Weekly Genocide

“I’ll tell you who shouldn’t have guns, let alone CONTROL over our gun rights and that is the government. Nearly every single shooting SINCE Columbine has been staged by the government. Call me a conspiracy kook all you like, but no parent forgives the fucking murderer of their child THAT soon after losing their child, nor do they set up a donation page that same day. Every fucking parent of Sandy Hook acted this way, it was a complete and utter joke and INSULT to any real parent whose suffered such a loss. If you think this behavior is normal you are either a player in the game or out of your fucking mind. And don’t get me started with the Boston smoke bombing hoax.  I would also like to know why the “victims” haven’t yet sued the government and the medical workers for their incompetence? Because had this been real, they clearly would have and would have been successful at doing so! This goes for the fake Sandy Hook parents as well, because had this shooting been in fact real, the faculty, law enforcement and the medical workers would have a lot of explaining to do. Gun control wouldn’t be the priority, but CLEARLY, that is the AGENDA and the reason behind the staging of all these hoaxes.”

Those are the comments of a twenty something woman (I’ll just call her A H) on Facebook. She posted them opposing a post someone made calling for gun control after the latest mass shooting. Not surprising to see on A H’s Facebook page that she is a 9/11 denier, a Holocaust denier, anti-Semitic and a conspiracy freak. She states that most conspiracy theories aren’t conspiracy theories at all but rather, conspiracy truths. She believes the New World Order and the Illuminati have been killing doctors who have found cures for autism and cancer. She mentions a crash caused by a drunk driver. He survived but killed a grandfather and 3 children. People were giving money for the funeral expenses of the children. She had no outrage for the drunk driver that had 12 DUI’s. She did have angry outrage for those raising money to help bury the children. She doesn’t like pleas from concerned people for monetary support after such a horrible event. D H says this shows that the horrible event is a hoax and thus a conspiracy. Her Facebook page also promotes violent video scenes from movies.

My very first thought about her is that she is the type of person that needs mental help, not easy access to guns. On the plus side, she lives in Ontario, Canada so we can all breathe a little easier. Sad to say, there were hundreds of crazy comments supporting gun ownership on the Facebook page that questioned easy access to guns. These mass shootings are not moving any of our cowardly politicians to take on the gun manufacture owned NRA. I don’t see anything being done about mental health or access to guns. I guess I am at the point I tend to almost think of each shooting as part of American culture. I have taken notice in each how fast people want to know about the shooter. I heard this wanting to know, on local talk radio this week immediately after a man shot nine people to death in Oregon. White, right-wing talk radio callers were pissed that Oregon officials were not releasing the shooters name right away. They suspected that was because the shooter was of the Islamic faith. They were so praying that he had an Islamic sounding name. I hear the same comments suggesting Islamic terrorists after each mass shooting. FOX News pundits like Sean Hannity were suggesting right away that the killer was a jihadist. Hannity was hoping it was true so he could claim President Obama was protecting domestic Islamic terrorists.  Of course when the latest shooter turns out to be one in a long line of white, right-wing gun nuts Hannity will no longer be interested in the story. Hannity was in love with anti-government rancher Clive Bundy. When Clive made racist comments against blacks, Hannity left the ranch faster than an Ohio retired snowbird heads to Florida at the first sight of a snowflake.

It seems the latest shooter is a right-wing white guy by some of the things posted on his social media. The right-wing whites who call talk radio are trying to put a spin on that. I’ve already heard a couple claiming this shooter had Islamic leanings. They claim he was picked up by the Russians for trying to distribute guns to the Taliban. I’ve heard two callers say this is true because they heard it on the internet. I am wondering if the sick individuals that initially make this crap up have guns.

What are we to tell students and our children when they ask why their safety is of less importance than the “rights” of gun owners? Melissa Duclos a teacher at a community college in Oregon in an open letter to lawmakers states what she will tell children, “I could tell them that your thoughts and prayers are with us. I could tell them we have your deepest sympathies. But I am teaching a class on argument, instructing my students on the importance of facts. So instead I will tell them the truth: They have to be prepared to hide out of the line of fire, and I to fight for our survival, because you, our lawmakers, haven’t done your jobs. I will tell them that their rights, my rights, the rights of my 5-year-old, to attend school without fear of facing senseless slaughter by machine-gun fire, are not important to you, that we must be prepared to fight tooth and nail, stapler and whiteboard marker, because you refuse to fight the gun lobby in this country.”

