Ernie get in the passenger seat and hooked up another tank of oxygen. As soon as she started the car, Ernie realized it was time for Rush Limbaugh and tuned him in on the car’s radio. Today, Rush was spewing hate for environmentalist and denying global warming. Many of the polluting corporations that deny climate change are Rush’s sponsors. Guys like Ernie just haven’t figured that out yet. Ernie blurted out, “Fucking commie tree huggers.” Since Ernie got dementia two years ago, Beth finally got to pick out what kind of car they would buy last year. She was driving a Hybrid Toyota Prius, by damn. Ernie had no idea he was riding in a tree hugging commie car. As a matter of fact Ernie was always commenting on how comfortable his passenger seat was. Beth hadn’t bothered to tell Ernie that Tuesday was Election Day. When she went to vote she had him wait in the car. This year she wouldn’t have to use her vote for Democrats to cancel out Ernie’s Republican votes. She got a big chuckle thinking that Ernie didn’t know she had voted for Hillary.

The rest of the breakfast bunch now headed to their cars. Some are on their way to work for the day. The retired seniors are on their way to the barber shop, the doctor’s office or to Wal-Mart. When they arrive at their next destination they will once again pontificate to anyone who will listen. If you take the time to hear them, you will wonder why many of them vote against their own self-interests.

Back at Yankee Kitchen the two young busboys are explaining to their older fellow workers that they like the changes that Bernie Sanders is fighting for. Karen wondered if the breakfast regulars could ever even begin to accept something new and different, even for their own good. A wide smile came to her face and she got a gentle pain of hope, when she found that Ralph had left her a five dollar tip.

Let’s here how our young people feel about the state of our country and planet:

The Whistleblowers: “Dissatisfaction Suite”

“Along for the Ride”

“Democracy is not just the right to vote, it is the right to live in dignity.” ~ Naomi Klein






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Trying to Stop a Political Virus

I’ve seen this stranger who keeps showing up at GOP presidential debate. That stranger is my Ohio Governor John Kasich. I call him a stranger because I don’t recognize the guy he is trying to portray. He is trying to come off as a calm, kind and understanding moderate. That is not the angry, mean, gruff, nasty little man who is our conservative governor. Kasich has a chance to be elected president or better yet a shot as being picked as a vice-president by the winning GOP primary presidential candidate. Ohio is an important swing state so don’t rule out Gov. Kasich being someone’s running mate. I think it is the duty of every state’s citizens to let the national voters know about your state’s politicians once they run for national office. We need to hear the good and the bad to make informed decisions. With Gov. Kasich I can tell you I can’t find the good. I consider Kasich a bad virus I wouldn’t want the rest of the nation to catch. I have seen too many media folks raving over Kasich and I feel they are doing a disservice to voters. I’m going to post the problems I see with Kasich here in Ohio along with some links. I hope this can be circulated and I hope you will add your thoughts to it if you pass it on.

John Kasich grew up in working-class McKee’s Rock, Pa. His father was a mailman for the Post Office and president of his union. Gov. Kasich has told audiences he saw his father work on his feet six days a week, destroying his back and joints. Despite a working-class background and a union president father Kasich is an anti-union governor. He was the brains behind Senate Bill 5. The measure would have stripped Ohio’s public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Voters overwhelmingly repealed the measure.

When John Kasich was in charge of Ohio for Lehman Brothers, he lost hundreds of millions of dollars from the state pension fund to Wall St. profiteers. Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, and Ohio citizens were left holding devalued pensions. Then Ohioan’s forgot about that and made him governor. Now, Ohio is 45th of 50 states… in financial wellbeing of its citizens. Kasich was warned of Toledo’s critical water situation by the Ohio EPA. He ignored the warning and Toledo residents went 3 days without water. There have been several hundred fracking earthquakes in Ohio, according to ODNR. These were accompanied by poisoning of the watershed. Kasich has five times reduced further the money the state gives municipal libraries. Under Kasich, Ohioans, pay the 4th highest insurance premiums in the country. Kasich opposed Ohioans For Humane Farms legislation. Gov. Kasich has a very low number of female cabinet appointments. He justifies that by claiming he makes all the big decisions in his family and his “wife makes all the minor decisions.” It was revealed that he paid his male staff 56% more than female staff.

John Kasich signed into law a bill which would remove state funding from any counselor who lets a victim of rape know that abortion is an option. Kasich refused to debate his opponent when he ran for re-election. He did do a sit down interview at the Cleveland Plain dealer. He slumped in his chair and ignored that his opponent was in the room. All this and the Plain Dealer endorsed him for a second time.

