2020 the Year of the Plague

Part I: This Bastards is Trying to Kill Us


We are being told to thoroughly wash our hands,

to help protect us all from the coronavirus.

I remember Pontius Pilate washing his hands

saying it wasn’t up to him to condemn Jesus.

Trump has washed his hands of properly fighting this virus

and is thus, condemning many of our citizens to death.

He cut the program that monitored pandemics around the world.

He called it “obsolete” and thought it was a good way to save money.

And all the Republican leaders stood with him on cutting the program.

Intelligence agencies warned Trump of the dangers of the coronavirus.

He ignored the epidemic warnings for 3 months.

He initially, called it a ”Democrat Hoax.”

He failed to initiate tests for the virus.

He has told the Americans one lie after another,

trying to cover-up his role in this epidemic crisis.

He wants people to believe that he was on top

of this problem from the very beginning.

He told America that he did not “accept any responsibility at all”.

He claims he deserves a ten for the great job he is doing on this pandemic.

He refuses to accept the advice of doctors and experts in the field of viruses.

He believes he knows more than all of them put together.

Just like he knows more about the military than the generals,

even though he’s a chicken hawk with five draft deferments.

He claims he alone, will decide when America is safe from this pandemic.

And the Republican leaders in the house and senate still remain silent.

Rush spoke out saying Trump is in charge.

He says that makes him feel safe and secure.

He added after all, the American people elected Trump,

they didn’t elect so called medical experts

wearing their clean white laundered lab coats.

I note the Rush has advanced lung cancer.

He is in a clinical trial run by medical experts.

I’m wondering why Rush didn’t just consult Dr. Trump.


Part II: Morons With Microphones /Media Pundits


During a Fox News “town hall” with President Trump

Trump read a headline from the Gateway Pundit.

It accuses New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo

of establishing “death panels” in his response

to the coronavirus outbreak in New York.

The Gateway Pundit has an ultra low credibility

rating from fact checkers and regularly publishes hoaxes

and widely shared wacky conspiracy theories.

Proving that Trump will grab any port in a shit storm.

Trump gives the virus a timeline of Easter to end.

Leading virus expert Dr. Fauci says

you can’t just give it a timeline,

it will give us a timeline when it will end.

Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network,

is only worried about the economy so he

verbally attacks Dr. Fauci and supports Trump.

Right-wing radio talk show host and drug addict

Glenn Beck told listeners, that seniors should get back to work

in order to “keep this economy going and working,”

even if that means risking death to the coronavirus.

One conservative talk radio host went still further,

stating that “If given the choice between dying and plunging

the country I love into a Great Depression, I’d happily die.”

That’s from conservative radio talk show host

and Twitter banned, Internet keyboard cowboy Jesse Kelly.

Scarier still is that this Arizona asshat ran

for the US House of Representatives and almost won.

I do give Jesse some credit for being an Iraqi War veteran.

It’s usually conservative chicken hawk politicians

that send other people’s children off to die in their wars

that only end up benefiting the wealthy in our economy.

I’ll give Jesse credit for volunteering to die for that economy.

His tomb stone can have an epitaph worthy of a conservative.

“Here lies a real hero, Jesse Kelly, he died for the economy.”

Meanwhile, over at FOX News Britt Hume and Tucker Carlson

talk about who should die to save the U.S. economy.

They both agree is should be our senior citizens.

Does FOX’s main viewing audience realize that these two

are talking about turning them into soylent green?

I ask you to forget about people who can’t get tested for the virus.

Forget about people who can’t get treated for the virus.

Forget that exhausted doctors and nurses are risking their lives

fighting this virus while wearing trash bags for protection.

Forget about those who die alone stacked up in a refrigerated truck.

Forget about those families that can’t even have a funeral for loved ones.

Instead, consider the plight of FOX & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

She declared, “People are dying-but my friends can’t get their nails done.”

What kind of a soulless monster do you have to be to get a job at FOX?

Propaganda requires constant reinforcement.

Which leads us to number one Trump fluffer, Sean Hannity.

Hannity says Trump is doing a great job on the epidemic

and liberals are just out to get President Trump.

Remember when Hannity said waterboarding wasn’t torture?

He said he’d volunteer to be waterboarded to prove it.

He claimed he’d be happy to do it for charity donations.

Well, I’m still waiting with a bucket of water and a check for charity.