We have had shootings of elected politicians. We have had mass shootings at schools, theaters, military bases, churches and even elected politicians. How high will the bodies have to be stacked before politicians do something? Will it take a mass shooting in the congress or senate? Add up all the gun deaths and we have a genocide on our hands that is being ignored.

71 mass shootings in the last 3 decades and most of the killers got their guns legally.

Jim Carrey: “Cold Dead Hand”

Lynyrd Skynyrd: “Saturday Night Special”

“Semi-automatics have only two purposes. One is so owners can take them to the shooting range once in a while, yell yeehaw, and get all horny at the rapid fire and the burning vapor spurting from the end of the barrel. Their other use – their only other use – is to kill people” ~ Steven King

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Ashes as Fertilizer

Wednesday I attended a poetry reading at the Trumbull Art Gallery. It was put on by he Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County, the Trumbull County Brownfield Coalition and Rust Belt Poets and Writers. The theme of the reading was revitalizing nine brownfield sites in Trumbull County. This is the poem I read:

I have no poetic skills. I am only a poet by the necessity to account for these times.
Ashes as Fertilizer
110 years ago the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was founded.
Their union’s preamble said, “The working class and the employing class have nothing in common.
That surely became apparent when factories closed up,
displaced workers and left chemically wasted brownsites behind
in places like Detroit, Flint, Gary, Chicago, Youngstown, and Warren.
When the corporations came to communities
they demanded all manner of handouts,
like corporate welfare and lower utility rates.
They are the real entities who get “entitlements.”
No matter who says it corporations are not people.
They don’t have the soul, conscience or morals
that makes up a working-class human being.
Corporate CEO’s have limited minds
as they’re limited by their only goal……profits.
They put profits before people and the downside
of capitalism is that people are expendable.
Our newest valley industry is fracking and storing
600 chemical toxic waste water from fracking wells.
These are temporary jobs at best and the whole process
is a slow motion holocaust against the Earth.
There is no dignity in being a dumping ground.
If you’re waiting on a bailout from Columbus
They’ve taken our pulse and consider us flat lined.
They have designated us as the region to house the state’s prisoners.
The other recent businesses in our area are Rent A Centers, check cashing stores,
pawn shops, used car lots financing people with bad credit
at some horribly high interest rate and dollar stores everywhere
because we are down to our very last dollar.
They all fall into the category of poverty pimps
and they arrive when your community is down and out.
Then we have drug stores on every corner to serve our aging population.
What jobs do we have for the next generation?
I’m not happy that my two kids had to move away to find jobs.
How about you? Did your kids move elsewhere to find jobs?
We’ve got enough bike trails, parks and community gardens.
Those aren’t things that will keep our next generation here.
So my suggestion is down to three familiar words jobs, jobs jobs.
Let’s quit treating these brownsites like we are absentee landlords
and look around and get ideas for them that are working,
in the rest of our big wide world dealing with abandoned facilities.
Argentina has something that is working and growing.
It’s their worker-ownership model (called The Take)
The movement of taken factories gained enormous momentum
after the Argentine economic collapse of 2001.
Workers at some of these factories thought it was crazy
to let their former workplaces stay vacant while they were out of work
and already knew how to run the businesses and operate the machines.
They began to occupy their factories and demand the right to work,
and to re-start production as a worker-owned cooperative.
This resulted in more than 180 cooperative factories with 10,000 workers.
Chicago is the home of the first worker cooperative takeover
of a factory in the US, New Era Windows.
It seems like a better investment than more taxpayer-funded
pro sport stadiums for billionaire owners.
Workers would gain self-esteem by having self-determination.
Brownsite’s reuse should be decided by
the communities they are located in.
Our children should serve as a major voice in the process
by telling us what kind of jobs would keep them in our valley.
The first step in utilizing brownsites is awareness,
then add in involvement and it equals a movement.
The site, the area’s needs, resources and local skills
should all be factored into a democratic vote
by the community on what the site should be utilized for.
If it could based not on short-term greed
but on looking to our children’s future
our area could be an inspiration for the nation by building
cooperatives on these abandoned factory sites as a social movement.
One hundred years ago Ralph Chaplin an IWW member
wrote the song, “Solidarity Forever.”
It’s ending chorus states that with solidarity,
“We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old.