Kasich appointed Ohio Right Life Chief Mike Gonidakis to the state medical board. It didn’t matter to the governor that Gonidakis had no medical experience. Debe Terhar a Tea Party member was named as chair of the Department of Education board. She was forced to apologize after posting a website photo of Hitler as President Obama’s equivalent.  Appointee Bryan Williams resigned from the same board after it was learned that he had a conflict of interest as a lobbyist for a group that ran a private charter school.

State Superintendent Richard A. Ross, Kasich’s former education adviser has been under fire over the illegal manipulation of charter-school evaluations to make them look better. Kasich has increased the proportion of school funds sent to private pockets, spending over $1 billion a year on charter schools and increasing the amount of money in the state’s voucher program by 113 percent. Charter school funding has increased by 27 percent, and they receive more state money per pupil than traditional public schools. Traditional public schools, which educate 90 percent of Ohio’s kids, receive $515 million less state funding under Gov. Kasich. He filled the state board of education with charter school advocates. Then he appointed a former charter school executive Robert Sommers to head the governor’s new Office of 21st Century Education.

Ohio charter schools have become a national embarrassment. The Cleveland Plain Dealer (that endorsed Kasich twice for governor) ran a story with the headline, “Ohio’s charter schools ridiculed at national conference, even by national charter supporters.”  Reporter Doug Livingston writes, “State auditors have uncovered $27.3 million improperly spent by charter schools, many run by for-profit companies, enrolling thousands of children and producing academic results that rival the worst in the nation.”

Two charter school owners have reportedly funneled over $4 million to Ohio Republicans since 2001.

John Kasich is Running for President Here’s what you need to know about him.

Even His Friends hate Him : Conservative Calls Kasich a nasty little man.

FBI investigates Gov. Kasich for bribery.

Ohio newspaper tries to ignore corruption of Kasich staffers.

Ohio’s War on the middle class.

Ohio got a D on support for public education on the Network for Public Education report card.

John Kasich Gets “F” on schools from the Washington Post.

The education mess in Ohio under Gov. John Kasich.

Under John Kasich Ohio’s Charter Schools became a “National Joke.”

John Kasich’s plan to balance the budget does not actually exist.

John Kasich Wants to Slash Everything but the Pentagon.

Why John Kasich’s job claim numbers don’t add up.

Why are George Soros-linked financiers giving big bucks to support John Kasich?

Kasich’s spiritual adviser thinks gay rights activists are Fascist “Thought Nazis.”

John Kasich’s war on poor people before he was for them.

How John Kasich rewrote Welfare Laws and is Keeping Food Off Family Dinner Tables.

Kasich calls a police officer an idiot for giving him a ticket for reckless operation.

Some of Kasich’s illegal appointments.

Kasich is not a moderate he is one of the most anti-choice governors in the nation.

Kasich budgets help the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

Kasich rubber stamps voter suppression bills.

Todd Snider: “In the Beginning”

“Looking for a Job”

“Till people find themselves greatly abused and oppressed by their governors, they are not apt to complain; and whenever they do,
in fact, find themselves thus abused and oppressed, they must be stupid not to complain.” – Jonathan Mayhew


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Getting the Movie Plot?

I’ll admit I can be a pessimist. If I smell flowers I generally look around for the casket. I really bend over backwards when I find something that gives me optimism. Mrs. Elecpencil and I ventured out and saw a movie that gave me optimism. The movie is called, “The Big Short.” It is about the housing bust and economic drop we had in 2008. Sadly, the taxpayers picked up the tab for Wall Street and the banks greedy failed dealings. The optimism I received from the movie was the way the story was told. It was told in a way to make us common folk understand the corruption that went on. At the heart of the movie is the way greed comes before morals in a capitalist system. In the end only one crooked banker was made an example of and went to jail.

I was thinking anyone who saw the movie would realize we have a war between Wall Street and Main Street. I was sure if the public saw the movie it would influence their voting in the upcoming election. The movies viewers would certainly avoid candidates beholding to Wall Street for campaign money or candidates that are part of the wealthy 1%. The same movie viewers would also call for campaign finance reform. I was sure that if people saw this movie we could elect politicians that put people before profits. As I exited I was feeling very optimist about elections as I was positive anyone seeing this film would reject Wall Street owned wealthy candidates.

My optimism ended within a dozen feet of leaving the theater. Two men in their 70’s were in front of me talking about the movie. The shorter one said, “That Wall Street greedy rip-off will end when Trump is elected president.” He continued, “He is a successful business man who has never failed and knows how to get things done.” The other man said, “Yes, but I’m afraid Trump won’t be elected.”