FOX News is now worrying that they misled viewers

by supporting Trump’s denials about the pandemic.

They aren’t worried that people died by believing FOX’s lies.

They are worried about loss of money by being sued.

Fake media, indeed.


Part III: JESUS Save Us From Your So Called Followers


Were we suppose to feel safe because Trump put VP Pence

in charge of the task force to fight the coronavirus epidemic?

Mike Pence is a Christian with a history of anti-science views.

He doesn’t believe in evolution and is a climate change denier.

He’s denied that cigarettes are dangerous and as Governor of Indiana

he was single-handedly responsible for a statewide AIDS outbreak.

Christian minister Rev. Landon Spradlin preached

that the pandemic was “mass hysteria” from the media.

He said the media is using the pandemic to hurt Trump.

Ironically, the virus didn’t get the memo about being a hoax

and Rev. Spradlin was one of the first coronavirus deaths in Virginia.

Rusty Reno, the editor of First Things, a conservative Christian journal,

stated that saving some people from the virus would cost

too much money so they aren’t worth saving.

I guess he forgot about Jesus preaching among the lepers.

Pentecostal minister, Irvin Baxter president of Endtime Ministries

claimed that the virus is a warning from God about the sin

of fornication among our nations unmarried couples.

Seems odd to me, that God created a virus that resulted in home isolation,

that gives unmarried people the opportunity to stay home and fornicated more.

Capital Ministries, Minister Ralph Drollinger leads a Bible study

every weekday for many members of Trump’s cabinet.

He said the virus may be our punishment from God,

for progressive ideas like; environmentalism, lesbianism and homosexuality.

He even throws in China to his list of things Christians should hate.

Drollinger ignores that Trump personifies everything a Christian should not be.

Perhaps, God is punishing us for electing Trump as president.

God personally told me to tell people,

“Folks, Trump lost by 3 million votes,

start using that Democracy I gave to the U.S.”

Anti-Semite, bigot and conspiracy wacko Pastor, Rick Wiles

at laugh, cough Trunews broadcasted that Israel was seeing virus outbreaks

in connection with synagogues because God was sending

a deadly plague on the Jews for opposing Jesus Christ.

He claimed that if they renounce their antichrist false religion

and fall down and worship Christ the virus will end in Israel.

I guess Rick forgot that Jesus was of the Jewish faith.

If you get all of your news and information from the scribes

and the Pharisees like these so called, Christians

you’ll end up voting for more thieves like Barabbas and

passing over any people of real faith fighting for a better world.

We have some ministers preaching the Prosperity Gospel.

They feel there is no money in Heaven so you should make

as much as you can while you are on this planet,

for there are no pockets in a shroud.

These people are meeting someone on the other side

the bad news for them is that it is not Jesus.


Part IV: Politicians: Representatives? They don’t represent anyone I know.

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is the first member

of the U.S. Senate to test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus;

less than a week before, his father Ron Paul, a former U.S. congressman,

wrote a column saying he felt the global pandemic was a “big hoax.”

Sen. Rand Paul reportedly went about his daily routine

after being tested for the coronavirus,

before his test came back positive,

he worked out in the senate gym and swam in the pool

and went to lunch with other politicians.

Paul, is a medical eye doctor and ignored

his Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

I guess one could say that Rand is an amateur

on the recklessly endangering scale compared to Trump.

This virus is proving that nurses and doctor are our new heroes.

Many of these nurses who are fighting the coronavirus epidemic

with little or no protective gear and at grave risks to their lives,

are being kicked out of their rental homes by landlords.

The landlords fear these nurses may bring the virus home with them.

While these doctors and nurses are writing wills,

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is arguing

over part of the Coronavirus Bailout Bill.

He is speaking against nurses and claiming that they will exploit

the bill and collect unemployment money instead of working.

On the other hand, Lindsey is making sure wealthy corporations

that make billions but don’t pay taxes get a huge share of the bailout money.

The GOP supports death for the poor and minorities that have no medical care.

Which in the end it’s just another type of voter suppression.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is arguing against future aid.

He is afraid some of that aid might go to increasing environmental standards.

Conservatives, unlike most humans seem to thrive on dirty air and filthy water.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas, said that some people

are going to be willing and need to die to save the economy.

I’m starting to think people might want to volunteer to die.

