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Far too Tolerant

Genocide of Native Americans, slavery,

and child laborers all poor souls who died

to make rich men’s dreams come true.

Then there’s the Great Depression,

racism, 2 million people imprisoned,

poverty, economic inequity,

failed trickle down economics,

bank bailouts for banks too big to fail,

rising productivity yet stagnant wages,

tiered wage systems and loss of pensions,

right to work laws destroying unions,

women paid less on jobs than men,

inadequate expensive healthcare,

deregulation, melting ice caps,

Love Canal chemical dumpsite,

Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown,

Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill,

hazardous Flint water, climate change,

corporate owned and controlled media,

corporate Imperialism and never ending wars

for natural resources fueled by corporate cartels.

The late Senator John McCain,

the maverick man of the people

didn’t know how many homes he owned.

Mitt Romney became wealthy by buying companies

with borrowed money then running up their debt.

He left banks and taxpayers paying all the bills,

while his workers lost jobs and pensions.

He ran for president with the centerpiece of his campaign

being his skills at being able to end our nation’s debt.

Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina tripled her salary,

bought a million dollar yacht and five corporate jets.

This while she fired 30,000 employees

and asked many of those she let go

to train their outsourced replacements.

She retired with a $42 million severance package.

Carly the poster girl for corporate greed

ran for president bragging about her CEO skills.

Now we have wealthy actors bribing college educators

to enroll their kids that don’t qualify for enrollment.

The wealthy love their corporate socialism

and tell us capitalism is best for the rest of us.

They love that poor schmuck taxpayers

will bail them out when their businesses and banks fail.

The poor and middle-class are much too tolerant,

complacent and have turned a blind eye

to how the wealthy own our politicians

who write the laws to serve the wealthy.

Given this the rich rub our faces in their wealth.

They do this on reality TV shows daily.

One would think that just an hour watching

The Kardashians, Real Housewives,

Million Dollar Listings

and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

is all it should take for our citizens

to become hardcore Marxists.

Stay complacent and poor my fiends

while the wealthy laugh at us.


Lew Dite: “Complacency Blues”

“Can’t You Hear Me Crowing”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”~ MLK




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