If our community could come together

in solidarity to build that better world

from the ashes of brownsites

all of us parents could have some gentle pains of hope
that our children will see they could have a future here.


Killer Mike: “Reagan”

Keller Mike on Ferguson.

“Why can’t we, with a more intelligent policy,
actually have houses that are affordable,
built at higher densities than they are at the moment
and built on brownfield sites.” – John Prescott


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Fracking Helps Build Community (Common Unity)

I just want to say that fracking can do some good for a community. It can help build community and join people together. Why fracking has been bringing members of my town of Vienna, Ohio closer together since April of 2015. That is when one of our residents had his pond and wetlands polluted. This chemical spill was courtesy of his neighbor at the Kleese farm. The farm contains five injection wells operated by KDA (Kleese Development Associates). KDA wasn’t willing to share their profits with their neighbor but they did share the leak from their wells. The leak is thought to have been going on for six months. It has not been established exactly how many gallons of chemicals leaked into the pond and wetlands (2,000 gallons was the first guess). This from the Youngstown Vindicator will give you an idea of how much chemical waste comes to the Kleese farm for storage, “In raw numbers, the five Vienna wells injected about 19 million gallons underground during those six months, according to Vindicator calculations based on about 454,215 barrels of waste the EPA said KDA wells received.

The Western Pennsylvania counties Butler, Lycoming and Armstrong and a few others have decided to build community with Vienna, Ohio. They do this by sharing the chemical waste from their Marcellus wells. Their semi tanker trucks travel across the state line and create a lot more traffic in our little township. While PA. shares their waste and traffic they don’t share any of the profits from their Marcellus wells with the citizens of Vienna. Well, (pun intended) they do make the Kleese family rich but they were already one of the wealthiest families in Vienna.

This spill was able to bring the residents of Vienna together in a township meeting. Hundreds of residents attended and got to share with their neighbors. What they were sharing was fear. None the less, fracking was helping build community. Tremors were also recorded last September near injection wells in Weathersfield Township. That is another example of the fracking industry bringing one of our neighboring communities together. I could also say the same about the dozens of earthquakes reported in the Youngstown area. The fear of fracking in our valley did some good as it helped establish FrackFree Mahoning, The good folks at FrackFree Mahoning have been unsuccessfully trying to pass an area bill to ban fracking in Youngstown. All those earthquakes have not been enough to get the voters of Youngstown to join together in a community to protect their hometown against the fracking industry. Fracking has been able to build community between the pipefitters union and Regional Chamber. Those two are strange bedfellow because the Regional Chambers around the country are made up of businessmen who tend to be anti-union. Locally, they were able to put that aside and come together in a common cause to put profit before people and support fracking.

Because of the April leak, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources ordered five injection wells operated by Kleese Development Associates, Warren, to cease operations. While the wells at the Kleese farm are not operating KDA is beginning to drill a new injection well a couple miles from their farm in another Vienna location. This location is near the Youngstown Airport on Rt. 193. Once again the fracking process was able to bring Vienna residents together. Last week protesters came together on Monday near the Rt. 193 drilling site, to speak against an injection well being located there. Once again fracking can be thanked for creating community. This time it created it between Vienna residents and members of FrackFreeMahoning. This organization had also come to help Vienna residents in April at the spill site and at our township meeting. I had to work last Monday so I could not attend the Vienna protest on Rt. 193. The day after that I was not working so I was able to participate as part of a national day of action called Hands Across Our Land. There was a nice turnout of people who held hands and signs beside the Spring Common Bridge (Mr. Peanut Bridge) near the B-and-O Station in Youngstown, Ohio. Most of those who turned out on that Tuesday were members of FrackFreeMahoning. They held signs against fracking expansion in our area. They expressed their concerns about fracking being a threat to public health and safety.

I joined those at the bridge because I believe in their cause of ending fracking in our valley. I talked to a few people at the bridge that had been at the protest in Vienna the day before. I thanked them and had some who lived in Youngstown thank me for coming from Vienna to join them. I felt like FrackFreeMahoning had done plenty of reaching out to Vienna residents since April so it was high time some of us Vienna residents should give back. It was also nice to get together with other like minded environmentalist at an event that wasn’t a spill or quake. Many at the Youngstown event left when it was over and went to another protest against fracking in Pulaski, PA. See there, fracking is once again helping to build community after community.