Only in America can a billionaire like Trump run as a populist. I wanted to ask these seniors, “Did you know that Donald Trump has gone bankrupt on four separate occasions?” He loves to tell his followers he is a successful business man and a winner. If questioned about the bankruptcies Trump claims the bankruptcies are for his companies and has nothing to do with him personally. The documents show he is personally involved because he’s listed as an owner on the casino licenses. Due to Trump’s bankruptcies, bondholders and banks have lost millions. Other people hurt by Trump’s filing bankruptcy were casino and hotel workers who took concessions.

“The banks could have simply taken everything he had right then, but they wanted his cooperation,” said Lynn LoPucki, a bankruptcy expert and professor at UCLA Law School. “There’s that old saying, “If you owe your banks a little, you’re at their mercy. If you owe the banks a lot, the banks are at your mercy. They saw the best way for him to repay the money was to keep the Donald afloat.” LoPucki also said, “People knew who Donald Trump was and for that reason were willing to trust the bonds, and they got burned. The people who invested with him or based on his name lost money, but he himself came out pretty well.”

“Here’s a guy who’s failed so miserably so many times and it’s not as though he had to claw his way back after seven years in credit hell. He just said. ‘OK, this isn’t my problem anymore. For him, it’s just been a platform to the next money-making scheme,” said Doug Heller, the executive director of Consumer Watchdog. The kind of bankruptcy Trump does is considered, “restructuring debt.” We regular Americans are devastated if we have to file bankruptcy for medical bills, divorce or job loss. The wealthy like Trump who owe millions can easily cut their losses and file bankruptcy after bankruptcy. That is because when you owe banks that much money they consider you too big to fail. Trump said this about his bankruptcies, “We’re … using the laws to our advantage. That shouldn’t be embarrassing. That should be smart.” I’ll bet my two senior fellow moviegoers are conservatives that hate on people on welfare and consider them deadbeats. Yet, they’d vote for a guy like Trump who thinks he has the right to stiff anyone out of money, as long as he comes out on top.

If you go back to 1991 you’ll find Trump’s dad bailed him out by purchasing more than $3 million in chips from the Donald Trump Castle Casino. Fred Trump did that because Donald was short on his payment due bondholders. I’d ask the two senior men do you really want to turn the economy over to a wealthy guy whose daddy has to bail him out. I want that better future for my kids. I am optimistic because I see a presidential candidate in the mix who isn’t beholding to Wall Street. He also isn’t a member of the 1%. I’m not talking about Donald Trump or any of the other presidential candidates that take money from Wall Street. The candidate I’m voting for has an average campaign donation of $27. I was feeling generous so I sent him $30 and will send more soon. I’m poor and have never sent money to a candidate before. I’m sure you know which candidate I’m talking about and he is someone who makes me feel optimistic. I like that feeling and I’m going to try it on and see how it feels.

Democracy of the Billionaires.

Ani DiFarnco: “Angry Anymore”


“Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell”~ Frank Borman



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You Want Loyalty? Treat Me Royally.

The Bounty Hunters of the Old West
carried a saddlebag of wanted posters,
listing criminals and the rewards for them.
In these modern times I have a wallet full
of dozens of store loyalty reward cards.
Every store has a loyalty card program
where you can earn money off your bill,
money off your gas, free flight miles
or various other types of free swag.
The cost of having these reward cards
is the loss of much of your personal data.
Not having the store rewards card stops me
from saving money on sales items and getting swag.
Truth is I just want the store to reward me
with a good choice of items at a fair price.
If you want me to be loyal,
how about taking care of me.
I refuse to use your store self checkouts
and let you eliminate store cashiers.
I want more checkout lanes open
with more cashiers and bag boys.
Get me in and out of your store quickly,
then you have earned my customer loyalty.
Trader Joe’s was recently named retailer of the year.
They have the highest customer loyalty of all stores
This despite them having no loyalty rewards cards.
They reward customers by having good products,
fair prices, lots of employees and every register opened.
Harley Davidson also has a loyal customer base.
They don’t make the fastest, best riding,
best handling or best priced motorcycle.
But they do know what their customers want.
That is motorcycles with loud exhausts,
because that potato, potato sound
makes Harley riders feel oh so macho.
Harley riders will wear Harley logo clothing
from their do rag to their leather boots.
They will go so far as getting Harley tattoos
from their head to their toes.
These customers have become billboards,
who use their bodies for product placement.
Sorry U.S. retailers I will never ever go to such extremes.
I will never become a corporate stooge for your product.
Smart businesses should put as much effort
into trying to recruit new customers
as they do into rewarding loyal customers.
If you businesses want to romance me
and try to have a relationship with me,
I need you to make a commitment to me.
You need to promise to quit seeing other customers.
I’m just kidding but at least I got your attention.
Just make sure the beer is cold,
have clothes in my size and by damn
open up more cash registers.

Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues: “Why Men Hate Shopping”


“If men liked shopping, they’d call it research.” ~ Cynthia Nelms

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