What with the conservative politicians love of war, nuclear weapons, deregulation,

deforestation, fracking, letting any idiot own an arsenal and climate change denial

the planet isn’t really going to survive much longer anyway.


Part V:   Be a Patriot and Die, So Capitalism Can Live,


Remember when people risked their life for freedom?

Now they are being asked to die for the economy.

Larry Kudlow, the director of President Trump’s National Economic Council,

warned on Fox News that reviving the economy was more important than saving lives.

Human sacrifice is the needed fuel of the free market.

The free market disciples are sick of losing wealth

to the safety of social distancing, even if it saves lives.

Trump cares only about the Dow Jones Industrial Average

and his re-election, not about the lives of the American people.

That is why he tweets, “The real people want to get back to work ASAP.”

Depraved indifference is the standard operating procedure of the GOP.

For decades the GOP has fought against affordable health care.

They’ve fought against regulating medication prices

thus giving our citizens a death sentence.

They’ve sent asylum seekers back to countries

where they end up being incarcerated or murdered,

by brutal dictators that the U.S. supports

and even trains the dictator’s death squads.

All these things including the coronavirus are genocides.

Not really very different from the genocide where our ancestors

provided small pox blankets to Native Americans.

Democracy is starting to disappear  as an election is being put on hold.

MAGA Americans say, we don’t need elections

but by God we do need our guns!

As if gun owners are going to use their boom-sticks

to shoot the virus dead in a stand your ground situation.

Gun shops stay open as they are ruled essential businesses.

The NRA said they will sue any state that closes gun stores.

I wish poor people and workers were protected

as well as guns and gun-owners are.

Lots of guns to go around but not many respirators,

surgical masks, surgical gowns and gloves.

If you sold all of your body parts, you could get up to $45 million.

Loan sharks never pay anywhere near the value of an item.

Neither will the US government who has decided

in the Coronaviruse Bailout Bill that your lives

are worth $1200 each and your children $500 each.

It’s not free money because your taxes will be paying for it.

Because Trump thinks everything in the world revolves around him,

he wants those virus stimulus checks to be sent out explicitly in his name.

I guess Don the Con has never heard of direct deposit.

Besides, any check with Trumps name on it would bounce.

Donnie Dangerous had a press conference again today.

He is on stage with others and not applying the six foot separation rule.

His failures at fighting this virus has sentenced many

of our fellow Americans to being six foot under ground.

Reality TV star Trump made a point of bragging that his daily press conferences

on the coronavirus pandemic have higher ratings than Monday Night Football.

It’s all a competitive game to this egomaniacal monster.

He spoke for an hour and never thanked the doctors and nurses,

who are risking everything trying to clean up

a mess he ignored and let spread to deadly levels.

He actually had the nerve to suggest that New York’s hospital workers

were stealing face masks and selling them on the black market.

I guess a grifter like Trump thinks everyone is a grifter.

If Trump wants to know where all the medical supplies went

all he has to do is look in the mirror at his ugly orange face.

In February his State Department donated 17.8 tons of masks,

respirators and other protective equipment to China.

Trump had ignored U.S. intelligence reports in January

and February warning about a likely U.S. pandemic.

Now we have Trump on Sean Hannity’s show

suggesting he only wants to help governors.

get supplies if they that flatter his needy ego.

The Federal Government is competing with states and outbidding them

for life saving equipment and protective equipment and driving up prices.

Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear has said that protective masks

which normally cost $.80 each are now selling for more than $4.00.

Amazon is full of people who are trying to sell hand sanitizer

and face masks for ten times what they paid for them.

Welcome to our nations wonderful world of capitalism,

where medical personal and patients die while someone profits.

The EPA announced a new policy rolling back restrictions and regulations

on corporations’ requirements to report air and water pollution.

Which just means down the road the health care system,

will be overwhelmed by the climate crisis,

what with polluted air and water and more weather disasters.

Perhaps, Mother Earth is trying to kill us, to save herself.


“You know there’s no crooked politicians.There’s never a lie because there is never any truth.~ Lenny Bruce

Thanks to all of you who are doing what they can for their neighbors and friends.   Stay safe.





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When I retired I swore

I’d fight for the causes

I’ve longed believe in.

I never wanted to become

a voice that went silent.

For the Earth is not the paradise

that it could and should be.

I told myself I’d get up

just like I did for work

but now do volunteer work.

Instead, it’s like I’m fasting

from a need to fight back.