Jesse Colin Young: “Ridgetop”

“Grey Day”

“Only when the last tree has died,? the last river been poisoned,? and the last fish been caught? will we realize we cannot eat money.” —Cree Proverb




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Self-righteous Laws

Matthew 25:34-36  Then the king will say to those at his right hand, “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

I guess Matthew 25 was lost recently on
two Ohio republican state legislators.
Their proposed new bill wants to drug test
those getting cash assistance provided
through the Ohio Works First Program,
which serves about 115,000 Ohioans.
More than 90,000 of those are children.
If these two lawmakers did two minutes of research
they would have found that of the more than 87,000
welfare recipients Arizona tested for drugs
only three drug users were found from 2009 to 2014.
The state saved $1680 by denying these three people welfare benefits.
To save that $1680 Arizona drug tests cost $3.65 million.
It has been pretty much the same in all seven states
that have enacted these drug testing laws.
The fact is that the statistics show applicants
actually test positive for drug use
at a lower rate than the general population, which is 9.4%.
In Michigan and Florida courts have struck
down these laws as being unconstitutional.
Despite these drug test court rulings and the high cost,
legislators know it is a feel good law for taxpayers.
71 percent of Floridians — including 90 percent of Republicans
— supported the drug testing law even though
the Florida courts threw it out for being unconstitutional.
The law is still a win for lawmakers even when ruled unconstitutional.
They get to demonize the poor already struggling to make ends meet
and they get to make taxpayers who don’t know the high costs
and tiny amount of drug users discovered by the tests, feel good.
Then there’s the payoff for legislators to get to further
drive that wedge between the poor and the middle-class.
Neither the lawmakers nor the taxpayers that support
this kind of B.S. legislation are very Christian
and don’t seem to know Matthew 25.
Perhaps, the Ohio lawmakers should spend their time
trying to find a fair way to tax Ohioans to support schools
since a judge ruled that property tax was an unconstitutional way
to fund public education for children in a ruling in 1996.
Twenty years and the Ohio house and senate
haven’t found time to find a fair way to fund Ohio’s schools.
Yet, they have time to find ways to demonize the poor.
Missouri lawmakers have introduced House Bill 813 that would
prevent food stamps from being used to purchase fish and steak.
I guess loaves of bread only and no fish for you,
is what these state congressmen think Jesus said.
Their Jesus said, ‘No damned protein for the poor!’
Their next bill will have the poor and unfortunate
wearing a symbol on their chest.
They don’t want to help anybody up,
they’d rather cut the rope instead.
They feel better by kicking downwards.
Politicians want these types of bills to deprive the poor,
because they see being poor as a personal failing,
not merely an economic status that as Jesus said will always be among us.
Christ did not say, give if you think the poor deserve it.
Like Nike he said, “Just do it!”
They just truly believe the poor don’t deserve to eat well.
They don’t feel any need to disguise their disdain for the poor
to win elections anymore because the public
has been convinced that the poor are greedy people
who feel “entitled” to live off of the taxpayers.
Our elected representatives give Israel millions in tax dollars every day,
and they resent giving our own poor a penny.
If there’s a hell, there’s a special place in it for
people who take food away from the hungry.
Some politicians rant on about how they love small government
but they have no problem telling the poor what they are allowed to eat.
They sanctimoniously shame the poor
and go to church on Sunday and praise Jesus.
They truly feel they are worthy of halos.
No halo could be bright enough to light the way
for such selfish and dim-witted minds.
Our country has always had plenty of selfish bastards
who didn’t give a damn about anything or anyone else.
But we didn’t use to vote for them to run the country.
Today’s politicians don’t give damn anymore with a side of hate.
And by God it really shows.
We now have politicians who call themselves “compassionate conservatives”
who worship a system called, “trickle down” economics.
I won’t sensor myself so I’ll call it what it is, “being shit upon.”
It is way past time to stand up for the poor.
After all, the policies of our politicians
are making more and more of them.
America can truthfully say it is exceptional,
exceptional in its incarceration of children in adult prisons.
Even Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
have banned trying kids as adults.
We have let our elected representatives convince us
that our mentally ill and our youth deserve prison.
Trying 12-year-olds as adults and sending them to adult prisons,
shows that we’ve given up on them.
We are told North Korea is an enemy to be feared.
They spend all of their money on the military
while their people are starving to death.
The truth is we are on the same path as North Korea.
We have the most powerful military in the world
which is no consolation to our nations;
poor and hungry, the homeless, the mentally ill
who can’t afford treatment, returning injured veterans
who need help, children in adult prisons, those who rot away
in cells because they couldn’t afford justice, the sick and elderly,
the abused, the battered and the vanishing middle-class.
Our elected leaders bear most of the blame for the problems in our country
but the complacent citizens of our nation have a big share in that blame.
There may or may not be a Heaven in the afterlife
but we have the opportunity to make this world a Heaven
right here, right now and it’s time to get busy.

Matthew 16:27
For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.

Mike Stout: “Terry Greenwood”

“[American exceptionalism] is a reaction to the inability of people to understand global complexity or important issues like American energy dependency. Therefore, they search for simplistic sources of comfort and clarity. And the people that they are now selecting to be, so to speak, the spokespersons of their anxieties are, in most cases, stunningly ignorant.” ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski


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Satan Goes Shopping

I spend a lot of time seeing problems in life. I sometimes need to celebrate the good things in my life.

Satan Goes Shopping

At a Las Vegas shopping outlet
a six-foot tall angry looking woman
and her 5 foot 7 inch tall husband
paused by the door of a Nike store.
She says pointing to a bench “I’ll be awhile so sit
your ass down and keep your mouth shut.”
He sits next to me in the noisy concourse.
I look at him and ask, “Where you from?”
He looks into the Nike store to see if his wife is looking.
He then stares at me and replies, “Hell, the darkest region.”
“I’m very sorry to hear that I reply.”
“I don’t deserve this treatment at all,”
he says while putting his head in his hands.
I started to ask him how things got this bad
but I stop as I look up to see his wife coming
and didn’t want to see him get an ass whipping.
“Wake up ahole and carry my bags,” she barked.
I say a prayer for him and look away from them both.
I then hear him say, “Bitch I’ve had enough we’re leaving.”
She meekly replies, “Yes dear whatever you say.”
As they turn and walk past me I smile widely at him.
He glances at me and winks and I notice
she is struggling carrying all the bags.
My wife then exits the Nike store
and shakes me as I have dozed off.
Had I been dreaming that whole scenario?
I soon realized it had only been the last part
as I walk a little further and see the tall woman
still chastising her husband in a loud voice.
My wife says, “Thanks for waiting on me
I’m all done so where do you want to go?”
As we left my car radio was playing
Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s “Lucky Man.”
I smiled and had to agree I was indeed a lucky man.

John Smith: “Great Lakes”

“Salty and Sweet”