I find myself settled into

a kind of homebound serenity.

Truth is that every day I swear

I’m going to get out of my pajamas.

It doesn’t sound like much of a goal,

but now daily it’s a very lofty goal.

I then remind myself that Brian Wilson

spent three years in his pj’s in bed.

Hell, Hugh Hefner spent decades in pj’s.

I don’t need to dress to impress anyone.

I’ve seen videos of people

in their pj’s at Walmart.

I’ve never been in a Walmart

but that’s a whole other poem.

I think I’ll put my robe on

and walk out to the mailbox

and get the daily newspaper.

It’s February and 15 degrees out.

Even if I had enough ambition

to actually want to go anywhere

it’s so damn cold outside

I’d probably just put on clothes

right over my ever present pajamas.

I later get a second wind

and have enough energy

to get out of my pajamas

and put on clean pajamas.

Drive by Truckers: “Thoughts and Prayers”

DBT: “21st Century”

“So tired you want to quit, then you get more tired, and forget to quit.”
Charles Bukowski




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The Day the Constitution Died

I wrote this using parts of the song, “American Pie” as a basis:


February 2020 really made me shiver.


When the senate impeachment didn’t deliver,


as the GOP under the carpet swept


Trump’s Ukrainian blackmail attempt.


Moscow Mitch made it cut and dried


that witnesses would be denied


and America’s Founding Fathers cried


as on this day the U.S. Constitution died.


So, Die, die U.S. Constitution die.


Trump tweeted ranting incessantly.


GOP senate boys turned a blind eye


Singing their battle cry,


this is the day the Constitution will die


This’ll be the day the U.S. Constitution will die.


The senate courtroom was adjourned


With a no impeachment verdict returned


Trump tweeted out exonerated remarks.


Claiming him and Melania are royal oligarchs.


All according to the Gospels of Mark


The day Constitution died


Trump was singing, lie lie


Americans are buying my lies.


While the rich receive another tax shelter.


Glaciers die off from climate change swelter


As republicans deny scientist’s warming forecasts


Trump acted nimble, Trump acted quick


and did the State of the Union, going ballistic,


because he is the Devil’s only friend.


Oh and as I watched him on that stage,


my hands were clenched in fits of rage.


No angle born in the depths of Hell


could deny Trump was under Satan’s spell.


The Constitution burned that night.


And Democracy took flight,


as Satan laughed with delight.


The day the Constitution died,


Trump was singing


Die, die Constitution die.


This’ll be the day that it died.

Don McLean: “American Pie”

“A president cannot defend a nation if he is not held accountable to its laws.”
― DaShanne Stokes







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The Title of this poem is at its bottom

Poems are just words in some order.

Some would say carefully arranged

words to rhyme or have some meaning.

“You think that I don’t even mean

a single word I say.

It’s only words, and words are all I have

to take your heart away.”

That’s a song by the Bee Gees.

An Australian band from down under.

Down under being the state of Australia.

Or is it Austria, no matter anyway

because they aren’t as great as our

good ole USA, we’re number 1.

Bee Gees, what kind of name is that?

Couldn’t it also be spelled with just a B & a G?

Then they could have added that comma

in the air thing and an s.

See what I did there with just a B & a G?

And when I say see, I don’t mean the letter C.

And when I say couldn’t it be,

why not just use the letter

B instead of  b and an e?

I like stand alone letters that convey a message.

My favorite is I because that means it’s about me.

And I, am my favorite topic.

The word isn’t is short for is not.

It only saves one letter in the word.

It hardly seems worth while

as it takes me longer to find

that comma in the sky thing,

than it would take me to find

the letter o on the keyboard.

The America language is really weird.

It’s a jumbling bastard of other languages.

You’ve got your Latinese, Roamnesque, Arabica

and Spanishese and it all makes for one mongrel.

And those Bee Gees talking about

taking your heart away stuff.

What are they, heart surgeons?

When did the heart become the symbol for love?

Why the hell not the kidneys?

Think of the great job they do.

Without them you’d be in a painful

bloated type state of affairs, no?

Using organs to represent love

other than the ones intended for love,

if you get my drift.

It is just too much.

Don’t you hate that we have a to and a too?

And by damn a number 2.

Saying t-o-o means also in addition.

It saves time to say too, instead of also in addition.

Saving time seems to be a big thing huh?

Time is a huge concept thing around the world.

It’s funny we can capture that huge thing.

Yep, and put it in a watch you can wear on your wrist.

Not an Apple watch. just an old timey watch.

Imagine being so strong as to carry

the weight of the world’s time on your wrist.

Or in the old western days, guys had pocket watches,

in their vest pocket on a fancy gold chain.

Those paisley silk vests weren’t they striking?

Just really stylish neat with a derby hat on also.

Sad people don’t dress like that anymore.

Don’t you all agree people dress like slobs today?

Hooded sweatshirts with the hoods up.

Who do these punks think they are?

They look like goofs wearing a sweatshirt

on a hot, hot hot day in July.

Speaking of slobs reminds me of something.

I saw someone holding a slobbering baby recently.

You don’t ever want to shake a baby’s hand.

Or you know put your index finger

into its tiny hand like you see

stupid numbskull people do.

Isn’t baby slobber the worst?

It’s orange, red or purple.

It depends on what veggie gruel

liquefied slimy slop baby food

some vicious cruel parent fed them.

Slop, sloppy, slob and slobber funny how similar

those description words are. Right?

I say make them one word like, slopbery.

I do like the word slippers though.

I like a word that conveys comfort.

Perhaps, because my parents weren’t comforting.

Of course, no one wants to slip and get hurt.

That makes me rethink calling

comfortable footwear slippers doesn’t it?

I wonder what woman those Bee Gees

were singing about taking the heart of.

I bet she was hot like some of those

Australianese bikini girls you see

pictured on bottles of tanning lotion.

Beaches are funny as they don’t tend

to have much grass at all,

even though there is all that water.

That girl is probably “More than a woman

to me (oh so much more).

More than a woman to me.”

I like those girls with heavy accents.

I feel sweaty but I don’t think

I have “Saturday Night Fever.”

I’m done writing this poem

and I want to end by saying

“Life goin’ nowhere, somebody help me

Somebody help me, yeah

Life goin’ nowhere, somebody help me

Somebody help me, yeah

I’m stayin’ alive.

Ah, ha, ha, ha stayin’ alive

Ah, ha, ha, ha stayin’ alive.”

Why can’t people see I’m begging?

begging for mental help?

Title: If Trump Wrote a Poem

Amy Rigby:“The President Can’t Read”

“The Trouble with Jeannie” 

“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.” ~ Adlai Stevenson I

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Local Rags

I like the feeling when someone tells you that you were right about something. I had that happen very recently. When the Youngstown Vindicator closed, I had a guy tell me it was no loss, as it was a corporate biased right-wing rag. I stated that he had no idea what a corporate biased right-wing rag was. At that time the Vindicator was being bought by the Warren Tribune. I said that he would now have a clear idea what a corporate biased right-wing rag looked like. A week after the new Vindy/Tribune debuted this same guy let me know that he now understood what I meant.

On January 3, 2020 the Vindy/Trib published a racist political cartoon on its editorial page. It featured Minnesota Rep. Ilham Omar in a drawing. It insinuated that she had no problems with Muslim radical terrorists. It should have come as no surprise considering some of their racist syndicated columnists. Racist columnists like; Pat Buchanan, Michelle Malkin, Walter Williams, Cal Thomas etc.

I also think the Vindy/Trib should fact check some of their Letter’s to the Editor. They should call the writer and explain that they might want to research their “facts.”  I’m not for censorship but I don’t want to see the Letter’s to the Editor section turned into the same kind of nut bag lies and conspiracies you hear on talk radio.

I’m talking about things like a letter published on Jan. 5, 2020. An angry Trump supporter stated that George Soros funds Antifa. Had she spent a minute of research she would have found that Soros, Hillary Clinton nor anyone else funds Antifa. It has no official members and is just a grass roots group of activists. Their mission is fighting Fascism. Is the letter writer pro-Fascist? The writer finds the Democrats have no ethics, morals or standards. She says we expect our children to have these standards. I am baffled that this writer thinks Trump is a role model for children. Surely, this woman is crying out for mental help (that is why I did not include her name). If the Vindy/Trib had any morals they would have reached out to this letter writer. They would have got her some mental help, instead of publishing her letter.

I’m sure the Warren Tribune will soon get tired of putting out the Youngstown Vindicator. It is after all just the Warren Tribune anyway. They only went to the expense of buying the Vindy to get its subscribers. At this point it doesn’t matter which version of the newspaper you get. They both make good bird cage liners.