“Change your character and your character will change you” ~ ABC

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Ignoring History

The First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment
was one of the most heroic brigades during the Civil War.
On the second day of the battle of Gettysburg,
their brigade of 262 Union soldiers fixed bayonets and charged
an Alabaman brigade made up of 1500 Confederate soldiers.
When it was over, only 47 of the Minnesota brigade survived.
That was a catastrophic 82% loss of the brigade.
They suffered one of the highest casualty rates
of any army unit throughout American history.
But the Confederate surge was stopped,
and other Union troops rallied into defensive positions,
and the line held and the tide was turned
and the Union went on to win the battle and the war.
After the war, both General Hancock and U.S. President Calvin Coolidge,
praised the First Minnesota Volunteer Brigade placing their heroism
and unsurpassed gallantry as the highest in the know annals of war.
President Coolidge stated that “Colonel Colvill and those eight companies
of the First Minnesota are entitled to rank as the saviors of their country.”
During that battle of Gettysburg, despite being knocked out
by a bullet to the head and later shot in the hand Corporal Henry O’Brien
repeatedly picked up the fallen colors of the 1st Minnesota
and carried a wounded comrade back to the Union lines.
He was also awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism.
During the deadly chaotic fighting, Private Marshall Sherman
of the First Minnesota captured the colors of the Confederate
28th Virginia and received the Medal of Honor for his exploit.
That Confederate flag was taken back to Minnesota as a prize of war
and is kept but not publicly displayed at the Minnesota Historical Society.
The history of those Minnesotans who died to bring down that treasonous Confederate flag
was lost on volunteer firefighter Brian Nielson, 43, two days and 152 years
after the Battle of Gettysburg during a parade celebrating
the 4th of July, 2015 in Albert Lea, Minnesota.
You see, Brian Nielson, flew both the Confederate and American flags
on the back of the Heartland Fire Department truck in the Parade.
Nielson said he’s not for slavery, but did it because he was fed up with political correctness.
I am also fed up with ignorance and of ignorant people like Brian Nelson
who don’t know history and the meanings of racist symbols like the Confederate flag.
Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to display the flag
of a traitorous movement on the eve of the nation’s Independence Day?
Flying that rag is a mockery to freedom and honor in the same home state
as those brave Union soldiers from Minnesota’s First is a disgrace.
Brian has been suspended from the volunteer fire department.
He claims he didn’t know flying the Confederate flag would be a big deal.
I think Brian thought he could be a hero to the hate filled talk radio circuit
by displaying a made in America symbol of racist hate
and claiming he was fighting a war against “political correctness.”
To accept views of racism and hate because they aren’t
“Politically Correct” is ignorant and abhorrent.
Political correctness is what blowhard bully louts
call the truth now a day.
My parents taught me to use common courtesy,
consideration, empathy and manners in dealing with others.
Today boors are calling my parents ideas “Political Correctness.”
It’s time to call out these uncouth attention seeking assholes
so they will crawl back in their dark holes once they know
that their ignorant opinions are no longer widely held.
Silence implies consent.
It’s time to speak up.

Mike Stout: “Healthcare is a Human Right”

“If the first words out of your mouth are to cry ‘political correctness!’, … chances are very, very high that you are in fact part of the problem.” ~ Angela Highland

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“Dixie Swastika”

I’ve been down with some computer problems.

I have a follow up about my last post. I mentioned an investor I went to see that bashed immigrants and democrats, on his investment radio program. He now has a religious radio program also. On his radio program he was bashing Jehovah Witnesses and other faiths. I have criticized Catholic radio in the past for bashing other faiths. I was glad I found out the financial advisor was a bigot before I became his client. I don’t want to deal with people who want to spread hate. I just saw how racist hate consumed a young man in South Carolina and how that hatred acted as a murderous plague that consumed nine innocent people.

In this post I’m going to use some photos I used before to discuss an ongoing symbol of racism.

Dylann Storm Roof went into a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina church, sat for an hour, and then shot to death nine black church members. He let a few people live so they could convey his racist message of wanting to start a race war. In a photo posted by the New York Times, Dylann Storm Roof, is seen posing in front of a car with a license plate bearing several iterations of the Confederate flag. The state of South Carolina flies the Confederate flag in front of the Capitol building. That is how South Carolina whites convey their racist message. When it became time that Southern states had to honor the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Day many of these states inserted their racism into that holiday. Southern states Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama decided to observe a joint holiday for King and confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. In Gen. Robert E. Lee’s attacks on the North he enslaved ever free blacks he came across. So what are black American today to think when Southern states Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama now observe a joint holiday for King and Lee?

In a Pew survey in 2011, 8 percent of Americans said they display the Confederate flag in their home or office. That works out to about 25 million people. Vehicle owners in 10 states—Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia—can order state-issued plates with the Sons of Confederate Veterans emblem, a square version of the Confederate flag. What is really strange is that Maryland wasn’t even a member of the Confederacy. In 2001, the citizens of Mississippi voted two-to-one to keep the Confederate symbol in the top left corner of their state flag.

Let’s be honest and admit the Confederate flag is treasonous and represents the principle of racism.  The Confederate flag can be best described as the “Dixie swastika.” If it doesn’t represent racism how would you explain these photos?


I wrote this poem about the Confederate flag a few years back.

A History Lesson

Jesse Helms and Strom Thurman

proved the good do indeed die young.

The Stars and Bars

fly over ole Dixie

to let the black man

know to keep his place.

The flag proves southern whites

haven’t learned from history…

only rewritten it.

There is indeed

a rightful place

for the Confederate flag,

in a fucking museum.

Aimee Mann: “Save Me”


“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.” ~ Elanor Roosevelt

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