Jackson Browne: “Lives in the Balance”

Jackson Browne: “For America”

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
― Mark Twain




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Being  Thankful for Smart Men not Smart Phones  

I love my TV, stereo and other convenient electronics.

But I’m glad these things weren’t invented 200 years ago.

The USA would never have had the Boston Tea Party

if TV had been invented in our nation’s early history.

Those fake Indians wouldn’t have been at the docks

if the Celtics or Bruins were on TV that same evening.

Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

would have contributed nothing to this nation,

if they would have had access to a TV in their day.

They would have sat competing against each other

every night watching Jeopardy with host Sir Alex Trebek.

They’d of probably also loved the History Channel.

If George Washington had a 60” TV with surround sound,

he would have reclined in his leather Lazy Boy

warmly indoors at Mount Vernon drinking cappuccino

with Martha, binge watching Netflix’s “House of Cards.”

George and Martha would have shaken their white wigs

wondering why anyone would want to get involved in politics.

Which means he wouldn’t have been at Valley Forge,

on that 1777 record cold snowy December winter

in a tent with colonial troops freezing to death.

Which means today we’d still be owned by England

and be speaking English (ha, ha) and be eating kidney pie.

Founding Father, Ben Franklin is credited with drafting

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

He created the first political cartoon and wrote many books.

He also discovered electricity and made lightning rods,

invented bifocals, swim fins, the odometer and the flexible catheter.

He also sadly, gave us the concept of Daylight Savings Time.

It sounds like a ton of accomplishments in one lifetime.

If he’d of had a telephone he wouldn’t have accomplished

a fraction of these things that benefited our country.

He’d of had the phone ringing off the hook in his print shop

being pestered by French girlfriends and telemarketers.

I do  imagine that Ben would have loved watching “Star Trek.”

Not to leave women out of our nation’s founding,

I want to note that Abigail Adams was very influential

in the decision making of our second president, John Adams.

If John would have had a computer he might have gotten

on eHarmony or Match.com and married someone else.

That means John and Abigail wouldn’t have created

John Quincy Adams our nation’s sixth president.

John Quincy oversaw the purchase of Florida from Spain.

In 2000 the hanging chad election in Florida

ended up giving us GW Bush for our 43rd president.

Which makes me wish John Adams had found a wife

on “Go Fish” or some other computer dating site.

For the most part we are lucky our Founding Fathers

did not have the distraction of our modern electronics.

They got off their asses and accomplished historic changes

that made our nation the great country it is today.

The very least we can do today is to turn off our electronic devices

one day a year and get up off our keisters and go and vote.


The Voting Song: “You Got to Vote”

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt





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Embracing Laughter & Tears

Does anyone want to worship an angry god?


Like that kind in the Old Testament of the Bible.


New Testament Jesus was called the “Prince of Peace.”


Yet, he displayed violent anger when confronted


by the greedy money lenders in the temple.


I’d rather follow a prophet or god


that was known for a sense of humor.


The New Testament doesn’t mention


Jesus laughing, giggling or even smiling.


I’d say the creator must have a sense of humor.


After all, he created the duck-billed platypus,


the panda ant, the red-lipped batfish and the seahorse.


Or maybe he ran out of ideas and mixed a few species.


He created falling leafs, snow and growing grass.


These are things that keep humans busy year round.


So I’d say he didn’t want us to have


a lot of free time to worship him.


An hour on a Saturday or Sunday


on your knees or in the case of Catholics,


bow, genuflect, sit, kneel, stand repeat


seems to satisfy worship time for most religions.


Socrates tried to establish an ethical system


not based on theological doctrine


but rather on human reasoning.


While Jesus never laughed it’s said


that Socrates never once cried.


Which makes me think Socrates understood


the world around his fellow man


but nothing about the world within man.


As babies we are born crying.


That is before the world tries


to drown us in unending sorrows.


I believe that the ability to laugh or cry


makes us the strongest species on Earth.


Laughter and tears are gifts we were given


by the creator and are meant to be used.


As for me I’d rather laugh than cry


but I’ve learned both can be renewing.


And now enjoy a song on the same topic from singer, Nancy Wilson: “The Laughter and the Tears” 


“Laughs are exactly as honorable as tears. Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion, to the futility of thinking and striving anymore. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut


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